Vita Vea out for Buccaneers vs. Steelers

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Buccaneers first-round draft pick Vita Vea has still not played a snap in his NFL career, and that won’t change on Monday night.

Vea has been declared out for this week’s game against the Steelers. Vea suffered a calf injury during the first contact practice of training camp and still hasn’t been able to get on the field.

The Bucs will be thin in the middle of the defensive line because both Vea and fellow defensive tackle Beau Allen are out. Also out for the Bucs is cornerback Marcus Williams, while safety Chris Conte and cornerback Brent Grimes are questionable.

The Steelers listed three injured players for Monday night: safety Morgan Burnett, guard David DeCastro and tackle Marcus Gilbert, all of whom are listed as doubtful.

20 responses to “Vita Vea out for Buccaneers vs. Steelers

  1. VV is going to be a HOF player. Mark my words. He is dominately disruptive. Might not get many sacks. Might not make many tackles. But he’ll take up two and sometimes three blockers freeing up LB’s to make the stops. It is amazing to watch. Talented kid.

  2. Well he was never at any point actually expected to play, so….???

    The bigger news is that DeCastro is officially out now, plus Gilbert is doubtful. Foster and Pouncey have both frankly stunk so far. They are going to have a hard time running with or without Bell until the O-Line gets back to what’s it’s been the last few seasons.

  3. WTF? Why does this keep happening to the Bucs? Is he ever going to play a down for the Bucs? I wish Koetter would give us the real low down!

  4. Would they change their 1st round draft pick now if given a do-over?

    If the Bucs win this game, Winston won’t see the field until Fitz gets injured.

  5. Declaring someone a “bust” who has missed 2 whole games for an injury is ridiculous. Guys get injured in the preseason and fans have no idea of the true severity except for those put on injured reserve.

    We’ll see how long it takes for him to get out there, how well he plays and if he is soon injured again or stays out there the remainder of the season once he is playing. Two games does not define someone a “bust” however.

  6. Bucs needed Defense in this draft. Coulda drafted Derwin Jame. See How it goes in 3 years. Bucs passed on Cameron Jordan for Adrian Clayborn a few years ago despite conventional wisdom. See what happen with VV.

  7. Steelers are borderline terrible (they could barely tie CLE). Fitz will be 3-0 and Winston will be benched.

  8. “I wish Koetter would give us the real low down”.

    The real low down is that Vea has an injury preventing him from playing. That is the entire story, nothing more and nothing less.

  9. University of Washington players are inherit sissies (S. Jones, K. King, John Ross, V. Vea, H. Kikaha). All of these dudes peaked as college juniors. Stay away, scouts. STAY AWAY!

  10. I didn’t like the pick when they made it. Still don’t like it. They signed a few FA DTs. I didn’t think they needed to draft him. And then the guy gets hurt on the first contact practice?!! They stated he wasn’t in great shape when it happened. He was definitely struggling in the practices (noncontact) before that. Not a great start at all to his career.

  11. Shootout city with two poor defenses. Pitt has to control the clock and keep the Bucs offense off the field because they are lighting up the scoreboard. Tampa just has to keep feeding the four headed monster of Evans, Jackson, Godwin and Howard. Should be a fun, close game.

  12. Every players value is when he’s on the field. That goes double for a player that hasn’t played a down in the NFL. When he on the sidelines, he just a cheerleader. The Bucs invested a lot in Vita Vea. I’m sure the Bucs did their homework before drafting Vea. Yet at the same it’s disappointing he still hasn’t been able to take the field. He had a good college career at Washington. Bucs fans are still waiting to see what he can bring as a pro!

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