Frank Reich has “no concerns” about Andrew Luck’s velocity

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck came into this season with plenty of questions about how he would play after missing all of 2017 due to a right shoulder injury and the first piece of evidence looked pretty positive.

Luck completed 39-of-53 passes for 319 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in a loss to the Bengals, but the last two games haven’t been quite as productive. Luck has gone 46-of-71 for 343 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions while the Colts have gone 1-1. The drop in yards per attempt have led some to wonder how his shoulder is holding up, but head coach Frank Reich expressed no such concern on Monday.

Reich said that Luck’s “playing good football” and has seen no signs that the quarterback is unable to do everything he needs to do.

“What I’ve seen is he makes all the throws,” Reich said, via the Indianapolis Star. “There’s been plenty of throws down the field, in my mind … I’ve seen a guy who is extremely accurate. I have no concerns about velocity.”

A focus on quicker, shorter passes could be a sign that Luck’s arm strength isn’t all the way back to where it was before his injury. It’s also a bigger part of Reich’s offense than the one Luck played in under Chuck Pagano and the absence of left tackle Anthony Castonzo — right tackle Joe Haeg was hurt in Sunday’s game as well — likely factors into the kind of passes that are getting called at the moment.

Whatever the combination, Luck’s arm strength is going to continue to be a topic of interest in Indianapolis and it’s going to be of particular interest whenever the team loses a close game like they did in Philadelphia on Sunday.

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  1. The concern last game was the receiver’s softness and drops. I like TY but he is way too inconsistent, Ebron made too many mental mistakes with his endzone drops, Doyle (although he didn’t play last game) also commits way too many mental errors whether it’s drops, fumbles or penalties at untimely moments in the game. It’s been quite a while since the Colts had a true player that was able to make those tough contested catches on 50-50 balls. The last guy to do that was Reggie Wayne, go watch the tape against the Packers in the 2nd half in 2012, Luck was throwing darts in contested windows and Wayne was making those tough catches.

  2. “What I’ve seen is he makes all the throws,” – Except for, of course, hail marys to win the game.

  3. He was NEVER that good to begin with. I get that his O-Lines have been pretty shoddy as well, but the hype compared to what he’s actually produced is baffling. Even his years with better TD/Int ratios look a lot worse when you check out how many times he fumbled. I’m not saying he’s awful but there’s been this notion that he’s some top-tier QB, from pretty much day 1 with him, but in reality he’s been above-average, maybe even good, but nothing more than that.

  4. It was said today by Bill Polian that Reggie Wayne would have caught that corner fade shot to Hilton to take the lead.
    In other words the Colts don’t have a true #1.
    See terripets comment above.
    And why stress Lucks shoulder needlessly on a 70 yard Hail Mary pass with 7 seconds left and little chance of success. Good call Coach Reich.
    Lucks velocity looked OK to me on TV.

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