Josh Allen didn’t know the Bills were big underdogs


The Buffalo Bills entered U.S. Bank Stadium as 16.5-point underdogs against the Vikings. And, of course, the Bills developed a quick 17-point lead, which eventually became a 27-6 victory.

So how motivated was Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen by the lopsided betting line?

“I didn’t even know,” Allen told PFT by phone after the victory.

Allen explained that the Bills wanted to focus on their own brand of football, with offense and defense complementing each other and by focusing on no outside noise or chatter or anything. Allen isn’t even focused on his individual performance; he said he pays “zero percent” attention to his completion percentage, a topic that was such a big part of the pre-draft discussion regarding Allen. (On Sunday, he completed 68 percent of his passes.)

Allen supplemented his passing with running on Sunday, contributing 39 yards on 10 attempts and two touchdowns. One of the runs included a manhood-risking hurdle over linebacker Anthony Barr.

Allen said he simply trying to get a first down any way he could. So how does he balance moving the chains against protecting his body?

“I’m trying to play fearless,” Allen said. “Coaches say to let it rip. I’m not sure they meant it that way.”

Allen will let it rip next weekend at Lambeau Field against the Packers, a scheduling quirk that looked to be a pair of looming losses. Allen said that he was and still is a huge Aaron Rodgers fan, and that Allen respects Rodgers’ whatever-it-take mentality.

“Everyone should have that,” Allen said.

On Sunday, the Bills didn’t have to do anything all that heroic to overcome the Vikings. With the Packers coming home after a deflating loss of their own in Washington — and with the Packers highly unlikely to overlook Buffalo the way Minnesota apparently did — the Bills may have a harder time following their two losses to start the season with two wins.

30 responses to “Josh Allen didn’t know the Bills were big underdogs

  1. Love this kid’s attitude and personality.

    He has the right attitude/mentality to make it as an NFL starting QB, and we all know he has every physical tool/measurable.

    If he ever puts it all together, he could really be something special.

    If he fails it won’t be for lack of effort. As a rookie, he is already the first one in the building and last to leave. Kid is a football junkie just like Carson Wentz.
    I really hope he proved to be the Bills long term answer at QB. We fans have been waiting for one since Jim Kelly retired.

  2. There you are! Was wondering when you’d show up to praise the Bills and eat that northern crow!

  3. Y’all see that hurdle he hit? Dude is about 6’5, 240 pounds and did that. You mix that kind of freakish athleticism with his arm strength and his work ethic, give him some protection and decent weapons and he might be a force in the league for a long, long time.

  4. Josh Allen came to play. There were a number of drops, which should have increased his completion percentage.

    For those keeping track, the Bills have out scored there opponents 41-3 since Vontae Davis’ retirement.

  5. Hope that Bills can prove everybody wrong. And Josh Allen I was very wrong about. As so far he has won my respect beaten a heavily favored Vikings. Jim Kelly must be proud.

  6. I’ve thought all along Allen was the best QB in this year’s draft. All those people downgrading him because of his completion percentage can shut up now. With his size and athleticism he could be the QB the Bills have lacked since Jim Kelly. I’m not saying he’s a HoF’er…just he’s a good QB. He and Baker Mayfield sure have the attitude their teams probably love to see. Those two are going to be fun to watch for years.

  7. JoeToronto says:
    September 23, 2018 at 5:59 pm
    Never bet on football. Suck it haters.

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    BuffaloBragging says:
    September 23, 2018 at 6:11 pm
    There you are! Was wondering when you’d show up to praise the Bills and eat that northern crow!

    36 2 Rate This
    You’re amazing, first you impersonate me, then you reply to your post and then, you spend the day upvoting your comments.

    billswillnevermove, you are one twisted individual.

  8. I’m dying over here. That He has not figured out we are two different people. I just was wondering why since he trolls the bills daily where he was all day today. But you can trust I am a completely different person. If you had any computer knowledge you’d already know that. Lol

  9. Funny I don’t see all the purples? Let me know again who to rest in second half? Rob tell me again take anyone off the Vikings and they easily beat the Bills ? And how you aren’t looking past us? I’m listening…. beat one teams weak SF team… but ok you’re Super Bowl bound. I’m waiting

  10. I was kinda surprised how steady JA played. two very important things, didn’t turn it over and he looks very calm. I still don’t understand how you come from a scrub D1 college with average stats to making it as a NFL QB but WTF do I know. still skeptical. really nice guy, seems to good to be true.

  11. Way to go Buffalo. Great to see Josh Allen play so well. Best QB prospect for ages. Wish he had a chance to sit and learn but it is as it is. Go Bills.

  12. He laid the wood to the Vikings. They were prepared for Zim’s blitzes & burned them like Kirk Cousins grilling a steak wrapped in foil. Maybe this will be the final nail in the coffin which is Zim calling defensive plays. 29 pts to GB 27 to Buf, only 16 to SF who dropped 14 sure pts. Let’s not forget 38-7 and the 2nd half vs the Saints. They’ve figured you out ZIM. Let Edwards take over buddy.

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