Tyrod Taylor not on the practice field today

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At some point this afternoon after Browns practice, coach Hue Jackson is expected to name Baker Mayfield his new starter.

But his former starter may be making it a moot point.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, quarterback Tyrod Taylor is not on the practice field with the rest of the team today, after suffering a concussion in last Thursday’s game against the Jets.

While every concussion is different, few players clear the protocol in a week, and this is Taylor’s third appearance in the protocol in the last 13 months.

Jackson will address reporters after practice, at which point we can all say the news is #asexpected.

16 responses to “Tyrod Taylor not on the practice field today

  1. Losing his starting job aside, Tyrod might wanna get out while he still can. Three concussions in a year isn’t good for anyone.

  2. It will be very convenient for Hue and the Browns if Tyrod doesn’t clear protocol. They can “field test their new starter as a starter” without addressing the actual depth chart. If Mayfield were to flounder against Oakland (pray he doesn’t) they can always say “he is the back-up for a reason” and turn the ball back over to Tyrod when he comes off the protocol.

    It’s terrible to lose your place on the depth chart due to injury, but this is the NFL. Tyron has demonstrated he is a consummate professional, and if the team wins behind Baker he wouldn’t have much standing to object.

  3. Tryhard Taylor should embrace his role as a backup. He is earning more than most people will in their lifetime and won’t put his body at risk as much.

  4. The answer to the question, Mr. Jackson, is as follows: “Tyrod Taylor is in the concussion protocol, as you all know. We are hopeful for him and his well being, first of all, and we anxiously anticipate him getting better. As long as Tyrod is in the protocol, we need to prepare and be ready to win our next football game around the guys that will be on the field so…look…until that time as he is ready, the answer is obvious: we will be preparing for Oakland with Baker Mayfield as the starting quarterback. There is no decision to be made: the person who has to start is the next man up who can actually play, and as you all saw on Thursday, we are very confident with the work Baker has done to go with him. Next question.”

  5. His life in 20 years will be much better if he does not have any more damage to his brain. Wallk away while you still can after this year.

  6. Baker starting this soon is unfortunate for him. The result will likely be the same result of the previous 30 starting since 1999. That’s just what happens in Cleveland.

  7. It didn’t seem like that hard a hit when he got this current concussion. The J’ville playoff hit was one in which I think is a bridge to this one. He might just keep getting them easily. I hope not. I liked the guy as a Bills fan. He was fun to watch, and a gentleman, which is rare these days. Hope for the best TT. GOD bless!

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