Leonard Floyd no longer playing with club on his hand

Getty Images

Bears linebacker Leonard Floyd broke his right hand in a preseason game against the Broncos and he’s worn a club to protect it in the first two games of the regular season.

He won’t have to wear it against the the Cardinals in Sunday’s road game, however. Head coach Matt Nagy said that Floyd will be wearing a flexible hand brace this week and is “getting a little bit closer to where he needs to be.”

Floyd has five tackles and a fumble recovery in the first two games and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said any assessment of his play thus far has to take into account his physical condition.

“I think in light of the circumstances that he’s played with, with one hand, he’s done fine,” Fangio said, via the Chicago Tribune. “To come to any conclusions about his play over the first two games would be not very prudent.”

The Bears have a league-high 10 sacks in the first two weeks. A healthier Floyd could help them add to that total.