Is Todd Bowles already on the hot seat?

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Less than two weeks after scoring nearly 50 points on the road in prime time, Jets coach Todd Bowles could be on path for an exit from New York.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports that “the feeling around the Jets” is that Bowles isn’t safe, despite a contract extension from earlier this year that runs through 2020.

Much of it depends on what happens moving forward. Most immediately, the Jets have a trip to Jacksonville followed by three straight home games. A 1-3 record over the next four games could be enough to commence the process of finding a coach who would be the right coach to groom Sam Darnold in 2019 and beyond.

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  1. Yeah as really throwing Darnold to the lions was a risk. So far off to a slow start. Just hope Darnold will not be a flop like Mark Sanchez was.

  2. Oh, you guys want to pump the brakes on the Darnold hype train now, huh? Fact is, the Jets aren’t all that talented except at a few a positions on defense. They need some offensive oomph to give Darnold a little help. Not turning the ball over would be a good step forward, but Robby Anderson should not be a #1 WR on any team, let alone one with a rookie QB at the controls.

  3. Bowles’ 2015 and 2017 teams overachieved. People saw the 2017 team as 1-15 and their 2015 team was coming off a 4-12 season and went 10-6. Given the personnel he has had over the past 3+ years is it really fair to fire him? The team is still young and they werent a Sam Darnold away from competing. I dont believe starting Darnold was his call either, they hide the kid when he drops back. Last year McCown was slinging it all over the field and had a 95 QB Rating. Why on earth would he choose Darnold to start week 1? He would not if his job is depending on it. He probably has some leeway as he should since his QB is barely 21 years old and they seem ready to endure him getting accustomed to the NFL as they try to build/develop around him.

  4. Nice one Florio. I’m getting a kick out of this. With Sam Darnold, the Jets are an automatic contender, even if not this year. The best way to groom Darnold is to get him on the field, and that’s what Bowles is doing. Bowles is the best coach for this team. If Bowles were to exit, this would be every coach in America’s dream job.

  5. as a Browns fan I have seen this movie before . GM HC OC QB spin the wheel and see who it lands on. where are the bus line up at ? see who gets thrown under them. makes for good Radio Talk Shows.

  6. firstdownbrowns says:
    September 22, 2018 at 10:45 pm
    as a Browns fan I have seen this movie before . GM HC OC QB spin the wheel and see who it lands on. where are the bus line up at ? see who gets thrown under them. makes for good Radio Talk Shows.


    I can vouch for this. Browns coaches are usually on the hot seat about 10 minutes into their opening press conference and the QB is on the verge of benching if he doesn’t get the opening coin toss right.

    It’s why they’ve been so great for the last 19 years. At the rate that NFL coaches get fired in this era everyone in the US will have at least one season coaching an NFL team. Then we wonder why the Superbowl is New England Patriots vs one season wonder NFC team almost every year.

  7. It’s funny how fickle things are. After week 1: “The Jets are back! Great D and young stud QB!” Week 4: “Todd Bowles on the hot seat.”

    The kid needs some time. What else does he have around him on offense? Not much.

  8. A lot of coaches could be let go before the season is over. I don’t think Paul Allen would keep Pete Carroll around if his team finishes in last place in the NFC West.

  9. If they fire him now, he might spill the beans about all their tanking last year to get Darnold. Of course, they blew that too but it is still frowned on by non-Colts fans.

  10. No offense, but if the 70+ year old owner of the Jets is named “woody” and he ain’t what do fans expect of the team???

  11. Bowles 2015 underachieved they lost to the awful bills the final week than the next year jets were picked to win 11 games and they lost 11 games the Reason Thw expectetauons were so low the next hear is because of how awful they were Tye previous year. This year they are underachieving

  12. That pre-season hype train broke down. Darnold is what the Giants and Browns thought he was, a turnover machine. I’ll give him the benefit of being a rookie, but all that yammering he did about how much easier it was to read defenses in the pre-season has bit him in the rear. He’s thrown 5 interceptions in 3 games, that’s not the coach’s fault.

  13. Absolutely…How can the Jets team come out flat for the home opener? The team seems very undisciplined.

  14. I don’t think he would be on the hot seat if he would turn Sam Darnold loose,instead of having him dink and dunk all game long. He might turn the ball over a couple of times,but it gives them a better chance to avoid the ugliness of the Browns game. That said,I’m quite okay with them losing.

  15. Sure, fire him. How has he not won the Super Bowl yet? I mean it is already the 4th week of the season and he hasn’t won the AFC championship yet.

  16. Smiley the Coach has to go .. Just like Happy Clappy in Dallas. You all hated REX But you need a explosive passionate coach not a just stand and smile guy.

    But then again Jets sell out all games regardless as they have the best fanbase in the NFL . Major $$$$ Maker….

    President Trump Lets “Make NY Jets Great Again”

  17. He should be….I woulda fired him last year, when the offense gave up that game , OUTTA HIS OWN MOUTH..secondary coach, nothing more…..perfect example og “The Peter Principle”…

  18. Certainly not the best fan base, not even close, but Jet fans love to dream when they aren’t making lame excuses.

  19. Who/where was this reported from?…..I thought they should’ve started bridgwater but I guess they had their minds made up……nonetheless…seems too early to be talking about this…..

  20. Todd Bowles is a defensive minded coach so I don’t see how he’s gonna be successful at grooming a young QB. If anything they should be looking for the right fit at OC or QB coach to “groom” Darnold.

  21. Both the HC Todd Bowles, and the GM Mike Maccaggnan have had 4 years, which is more than a fair chance.
    The team was 4-12 when they got here with a lot of cap money for free agency. They went 10-6, then 5-11, 5-11, and are off to this bad start.

    I don’t expect a 4-12 team to be a playoff team in 4 years, but it should be clos eto ,500, but it isn’t.

    The GM and HC are somewhat below average, not terrible, but not worth keeping.
    I’d fire both.
    Let the new GM hire the HC.

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