Report: Buccaneers plan to stick with Fitzpatrick

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DeSean Jackson apparently will be getting his wish.

When quarterback Jameis Winston returns Tuesday from his three-game suspension, Winston will not be reinstalled as the starter. According to Jay Glazer of FOX, the Bucs will stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick instead.

It definitely makes sense for Week Four, given that the Bucs will have only five days to get ready for a trip to Chicago, with a bye week coming after that.

Glazer adds this caveat: Fitzpatrick will get yanked if he does “something dramatically bad.” For now, he has done only dramatically good things for the Buccaneers, winning the NFC offensive player of the week award in consecutive weeks.

14 responses to “Report: Buccaneers plan to stick with Fitzpatrick

  1. The national media and fans showed how clueless they are on this one since Fitzpatrick playing well against both the Saints and Eagles was very predictable if you even halfway paid attention to the last matchups between the Bucs and those two teams in particular. He probably played even above his skis in both games, but playing well was not shocking. I think I even said right after everyone was so shocked he ripped up the Saints (after Winston beat them the end of last year with playoff seeding on the line) that the Eagles would have their hands full since Winston also had one of his best games as a pro against the current adoration of the Eagles 2 years ago. Hey, but keep spinning that narrative that Fitzpatrick is “playing better than Winston ever has,” As I keep hearing morons repeat often like that will make it true if they say it enough times. It just adds to why people don’t trust the media on any level since you continuously show that you don’t have a clue.

    By the way, fantasy tip. Bench him this week and next. Steelers and Bears are going to turn him back into a pumpkin.

  2. Whatever realfootballfan. Jameis has never had consecutive games like Fitz just had. It’s not like he’s some established star like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady. In fact there is a decent, maybe not likely chance the Bucs would be moving on from him after his rookie deal is up. Couple that with the fact that this most recent suspension is due to his childish maybe even criminal actions and virtually no one has any issue with this benching. Everyone knows who Fritz is and his ups and downs in the league so I don’t know why you think you’re telling us some deep secret by saying he may turn into a pumpkin the next few games. The point is what he’s done the past couple of weeks has won the trust of teammates, coaches, and fans and he has earn the starting position even though his leash is very short.

  3. 6thsense10 ,

    He was statistically the second best QB in football behind some guy named Brady after he came back from his injury the end of last year, but tell me more so you can show how clueless you are. It kind of got overshadowed by a historically horrific defense. Just the facts man. It’s all I can give you.

  4. Winston’s good game against the Eagles was 3 years ago, not 2.
    It was against the 7 – 9 Eagles that fired Chip Kelly that year, not the current adoration

  5. It doesn’t matter. History will repeat itself the same as it always does. Fitzpatrick has a documented history of always coming in for a few games and playing good, but then EVERY single time he gets benched because teams figure him out and he starts to have those 3,4 5 INT games. It’s just a matter of time and it could be as soon as this week against chicago that one of those high INT games happen. He is not starter material and hasn’t been since his days in Buffalo. Tick tock…..counting down to his usual meltdown.

  6. to the Buccaneers – Now is your chance… W’s suspension is ending and the 49ers are needing a QB… They likely don’t want him and his troubles but you never know how desperate a team is until you make the call!!!

  7. Don’t be surprised if the Bucs and Steelers trade Winston for Bell, straight up, sometime later this week. It would be one of those rare win-win scenarios because Winston and Bell have both worn out their welcomes and both teams could really use the other team’s player. The Bucs’ running game has been awful since Doug Martin fizzed out and the Steelers don’t mind questionable moral character at QB and Big Ben is ready to retire. Both players would get fat contracts and fresh starts with new teams.

  8. Hey realfootballfan
    Yeah… I forgot how Winston broke set a record for three consecutive games with over 400 yards.

    Nice try with “And Winston beat the Eagles two years ago”… Lol..

    Nobody who is a “real” football fan expects Fitzpatrick to throw for 6 TDs every game, win them all and never throw an INT.

    Just face facts. CURRENTLY (even with last nights loss) he is playing WAY better then criminal Winston ever has.

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