Many subscribers to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket getting less than they paid for

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If you’re a big NFL fan, there’s no better way to watch every game, every Sunday than to subscribe to DirecTV and the NFL Sunday Ticket package. At least, on the days when the Sunday Ticket package is actually working as advertised.

Unfortunately, for many subscribers, it doesn’t work as advertised.

During Week Two of the NFL season, social media lit up with complaints from DirecTV subscribers who weren’t getting the Sunday Ticket package they paid for. (During Week One that wasn’t an issue because DirecTV offers the first week free to all subscribers.) Issues such as customers being told they had ordered the Red Zone Channel only to have it blacked out when the games started, to getting a message on all the NFL channels saying they needed to buy them even though they had already paid for the channels, were commonplace. Reddit threads describe experiences like spending six hours talking to seven customer service agents before getting the correct Sunday Ticket channels.

My own issue, as a DirecTV subscriber, remains unresolved as I’ve been unable to get anyone on the phone who could fix it. PFT separately reached out to a public relations spokesperson for AT&T, DirecTV’s parent company, to ask about the scope of subscriber issues with Sunday Ticket. The spokesperson did not respond.

Sunday Ticket isn’t cheap: It’s $293.94 for the basic package, with the package that includes Red Zone Channel increasing to $395.95. For that kind of money, it should work as advertised.

As long as DirecTV has a monopoly on NFL Sunday Ticket, the company doesn’t have a lot of incentive to provide good customer service: DirecTV knows that hard-core NFL fans want to see their games and will put up with a lot to get them.

71 responses to “Many subscribers to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket getting less than they paid for

  1. I refused to cough up the money this year because of the rule changes and SJWs, and as a Patriots fan it no longer made sense as they’re on TV so frequently already.

  2. I filed a complaint with the Better business bureau after them shipping me from department to department for 4 hours. Funny how quickly they fix something after a complaint. Directv customer service is a joke.

  3. The NFL, with all its money and resources, needs to take all this back and stream their games similar to what Disney is about to do and the DC universe is doing now. Or even negotiate with Netflix whose customer service isn’t as horrible as DIRECTV.

  4. AT&T has the worst customer service among large companies an it’s not even close. I dropped DirecTV so I wouldn’t have to deal with anyone associated with AT&T and my blood pressure dropped 20 points.

  5. I was part of this mess. Luckily I caught on around 11am and was able to get it sorted before the masses realized and clogged the customer service lines!

  6. “The NFL, with all its money and resources, needs to take all this back and stream their games”

    Streaming is not a viable option for many people.

  7. NFL Sunday Ticket is in big trouble, after this year I’m leaving. Not going to pay to see a bunch of greedy players and football is becoming been there done that for a lot of us older people.
    I really could give a crap who wins the SB. It no longer is a big deal. I dont know who won two years ago and dont care to.
    Last week 20k did not show up for the redskins game. That trend is starting and will keep going until they find young rich people who can afford season tickets and think their cool.
    NASCAR is just now realizing the party is over and it took them three years to get it.

  8. I have a very dysfunctional relationship with DirecTV. Every year I swear I’m cancelling because of the cost and their stunningly bad customer service. 15+ years later and I’m back for more so I can watch the 10 or 12 games a year my team isn’t nationally televised. I hate myself every year, but can’t/won’t change until there’s an alternative.

  9. lucstaubach says:
    September 22, 2018 at 8:39 am
    I’m sure even that problem Direct TV is better than DAZN scrap you have to use in Canada


    IMHO I think you are wrong. DAZN is the way to go.

    First off, I have sub-standard internet at only 10mbps (I live in rural Canada), I use DAZN and I love it. Sunday Ticket used to cost me a fortune, then I started to watch RedZone, now I just pay for DAZN.

    $20/month I get everything, First month free whenever I sign up each year. All the games, redzone, replays, ALL 22 coach film, I get all the America’s Game and even a live feed to NFL Network.

    There is more stuff each year (Boxing, some MMA, some golf this year). I don’t watch the other stuff but could be an added value if you are a fan of those sports as well. I think this is the way sports programming should be.

