Everson Griffen not at Sunday’s game due to “personal matter”

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There’s a strange footnote to Sunday’s bizarre Vikings loss to the Buffalo Bills: Defensive end Everson Griffen, out with a knee injury, wasn’t present at the game.

“He’s having a personal matter and I’m going to leave it at that,” coach Mike Zimmer told reporters after the game.

Social media isn’t leaving it at that, with plenty of speculation, rumors, and #fanswithsources trying to get to the bottom of the situation. Which is understandable, given that so little information has been provided about the situation.

A Vikings spokesman told PFT via text message on Monday that there’s nothing to add to Zimmer’s comment from Sunday. There may be nothing to add, but there’s surely additional information. And someone eventually is going to dig it up.

Meanwhile, the Vikings are only three days away from playing a Thursday night game in L.A. If they don’t have Griffen when they face the Rams, the Vikings will have a hard time avoiding a 1-2-1 start.

17 responses to “Everson Griffen not at Sunday’s game due to “personal matter”

  1. This is the Vikings, it could have been anything. Hate to speculate on what type of personal matter it might have been but the Vikings once had a CB who missed a home game because he was arrested for domestic violence on a Saturday night and the judge didn’t hear his case for bail until the Monday morning after the Sunday game. I swear you can’t even make this stuff up but the franchise of the Love Boat, Wizzanator, head coach scalping Superbowl tickets, and turning in your draft picks after the time expired is capable of just about anything.

  2. The Vikings will release Everson Griffen so our Packers can sign him to face Josh Allen for us. Won’t they?

  3. Kicker had a bad week and they fired him. I’m sure Zimmer and Cousins are a bit nervous this week..

  4. famundacheese says:
    September 24, 2018 at 5:06 pm
    No one else showed up anyway

    At least Clay showed up to get his roughing the passer penalty for you!

  5. The Vikings didn’t show up this week against the Bills! What makes anyone think they’ll show up this week either?

  6. it’s NOT a good development if you’re a Vikings fan. When are personal matters that result in not being allowed on the sideline ever a good thing? This is going to be a very very bad month for the Vikings: Carlson, treadwell, the bills loss, losses to the rams and eagles coming, and now Griffen is in trouble with the law. He’s in deep deep doo doo. This is the beginning of the end of that defenses run. Not much of a run if you ask me. This season is going to be a historic meltdown.

  7. Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    September 24, 2018 at 5:44 pm
    If it’s a personal matter, it’s personal. Not any of our business. I just hope everything is okay.

    Hope everything is okay as well. Thinking is a family emergency. Today’s society gets off schadenfreude, ya know getting pleasures from some one else’s misfortune. Or thinking somehow they are keyboard comedian or the worst a keyboard warrior. I’m sure if it was trouble with the law it would be in the media by now. People feel and I don’t know why, that just because someone is a public figure, that figure has given up their right to private simply because they ate in the spotlight. Not true, but in a look at me, self indulgent, narcissistic society it often raises it ugly head.

  8. Well he was on a injured list he claimed no reason to be vs. Gb.

    Maybe he is hurt or something flared up and Minn. Is covering their butts so they dont get fined.

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