Taylor Lewan sends Jalen Ramsey’s trash talk back at him

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Plenty of opponents have heard plenty of chatter from Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Sunday, Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan sent a little back the other way.

After the Titans escaped with a 9-6 win over the Jaguars, Lewan said he was unimpressed with Ramsey’s deeds or words. The two exchanged some pleasantries after Ramsey was called for being offsides on a field goal attempt in the third quarter.

“They want to talk about how he’s a big trash-talker. I mean, come on,” Lewan said, via Paul Kuharsky of Paul Kuharsky.com. “He’s jumping offsides, and he’s acting like it’s no big deal, but he’s being a liability. You’re a liability when that happens. So he and I got into it a little bit.

“Towards the end of the game my hands aren’t on my hips. He’s crouching down, breathing hard, and I just looked at him and said, ‘I don’t get tired.’ He’s a corner. I’m not worried about him talking to me. What are you going to do?”

Lewan got the last word with the win, which was their third straight and fifth in the last six meetings against the Jaguars.

27 responses to “Taylor Lewan sends Jalen Ramsey’s trash talk back at him

  1. While it is pretty dumb for a corner to jump off-sides, hitching their wagon to Blake Bortles is the primary reason they scored 6 points.

  2. Shut up Taylor. Your team didn’t even get to the red zone the whole game. The only reason you are chirping is because the Jags stunk on ice. You didn’t impose your will on anyone. The Jags played like crap and you benefited. You don’t get to talk trash after a game you only won due to the other team’s ineptitude.

  3. He’s a Corner…LOL …Yup

    When I was a police officer (now retired) I labeled various individual based on football:

    In order of respect


    I would call for backup when dealing with ‘Lineman’. I was 6’2″. 210 and not interested in any violence or escalating of. So talking people ‘off the ledge’ was a must. Still, size was a big part of the equation.

    A Corner was someone who just needed to shut up. Safeties were no big deal. Lb’rs got your attention (everyone gets your ‘attention’, but you know…) Lineman, you sat back and waited. Funny thing, as we all know, the bigger the guy, usually the less problem he was. It’s the Napoleons who were a pain.

  4. Tennessee never got into the red zone and 3 of their 9 points came off a terrible fake punt call by Doug Marrone. The Jaguar defense did their job in this game. Not to mention, Lewan is part of the reason Blaine Gabbert didn’t know his own name for hours yesterday.

  5. Cheap shorting Andre Branch? That guy? Really? Jags fans salty af. First time their team has been worth a crap in over a decade & already acting entitled. Funny I used to get tickets when I lived there for like $15 because they couldn’t be bothered to show up.

  6. .
    It’s an oddity that the Titans have had such success vs the Jags, winning 5 out of the last 6. I think Jacksonville has the better overall roster.

  7. Last time I checked the jags defense did their jobs yesterday, while the titans offense didn’t. 9 points is awful in today’s nfl so I wouldn’t talk…..unless its talking trash to the jags offense

  8. For humans to survive on this planet, we need to focus on TEAM, not individuals.

    When people put the focus on themselves instead of the greater good, ew all suffer.

    Those who need to learn this will.

    May every game end in a tie and then let’s see how they figure out who ends up in the play-offs.

  9. Jalen Ramsey was sprinting up and down the field for well over half the game yesterday, Taylor. His secondary allowed 1 yard passing in the first half, Taylor. Your OL allowed 4 sacks in that same half, Taylor. He jumped offsides on a 35 yard field goal attempt yesterday, Taylor. It was not a killer penalty, Taylor. He blocked a field goal yesterday, Taylor.

  10. cheapseater says:
    September 24, 2018 at 9:48 am
    “He jumped offsides on a 35 yard field goal attempt yesterday, Taylor. It was not a killer penalty, Taylor.”

    Remind me… what was the margin of victory again?

  11. Well I like the Jags and really wish they would just play football and talk less. I get it though. They derive some of their confidence by talking. Ramsey is the best corner in the NFL and let’s everyone know about it. Which is completely against how I was taught to approach sports. Then again he’s a word class athlete and I’m just a guy who has worked Monday – Friday for 25 years. Nonetheless Ramsey won’t stop talking I got money on that. It’s great when you win not great when you lose. So Titans won yesterday. Hat tip, see you in Nashville.

  12. The Jags are a good Qb away from being a truly great team. Too bad it is literally the hardest position in pro sports to fill & easily the most important.

  13. Good Blake showed up last Sunday. Bad Blake today. Play calling seemed to suck too. But, this happens every year with the dang Titans, so…..is it them or us? Not saying jack about them when they own us. Last time we won was my birthday 2 years ago on a Thursday night but barely….GRRRRR

  14. It’s good to see Ramsey is keeping his mouth shut (mostly) finally. And his team is playing up to their par.

  15. Nice. Was hoping the Patriots would shut Ramsey up last week, but at least now the Titans has done it. Let’s hope he remembers it for a while.

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