Earl Thomas: Cowboys coaches asked me if I’m ready for a trade tomorrow

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Seattle safety Earl Thomas, who has been the subject of trade talks between the Seahawks and Cowboys, claims that before today’s game, Cowboys coaches approached him and asked if he was ready to get traded.

Asked if today’s game could have been his last as a Seahawk, Thomas said it’s possible.

“Yeah, of course, I heard chatter, people were coming up to me and saying a trade might happen,” Thomas said. “Even pregame, a couple Cowboys coaches came up to me, I don’t know if they were playing psychological games, but they were like, ‘You ready for the trade tomorrow?'”

Thomas had two interceptions and said that if it was his last game as a Seahawk, he’s happy with the way he’s going out.

“If it was, I had a damn good time. I’d go out like that if I had to,” Thomas said. “I just want to be appreciated. That’s it.”

Thomas also acknowledged that it’s possible the Cowboys’ coaches were joking.

“I don’t know if they were joking or serious or not. I was just minding my business and my routine and they came up and a couple guys said something,” Thomas said.

If these coaches were serious, they were flagrantly violating the league’s tampering rules. And even if they were joking they could find themselves in trouble with the league office. If Thomas’s account of those pregame conversations is accurate, those coaches had better hope no audio of the exchange makes its way to the league office.

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  1. Most people who post are upset about something or want to tease another fan base (Usually but not always in good fun). I’m posting because to share the other half of Seattle fan base who really want Earl to stay, and be paid.

  2. Earl minding his own business ? There was a clip of him warming up when Garrett was walking by him and Garrett wasn’t going to say anything when all of sudden Earl went up to Garrett and shook his hand. So, I’m not sure how much to believe what Earl is saying.

  3. If I was Seattle, I’d file a grievance with the NFL, and then tell Dallas, if you want Thomas, it’s going to cost you a first round pick next year. Maybe more.

    If they meet it, drop the grievance.

    Play hardball with the Cowboys, and Thomas.

    Two years ago Thomas was the highest paid safety in the NFL. He’s got two years left, this and next year. If Dallas doesn’t meet Seattle’s request, tell Thomas Dallas doesn’t want him as bad as you want them, so you’re staying in Seattle.

    Kam Chancellor didn’t get his new contract with two years left a few years ago. (If memory serves, he got it with one year left) Thomas, and his agent, didn’t learn from that.

    That being said, Thomas did his job during the game today, and was professional about it.

  4. jredshoes says:
    September 23, 2018 at 8:50 pm
    He’ll be a Chief next week. Why would Seattle want to trade in the division?
    Dallas isn’t in the NFCW. They’re in the South American Rugby/Football Division out of Iceland.

  5. He has totally sold out his team going back to last season. That has Cowboys written all over it if you ask me. Just make the trade already.

  6. “If these coaches were serious, they were flagrantly violating the league’s tampering rules. And even if they were joking they could find themselves in trouble with the league office. ”


    Yeah, no to either. “Are you excited to be traded tomorrow?” Rule violation. “Are you excited about the trade tomorrow?” is a vague statement that could be interpreted any number of ways. Nowhere in that quote did they state a specific player, coach or team, or even if it is a trade in the NFL being referenced.

  7. drrichardrydze says:
    September 23, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    To add to your point, it’s a trade. The player doesn’t have a say. It’s not like Earl can cause the trade to happen because the Cowboy coaches said something.
    It’s public knowledge the Cowboys have made offers to Seattle, so he already knows they want him. I believe it’s common knowledge he would like to go to Dallas.
    He ain’t going nowhere unless Seattle is made an offer they accept. Then whoever gets him knows Dallas is going to make an offer when he is a FA.

  8. In 2011 season opener, fresh off a Super Bowl win, Green Bay lost promising safety Nick Collins to a career-ending injury. Seven years on, Green Bay’s fraud of a front office still has yet to find his replacement.

  9. Not tampering. The Dallas coaches were CLEARLY asking him if he was ready for the Jimmy Butler trade tomorrow.

  10. I’m not throwing the flag on Dallas for Tampering. I like it. Because it is making Earl play lights out, and right now he’s playing in all the games. I don’t mind that he’s not practicing. It is giving quality reps to T2 who needs them. If a trade does happen T2 will need everything possible. But if a trade never happens then Earl still plays lights out. As a Seahawks fan if Earl is playing like this and he is committed like he has been, I say PAY HIM. He is showing to his teammates on gameday that is invested in winning and can still play at an elite level. PAY HIM.

  11. Thomas obviously realized about a minute too late that in his haste to take a few parting shots on his way out of Seattle, he just implicated Dallas in a serious tampering violation.

    “Uh, er, unless they were joking! Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket! They were joking!”

    This is also the second time in as many games that he anxiously approached Garrett, not the other way around.
    He’s demanding to be wooed and worshipped like a god; he’s approaching it like a kid eagerly vying for a paper route.

  12. scottstotts370798231 says:
    September 23, 2018 at 9:54 pm

    Chiefs will get him before the cowboys. But he is as good as gone from Seattle. Well, maybe not. Seattle makes horrible personnel choices.

    Yet second best record in the NFL since Pete’s arrival.

    He must be a hell of a coach.

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