Saints beat Falcons in overtime


On a day when defenses were of little use, the Saints took advantage of a special teams play to spark their offense.

The Saints beat the Falcons 43-37 in overtime, taking the first possession right down the field in the extra session, with Drew Brees diving in himself for the game-winning touchdown.

That was an appropriate cap on a wild back-and-forth day when neither team seemed able to come up with a spot.

The key play might have been a blocked punt by the Saints late in the third quarter, because the Saints rode that momentum to three straight touchdown drives to close regulation. That included a diving Drew Brees rushing touchdown to cap the scoring in the first 60 minutes.

Brees finished the game 39-of-49 passing for 396 yards and three touchdowns, and in the process passed Brett Favre for the league’s all-time record in pass completions.

It also obscured a brilliant day by the Falcons offense, with Matt Ryan throwing for 374 yards and five touchdowns, including three to rookie wide receiver Calvin Ridley.

4 responses to “Saints beat Falcons in overtime

  1. It would have been pretty funny if Brees had milked that clock a little more and just ended it with a last second field goal in OT. Bring back the 15 minutes, or there will be 2-4 more ties this season.

  2. The Falcons have got to get a Pass rush . No pressure on a Great QB like Brees was a give away game to the Saint. Dan Quinn is suppose to be a Defense Gurus. But the Falcons defense is what gave this Sure Win game to the saints.Even in the Panther win. The falcons allowed the Panther to stay in the game.The falcons go conservative in the 2nd half of the game. And the defense just like Give Up on most plays.What is wrong with Blitzing the QB for constant pressure???? Perfect example was the Dallas Cowboy,Seattle Seahawk game.Dallas has one of the best offense line in the NFL.It also has a good running back.Seattle put continuous pass rushing pressure on Dallas all game long. Because Of the game plan. Seattle won a game that they were not expected to WIN. WAKE UP HC DAN QUINN. The falcon will miss the playoff this season unless you get a BETTER DEFENSE .

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