    Not to mention I get it on my device anywhere I have internet (Android, IOS, Smart TV, Windows, Chromecast support)

    Finally, you can also login share to split that 20 bux. Only tried 2 logins so far…

  10. Never paid more than $99 bucks for it used to threaten to cancel every year wen I asked for retentions, now I got rid of direct tv they were ruined by att , can’t complain I use a streaming cable service and get more than I did with direct tv and pay a year what I paid a month with them

  11. DirecTV gave me ST free of charge this year, so even if there are glitches, I am getting my money’s worth. YMMV.

  12. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. $400 for a substandard product?? Huuuge sports fan, but nope!

  13. Wow, there must be a lot of intellectually challenged football fans out there. I’ve had Sunday Ticket since 1998 and have NEVER has an issue.

    Maybe you people need to learn how to perform difficult tasks – like operating a television.

  14. First row sports TV. You’re insane of you think I’m paying for NFL games anymore. The crazy thing is, Every Game should be televised regardless of the network or day off the week. Just because it’s on cable TV should not matter, but this Monopoly is a joke. So I’ve been fed up years ago. Google is your friend.

  15. I would never pay for this. $300? That’s crazy. And yes. I live out of market for my team.

    And if I could get my wife to learn to use a streaming service I’d drop cable altogether. With cable over streaming you’re only paying for convenience. You get more for less with streaming, just a little more complicated.

  16. Why in the wide wide world of Sports would you pay to watch NFL games on Direct TV when you can watch them online legally)for free?

    If you have an Android phone or an Android Tablet go to the Google Play store and download the Yahoo! Sports app and the NFL live streaming app for free. Then watch the games for free. Due to a decline in the TV ratings the NFL now allows this. It might work for Iphone as well.

  17. Biggest rip off. You can only watch 1 game at a time. Being a Pit fan, I rarely even turned on the other games so basically you’re paying for hundreds of games you’ll never even watch. Until they over more competitive options, I’ll never order it again. Oh, BTW, if you happen to call again, can you please ask them when they’ll have their disappearing DVR list resolved?

  18. It’s an ATT / Direct / Uverse thing. They have no idea how to run 3 companies and chew gum at the same time. I used to think complicated Cast was bad but these guys are fast approaching the pinnacle. No wonder they had to bribe the Moron and the GOP to buy Time Warner.

  19. firejerry says:
    September 22, 2018 at 9:27 am
    I have too many trees to get direct TV… I guess I am lucky.

    I have the same issue with too many trees. The customer service solution. Cut them down! I am not kidding

  20. I love DirecTV, great customer service, prices are very good and their quality is the best… things no one ever said

  21. People are still out the paying $400-500 for Sunday Ticket? What is wrong with y’all. Use the internet. Hell, find yourself a college student. Sunday ticket is only $100 if you are a college student. Need a students credentials? Cash app me and I’ll hook you up..

  22. DirecTv customer service is a complete joke. My friend just recently sold his house and relocated for a job opportunity. He had to cancel his DirecTv account because of the move and even after being a loyal customer for 15+ years, DirecTv charged him an extra $300 for breaking his contract as well as charging him for the remaining months on his contract. I totally understand the concept of adhering to the terms of a contract but sometimes circumstances call for a little compromise.

  23. Haven’t paid for Sunday ticket in years I still get all the games tho. I wonder why ratings are down when they charge you a ridiculous amount and there’s only one way to get all the games but your free options are pretty easy to find.

  24. Canceled Direc tv 3 years ago best thing I ever did. Customer service became horrible when AT&T took over. Their technical support people have no clue what they are doing.

  25. “As long as DirecTV has a monopoly on NFL Sunday Ticket, the company doesn’t have a lot of incentive to provide good customer service: DirecTV knows that hard-core NFL fans want to see their games and will put up with a lot to get them.”

