NFL disputes reported apology to Jets for holding penalty

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Although the league seems to be getting away from the business of publicly admitting officiating errors, the NFL still provides private apologies when warranted. But the NFL privately disputes a new report regarding an officiating error that the league supposedly acknowledged.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the league did not informally apologize to the Jets for the holding penalty called on cornerback Morris Claiborne while covering Browns receiver Antonio Callaway in the second half of Thursday’s game. The foul, coupled with a penalty on the Browns, gave Cleveland a second chance to tie the game at 14, after the first attempt resulted in a sack of quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported that the league privately apologized for the holding penalty. The video of the play shows Claiborne clearly grabbing and pulling Callaway’s jersey. The league office, per the source, regards the hold as “obvious.”

6 responses to “NFL disputes reported apology to Jets for holding penalty

  1. This is very suspicious. The NFL “apologized” to the Jets for an obvious hold? Umm, why would that be?

    One of the refs didn’t get the wink/wink/fix it when you can for Goodel’s Jets, so they apologized that the fix didn’t work?

    What on earth?

  2. What is stranger, that they may have apologized for a blatant hold, or that they aren’t publicly disputing a newspaper report of an apology that never happened?

  3. Players not wanting to own up to a mistake is what it boils down to. Making up stories that the NFL said I’m sorry… Um no they did not dude. The hold is on tape and tape doesn’t lie. You lost, get over it and stop blaming it on the Refs.

  4. The Packers have been left on hold for 2 weeks asking for their apologies… Matter of fact, their answer comes in the form of retaliatory officiating…

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