Jamal Adams: Jets didn’t have a game plan for Baker Mayfield

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The New York Jets went from being in total control of a game against Tyrod Taylor and the Cleveland Browns last Thursday night to losing that same game when Taylor was replaced by Baker Mayfield late in the first half due to injury.

Mayfield rallied the Browns from a 14-0 deficit to grab a 21-17 victory that snapped a losing streak that had extended back to Christmas Eve in 2016.

Jets safety Jamal Adams did not discuss the result after the game with reporters, only team partnered television. When he did discuss the game on WFAN on Tuesday, Adams said the Jets weren’t prepared to see a Browns team led by Mayfield.

We had to be open to knowing that Baker could come in, but we were prepared for Tyrod,” Adams said, via Rich Cimini of ESPN.com. “When Baker came in, obviously we didn’t have a game plan for him. But hats off to him. He came in, he definitely played lights out. They gained momentum, and we just couldn’t grab it back.”

The Jets had completely stifled the Browns with Taylor under center. He’d passed for just 19 yards on 4 of 14 before leaving the game with a concussion late in the second quarter. Mayfield had more time to throw and did more with the chances he got in replacing Taylor. Mayfield went 17 of 23 for 201 yards and caught a two-point conversion as Carlos Hyde scored a pair of touchdowns to help rally Cleveland to victory.

Per Cimini, head coach Todd Bowles said after the game that Taylor and Mayfield were running similar plays and the Jets didn’t need to make wholesale changes to what they were doing defensively. Adams’ comments would seem to at least push back against that notion somewhat.

Adams gave credit to Mayfield for the way he performed.

“They’re very similar guys in ways they can move in the pocket and throw the football. At the same time, we stuck to our game plan. Baker came in and he played phenomenal. Hats off to him,” he said.

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  1. Bowels is more right than Adams if this makes sense. The Browns didn’t put Mayfield in the game with a brand new scheme or let him call his own plays once he stepped in the huddle. But the defense certainly didn’t react to the immediate change in tempo. The coaching staff didn’t adjust the defensive plays being called, and the players looked as if they were watching football being played. Just like the fans.

  2. It’s insane to me that the media has actually gone as far to say Mayfield “dominated” when he came in the game.

    The guy had zero touchdowns passing or running. He fumbled. And he threw what was sure to be an interception if the defensive back could catch a ball.

    In fact the only reason the offense might have looked any better than the first half was because the line finally started to block, and Todd Haley finally figured out what the defense was doing and started making the appropriate adjustments in his game plan.

    And let’s not forget that if Antonio Callaway have even the slightest bit of effort for the deep ball that was slightly underthrown by Taylor… this entire game probably changes.

    Just like if Baker’s fumble was recovered by the Jets, or the interception was held on to… this entire game changes.

    I’d still prefer the QB that doesn’t turn the ball over. But either of these guys needs more weapons than Landry and a rookie that doesn’t show much effort and also has a history of issues from college. Gordon being gone really downgrades their chances to succeed as an offense no matter who is throwing it.

    Maybe Mayfield will change people’s minds this week against Oakland. But after that he gets the Ravens defense in a divisional matchup. I just don’t get what anyone saw to be so high on the kid. Tyrod has the team in position to win against the Steelers and Saints… but a kicker blew it. And all of that is forgotten because Baker came in to manage a game against the Jets??? Really? There’s a card to be played here, but I digress.

  3. watermelon1 says:
    September 26, 2018 at 5:14 am


    That deep ball to Callaway wasn’t slightly underthrown, it was very underthrown.

  4. watermelon1:

    Would that be the card you play all the time and therefore carries no weight anymore?

  5. Mostly, the Jets fell apart against Mayfield’s two minute offense, which the Brown’s ran for most of the second half. It’s clear they don’t know what to do against the hurry up. I don’t know if the plays aren’t coming in from the sidelines fast enough or if they’re not getting the right personnel between downs, but if you watch them against they two minute offense, they look lost. Same against Detroit right before the half.

  6. watermelon1:

    See ESPN’s front page article “Best and worst QBs of Week 3: Tale of two Clevelands”

    It’s all in black and white for you.

  7. The implication being that if they had in fact game planned for Baker Mayfield, the outcome would have been different? Isn’t that what a coaching staff is for, to make in game adjustments? So for the coach to say we didn’t need to make any adjustments is an admission that the loss is on coaching staff, not the players…. But I’m pretty sure it was the Browns defense getting all of those turn overs, not Baker Mayfield.

  8. The Jets had 3 games in 11 days so of course they weren’t going to have time to game plan for a guy who wasn’t even the starting QB.

    What HC would take time out to practice for the backup QB on a Thursday night game? None.

    Had Mayfields fumble been recovered by the Jets or had his red zone pick not been dropped the Browns would have lost and Mayfield would not have been the hero. And the Jets played dumb when he came in. No blitzes, giving him time to pick apart the secondary.

    Thats on the DC Kacy Rodgers.

  9. Pump the brakes a little here. Baker is not the second coming. CLE still has Hue as coach. Therein lies the problem.

  10. i get its a short week but any coach worth his salt had a gameplan in place for mayfield, just in case. the jets looked utterly clueless once mayfield came into the game…that’s the worst way to lose…knock out the starter, beaten by the backup.

  11. “…Browns would have lost and Mayfield would not have been the hero”
    Same could be said for Darnold and Game 1. Lets revisit this in Week 17.

  12. Huey said “We did not have a game plan for Baker either – guess that is why we finally won – wait to go Idaho”

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