    Truer words were never said. Or typed. Directv has the #1 worst customer service in the country! #1! Bar none. Over the years, I have had literally hundreds of frustratingly difficult and mind numbingly inept phone calls with them. If it weren’t for the Sunday Ticket, I’d dump Directv in a New York minute! And sorry, I’m not tech savvy enough to understand streaming, etc.

  26. I am surprised at all the complaints about Directv. I have been a subscriber to Directv for many years and also get the NFL Sunday ticket. I have had no problems what so ever. The cost is not cheap as people have pointed out — BUT — considering I am a Packers fan living in upstate NY, it would cost me many, many times that to see a single Packers game in Lambeau. And when the Packers play in NY, I have to drive 2 hours to get there and 2 hours back (because of traffic) and it costs me way more than the price of NFL Sunday Ticket to see just one game there if I take my grandson with me.
    So — for me, I will keep on subscribing to Directv and the Sunday NFL Ticket until I can’t afford it, and then it will be like it used to be — watch only the free games on tv.

  27. I’ve been with Direct TV for over 10 years, and if it weren’t for the Sunday Ticket, I’d cancel it in a heartbeat.

  28. I, too, experienced blacked-out channels, and the dreaded signal interference every time a cloud passed overhead or when there was a slight breeze. I had enough. There are other means of watching.

  29. Lots of babies above and internet pirates it seems.
    I have had the Ticket for 15 years and have yet to have one issue even when I decided to start paying the cost up front instead of having a large bill for 6 months.
    It took a while on the phone as they had already started charging me.
    My games were not affected at any time.

    For those who say they get it free or they have never had to pay full price, I am all ears.
    And to those who say they threaten the Ticket with cancellation better be ready to back that up. I know of two individuals that either had to pay full price or not get the Ticket for precisely trying to force the hand of then Direct TV and now AT&T.

    This year I got a very good deal, but not on the Ticket. I got a big discount on my regular programming. I got a small amount savings on the Ticket. But big savings on my package in total. $700 break this year.

  30. We recently cancelled Directv not because of Sunday Ticket but because of totally outrageous
    customer service. We were trying to add additional tvs and had the service people kick us around for hours on the phone then mess up the scheduling on 3 different days. The “last straw” was when on the third attempt they scheduled a service time for 8-12 in the morning, then without so much as a phone call, show up at 4:30 PM for a service that was projected to take 4 hours. They came at that time without even knowing if we would be home. Unfortunately for them we were and told them to forget it. The next day we made an alternative choice and are going to get more channels, more TVs, faster internet speeds, more reliable reception and one company to deal with, all for a price $50+ less than what we are paying now. That’s what’s known as a “no brainer”!

  31. Haven’t had any problems using the Android app with it, but I only paid for the streaming service. If you can get a college student account it doesn’t validate your address and costs 99$. Not sure if it still works but student code “BACKTOSCHOOL” takes off another 20$, so Sunday ticket for 80$ is just peachy with me.

  32. I was a sunday ticket subscriber from DAY 1. I’ll never forget how excited i was knowing i could watch the cowboys every week ( i live in boston). So after year upon year of paying the full package i start to see they give it away free to new subscribers. I never got it free. When i called they said even though i was on like year 8 nothing they could do. I daid see ya and never looked back. It’s worked out great, the Cowboys as currently constructed aren’t worth watching and there are a ton of sports bars here with ocean views if there is a game i want to see.

  33. I paid for the Sunday ticket from the first year, it was $99. Once it it hit $300, I said screw it and canceled the ticket and direct TV. I can get a some wings and few beers for $40 per week at the local sports pub. The local guy has been getting my money for years now.

  34. Everything about the Direct TV Monopoly hurts the fans badly. The same package for 80+ game, 6 month+ season packages from the NBA, NHL, and MLB (162 games) are 150 bucks or so for everything and don’t require garbage satellite service.

    Half of the gigantic pile of money the NFL gets from Direct TV Monopoly does go to the players, who are somehow oppressed.

  35. Solution: DO NOT BUNDLE! Fortunately, we can’t bundle since we live in a rural mountain (no cell phone service) area.

