Flopping invades football


The NFL’s obsession (potentially temporary) with roughing the passer invites a new dynamic: Quarterbacks engaging in soccer-style flops in order to draw fouls when otherwise a foul wouldn’t be called.

It happened on Monday night when Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger collapsed like a Jenga tower in a wind tunnel after being tapped on the head by Buccaneers defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott also seemed to embellish a bit when hit by Seahawks defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson.

Peter King suggested during Tuesday’s PFT Live that perhaps the NFL would have to make flopping a foul of its own. Of course, kickers and punters (primarily punters) will ham it up when grazed, hopeful to draw a foul. But that happens fairly rarely, and there’s a bright-line rule about touching or not touching the kicker or the punter once the ball is away. For quarterbacks, the opportunities to take a dive are plentiful — and maybe there needs to be a way to discourage Oscar-quality (or otherwise) performance from quarterbacks looking to get a cheap 15 yards.

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  1. I haven’t complained figuring they’ll work things out, but if the NFL starts looking like the NBA, soccer, or Sidney Crosby with flopping, I’ll be done.

  2. They should all take the Eli approach…. defensive player gets near, fall down and ask daddy for a flag

  3. It’s been in football for years. Every time there’s something after the play and one shove gets thrown, the other player looks like he was hit by a truck as his legs seize up and he falls to the ground with his arms waving wildly.

    Until you start calling/fining the flop, it will continue…

  4. Big “Diva” Ben flopping? I don’t believe it. He will be on the injury report this week. Listed as questionable with an earache.

  5. Maybe there should be a penalty for poor acting…..Seriously

    On another note, I’ll bet the Patriot fanboys will come along and call it a form of cheating.

  6. jpp was behind him and club-handed the back of his helmet. ben never saw it coming and it likely surprised/scared him. was the flop necessary? meh. i am guessing the sound of the slap sounded awful inside the helmet of someone not used to getting hit there.

  7. Baby Ben looked ridiculous in his cowardice act. I thought he was tough yinzer nation. He looked worse than most punters trying to draw a penalty. But hey, what can we expect from the queen of drama in the NFL?

  8. i dont really care about all the other non-sense that has been going on in the league, but if flopping becomes prevalent, I’m out.

  9. That Big Ben play was the reason I turned off the game, as a fan of neither team. If I want to see that kind of thing I’ll watch soccer. That was disrespectful to the game of football, and disrespectful to all the men who have played the game before him.

  10. Big Ben got hit in the head. He did NOT flop. No need to flop that is a penalty. The refs should call that every time but with Big Ben they don’t. Glad to see Big Ben finally starting to get some roughing calls. Geez … Ngata broke Big Ben’s nose without so much as a roughing penalty. If he had done that to Brady it would have been a lifetime ban.

  11. The call on Clay Matthews against the Skins was not that bad. The call against him when they played the Vikings was mush worse. He hit Cousins at the waist and was flagged. The higher hits where the player drives the QB into the turf are the ones that should be flagged.

  12. You got a big fat potato back there in the pocket that takes 3 guys to bring him down, yet he can’t be hit basically in 80% of his ranch dip body. Drew Brees pranced into the end zone as a runner while 2 defenders approached him and basically got confused about what to do next and he easily scored. Pathetic

  13. If you watch the game his hand slid over his helmet as he was pushed by the offensive line man. I am about done with the NFL it is becoming a joke. I will just keep watching college and high school. At least they are able to hit like the game has always been played.

  14. No worries, let them flop.

    The refs will pass out yellow cards.

    2 yellows equals one red and then you’re out next week.

    “You wanna get nuts, let’s get nuts!”

    ~~George Costanza~~

  15. Yeah broncos blocked a ravens FG and returned it for a TD. Was called back due to a flopping Ravens player about 25-30 yards behind the play. But we don’t count Florio, I know.

  16. Eh, the Giants have faked cramps for decades, plenty of video evidence plus former players have admitted it.

  17. Taylor Gabriel(CHI) flopped also on play across the middle, got a personal foul against Tre Boston(AZ) on a crucial 3rd and long play in the 4th qtr.

  18. What a disgrace this league has become.The league is falling apart in front of everyone to see – and all they do is keep making or changing the rules to the detriment of all concerned.Remember the NFL?

  19. Cant even argue that point on soccer lol, but rules and officating hasnt realy changed much unlike the NFL in which the officials themselves dont even know the rules lol.

  20. As a former official these rule changes are ridiculous! Fight back if you don’t like the rules.

  21. Um…

    Dak tripped. And he did NOT play it up to get a flag.

    Ben flopped AND played it up to get a flag.

    The two have zero relevance to each other.

  22. fc187 says:
    September 25, 2018 at 6:46 pm
    Punters do it all the time.


    Sure, but no one considers them teal football players.

  23. Big Ben was an embarrassment to himself and the game of football
    his flopping around was a joke
    he is better than that, or so I thought

  24. Flopping has been there for years. You can see D linemen feign being held on every series. The NFL is a bad joke.

  25. And this is what is a concern after what the fan base and witnessed in the last few days. NFL is becoming a who cares source of entertainment

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