Movement afoot to get Wade Phillips to dress like Bum Phillips on throwback day

Getty Images

Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is the son of former NFL coach Bum Phillips, who was famous for his sideline attire, including a ten-gallon hat. There’s now a movement afoot to get Wade to dress like Bum when the Rams’ players wear their throwback uniforms on Thursday night against the Vikings.

Dave Dameshek, a writer and radio personality who works for NFL Media among other outlets, has been leading the charge to encourage Wade to wear the full-on Bum getup, which usually included the cowboy hat, a button down shirt, a big belt buckle and cowboy boots.

Unfortunately, Omar Ruiz of NFL Network asked Wade Phillips about it, and Wade said that assistant coaches are required to wear the NFL’s officially licensed Nike gear during games. So unless Nike makes ten-gallon hats, that might be tough for Phillips to pull off.

But the NFL and Nike should make an exception. Thursday Night Football too often feels like a stale product. Letting the Son of Bum dress like bum would add some fun to the festivities.