  36. We all hate each other’s favorite teams, but we can ALL agree on one thing, DIRECTV SUCKS!!!!

  37. Direct TV since purchased by AT&T has gone down the toilet. They charge way to much and bundle with Century Link Internet in my area which is trash. They are scammers that like to send their weasels to Walmart and Best Buy and try to scam you in to a contract that is going to go up and channels will be lost after a few months. But the try to sucker you in for a couple years by giving u Sunday Ticket free for 1 year. There is a very easy site that u can watch any game all year round in HD you just have to find it. If I post in comment they will delete it like usual.

  38. Direct TV, and the NFL Sunday Ticket was better by far until AT&T brought Direct TV. AT&T can screw up anything it touches. AT&T is overpriced and over rated. AT&T screwed by mother who was 94 year old almost blind lady at the time. I used to subscribe to Direct TV, but no longer. I won’t have any service provided by AT&T!!!

  39. If it wasn’t for NFL Sunday Ticket Direct TV wouldn’t be in business at all so all the more reason for them to make certain this service runs smoothly………..Not only bad Customer Service, but also their constant threats to remove channels.

    The NFL should have offered the Sunday Ticket to other more reliable companies.

    BTW Goodell isn’t this reflecting badly on The NFL’s Shield!!!……………

  40. Another ATT rip off. I wouldn’t pay them a dime when there are all ready to many games to watch on regular tv and reruns all week following on NFL network.

    Anybody paying direct tv $300 should have their heads examined.

  41. DirecTV’s customer service has sucked for the past bunch of years since they merged with AT&T. (They’ve become as bad as I find Comcast customer service to be.) Before that, I found DirecTV among the best in customer retention and service.

    And they updated the Genie software back in April with so many bugs that it makes the whole-house setup a mess. They released updated software in August and it still is a mess.

  42. DirecTV’s customer service was bad before ATT came along, and not just with the NFL. I dumped them back in the 90s because of it. Then had to file several Do Not Call complaints to get them to quit disturbing supper every night.

  43. Mine wasn’t even working Week One. Took them three hours to resolve online. I won’t get to watch again until Week Four, but I’m not a happy customer.

  44. I can echo all the posts with problems. I suggest contacting the CEO’s assistant. That guy is awesome and will get stuff fixed for you. The biggest issue is Directv is going all streaming soon and they continue to outsource the call centers to countries where you have a difficult time understanding each other on the phone, its crazy.

  45. I love the free online HD streams!
    I usually stream 3 at the same time – the game I’m most interested in goes to my main tv via AirPlay, secondary game to a second monitor and of course the Redzone is dedicated to a third monitor.
    Sunday’s r perfect!

  46. I was once a hardcore fan but no longer and never again. Rid myself of the Sunday Ticket because I do all that I can to NOT support anti-American players.

  47. I don’t get why Sunday Ticket is $300 for one days worth of games and every other sports subscriptions are around $150 for the season with 10x as many games of their seasons

  48. Paul Byvtary says:
    September 22, 2018 at 6:08 pm
    I was once a hardcore fan but no longer and never again. Rid myself of the Sunday Ticket because I do all that I can to NOT support anti-American players.

    Anyone who doesn’t support equal rights for all Americans (i.e. anti-protesters) is ANTI-AMERICAN.

  49. Same pathetic hillbilly’s who always threaten to stop watching the game. You’re going on like 3 years yelling that, it’s time for you to finally leave. Go on, leave!

  50. DAZN, an online version of Sunday Ticket for Canada, since we no longer have Sunday ticket is $60 for the whole year. It is good, not great, but sounds way better than this and $60 in CDN$ is like $45 in US$ … wow, trump it up!!!

    Niners Forever

  51. Pay attention NFL/AT&T/DirecTV!

    When the weekly National game is on, play it in the high channels where all the other Sunday Ticket games are being played. We want to be able to flip through ALL the games and not have two games blacked out because you want us to go visit the low local channels where they’re being aired. It’s the same network and we’ll be watching the same stupid commercials so it makes no difference to your pocket. Blacking out those channels is an idiotic idea!

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