Kyle Shanahan: We went real hard after Khalil Mack

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49ers General Manager John Lynch admitted interest in Josh Gordon when the Browns were looking for a trade partner earlier this week. Ultimately, though, San Francisco backed away from the talented but troubled receiver.

With Khalil Mack, the 49ers were all in.

Coach Kyle Shanahan admitted the 49ers’ interest in trading for the pass rusher when Oakland began shopping him before the season began. The Jets and Packers were other reported suitors.

“We went pretty hard. We went real hard,” Shanahan said Friday, via Matt Barrows of The Athletic.

The Raiders liked the Bears’ offer the best, so the 49ers get to face Mack on Dec. 23.

But the 49ers will continue to seek “extreme difference-makers” to add to their team.

“When you’re talking about people who are extreme difference-makers, you do everything you can to try to add those type of guys to your team, especially when it came to the first guy you mentioned with the pass rush and everything,” Shanahan said, via quotes distributed by the team. “Those are legit things that I hope everyone in the league would look into hard. Then, you’ve got to think about salary cap. Thinking about how you’re going to balance contracts, what that means not just right now, but what it means next year, who you can re-sign next year, who you have to lose, how you’re going to spend the draft next year. There’s so many more things that go into it than just, ‘Is that guy a good player or not?’”

16 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: We went real hard after Khalil Mack

  1. Fact is the Raider organization would never give one of their great players to the Niners no matter the price.
    But they sure are quick to scoop up any player we let go.
    So on and so on….

  2. suckafree9rs415 says:
    September 21, 2018 at 5:04 pm
    Fact is the Raider organization would never give one of their great players to the Niners no matter the price.
    But they sure are quick to scoop up any player we let go.
    So on and so on….


    quick as the 9ers are to pick up Seattle cast offs

    Malcolm smith (former Raider I might add)
    Richard Sherman
    So on and so on………….

  3. I’m willing to wait to see how many super bowls the Bears win with Mack. That’s the goal of every team. Win the super bowl. For now, I’m studying the way the Patriots do things. How hard did Belichick go after Mack? The Bears have been cellar dwellers for a long time. I’m not ready to put their GM in the HOF just yet. I might think I have the winning lottery ticket in my pocket, but the drawing hasn’t taken place yet. I don’t really have anything to celebrate prior to the drawing.

  4. always so easy to speak fiction, but always more difficult to speak facts. “they liked the bears offer better” Gee, I wonder why????

  5. This is like a mini version of all those 2000-era GMs who said they were about to draft Tom Brady before the Patriots snatched him up.

  6. >>>Dr. Carlos and Mr. Hyde had a big game yesterday. He wasn’t too expensive to re-sign. I wonder why they soured on him.

    Because he is a below average pass catcher and Niners wanted an elite pass catcher. It’s unfortunate that JM got hurt.

  7. Remember Miami’s “No Name Defense” of their Super Bowl years under Don Shula? Teams do not need a superstar on defense to win Super Bowls. How many of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl winning teams had a superstar on D like Lawrence Taylor?

  8. So much hype for nothing. When the draft comes and the bears don’t make the playoffs, as soon as their top 10 pick comes up, the pundits will ask: “did the bears give up too much for mack?” Then some former player will chime in and say “it’s all about championships. If the bears don’t win a championship, then the trade was a bust because first round picks are the most valuable asset in the NFL.”

  9. The Bears are in a tough division, with Minnesota and Green Bay likely the favorites to finish 1-2 in the division for years to come. Detroit has Matthew Stafford, and he can help the Lions get the second wild card berth. Unless something happens to the starting quarterbacks of these teams, Chicago is unlikely to win the division. At least not this year.

  10. “The Bears are in a tough division,….”. As a Bears fan, tough to say after 3 weeks. Regarding how many SB will Bears win with Mack, he certainly is a giant step in that direction. For fans, it’s not just winning the SB, its the hope of having a realistic chance. He gives us that hope of not being the cellar dwellar. First 3 weeks he is Defensive player of year. We make playoffs, maybe he is MVP. That much of an impact. The guy is a beast. Thank you Gruden.

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