Tom Brady sees a Josh Gordon who is “eager to get in there and learn”


The trade that sent receiver Josh Gordon from the Browns to the Patriots is akin to the sending of a troubled child to reform school. (Yes, I actually used to get that threat from my parents, from time to time.) Gordon, if he’s ever going to reform in pro football, will do so in New England, where he’ll experience a kind of accountability that he likely never has.

So far, apparently, so good.

“[He’s] really been eager to get in there and learn everything we’re doing and you know, just try to acclimate himself to what the program is,” quarterback Tom Brady told reporters on Friday regarding Gordon, whose locker is next to Brady’s.

Beyond that, Brady didn’t say much about Gordon. Here’s the excerpt.

Q: “Have you thrown Josh Gordon some balls in practice?”

A: “Yeah.”

Q: “How did he look?”

A: “Like an NFL receiver looks.”

Q: “How about speed? Everything looks great?”

A: “I think we’re working at it. I mean, look, he’s been here for a few days so we’re working at it every day and every day you try to make improvements. We’re out there – everyone who’s out there is working hard, trying to practice, doing whatever they need to do to understand the playbook, to understand routes, understand how we do things. So we’re just trying to work at it.”

No one would expect Brady to say much more, in part because coach Bill Belichick doesn’t believe the “do you job” mantra includes talking about how well, or not well, teammates do theirs. Ultimately, we’ll see on Sunday night whether Gordon plays (he’s listed as questionable with a hamstring injury) and, if so, what he does.

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  1. That Josh Gordon obviously wasn’t present in Cleveland. If he faked something to force a trade, then I wish him no success whatsoever.

    If he truly has a problem with addiction or anxiety (with self-medication), then I hope he finds the help he needs to beat his personal demons.

  2. Can’t wait for football Sunday!!!!
    I hope Josh plays, but won’t be upset if he doesn’t….. 4 days isn’t much time to get acclimated & if his hammy is questionable at all sit him!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  3. They won’t need him or much else against the Lions this weekend. The Lions are so bad the Pats could play only third string guys and win easily.

  4. Why risk putting him in with a Hammy injury? Give him another week to heal as well as acclimate to the play book.

    I know I know some are panicking after last week. That loss is one game. It is early in the season. EVEN if the Lions could beat us, that is only two losses. That’s nothing to sound alarms about in the NFL. For those scratching their eyes out I ask- how many undefeated teams have there EVER been in an NFL season? Exactly. Breathe and relax. Trust the system.

    GO PATS!

  5. I doubt he will play more than 5 plays this Sunday he’s just integrating into the offense. To be honest I think it’d be smarter to wait to put him in.

  6. He’s got to learn how much to pay the refs for phantom DPI and no OPI push-off calls.

  7. Oh yeah, Josh likes to say stuff like that. No one talks the talk like Josh. Josh’ll be your pal, catch ten for 180 yards and two TDs, then change the oil in your car after the game. Josh is a Hall Of Famer on paper. Just ask him and he’ll confirm.

    Now…then again, he might just be a true bi-polar addict and pathological liar who has no empathy for any teammate. He may be dishonest and crooked and selfish and delusional. Maybe a jersey changes all that. Maybe Bill and Tom can flip a switch.

    Doubt it.

    The only thing Josh Gordon craves more than drugs is disappointing and ridiculing anyone foolish enough to trust him.

  8. The hammy was a fake out. He wanted to get cut so he could auction his services off to the highest bidder somewhere else. He and his sketchy agent didn’t think Cleveland would trade him, getting cute for a new contract wasn’t going to work either and he needed to get paid pronto because he has all kinds of child support issues right now and a rookie contract that’s 6 years stale. Mark my words, the whole thing… the leaving in training camp and everything that came after was an attempt to get Cleveland to throw a hissy fit and cut him. It almost worked. And now he’s on the one team that won’t pay him. If he’s smart, he’ll show up and play lights-out for 14 games and fight the Patriots for free agency after the season. I think they don’t have to honor Cleveland’s forgiveness of his not reporting to camp on-time and losing an accrued year.

  9. The thought of Gordon actually coming around and being the player he could be under the NE system would be pure hell for a few folks. Brady taking the high road has learned from his big mistake talking down to Baltimore about reading a rule book. All he is is fair in his answers unlike the guys asking the questions. Josh wouldn’t be the first guy to find his higher power in an unexpected place. All decent people can do is wish him well. Some still believe addiction is simply a character flaw and that’s not only sad but no always correct. There but for the Grace…….

  10. what else should he say? oh hes a scrub?Maybe they will get something from him but I doubt it.The guy had a good job and he screwed around all summer didnt do it and now all of a sudden hes going to perform?

  11. How the guy is playing is beyond me, how the NFL is not looking into his actions hard to believe. These players continue to get stroked for being bad for the NFL image. NFL wonders why there are so many empty seats this early in season

  12. Meh, he signed a minimum contract(790k) with the Browns at the beginning of the year. That’s his current value-league minimum. Getting cut or getting traded would change none of that. There would have been no bidding war for his services if he had hit free agency. The Pats get him for the pro-rated (14 games-around 697k)portion. All the conspiracy theories are just colored bubbles.

  13. Tom Brady’s football career is about to get even better if you can believe it…..Having Josh, GRONK, Edelman, Hogan, Dorsett, Patterson,& Hollister at his disposal as well as Burkhead,White & Sony to draw from is going to make this offense terrifying for Defensive coordinators to game plan against…..2007 type roster with more talented players overall with the exception of Randy Moss of course….
    Now, if Bill can get the D to step up to be a top 10 it will be a wicked fun season!!!
    Go Pats

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