Allen Hurns admits frustration at lack of targets

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The Cowboys are running one of the worst offenses in the NFL at the moment.

And one of their offseason targets admits he’s tired of not having more to do.

Allen Hurns has been targeted nine times in three games, and has four catches for 51 yards. So while he wants to be a good teammate, he also wants to do something about it.

“The majority of my snaps, I feel like I can get separation,” Hurns told Calvin Watkins of The Athletic. “You will get frustrated, that’s part of it. The main thing for me is just staying positive in the head and control what I can. I can’t let that affect how I am. If I let it affect how I am then I won’t be getting open and I will be dropping the ball when it does come my way.”

At this point, anything would help, as the Cowboys are 30th in total offense and 31st in scoring.

They signed the former Jaguars wideout to a two-year, $12 million deal this offseason, in hopes he’d add something to the post-Dez Bryant mix at the position, but so far they’re waiting for a return on the investment.

“It’s frustrating for sure,” Hurns said. “It’s just getting to the point, especially when we (haven’t) thrown for 200 yards yet, it’s kinda frustrating. We won the second game, fortunately, but to win in this league you have to pass for some yardage. It’s frustrating, plus I’d like to be implemented more, be more involved more. Fortunately, when you’re winning, it’s not a problem at all. But when you got games when you’re losing, it’s kinda tough. It’s tough on you. It comes down to you keeping that faith that things will get on track and control what you can.”

The problems with the Cowboys offense are multiple, but not getting Hurns more involved highlights how broken their passing game is.

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  1. the problem is dak! even w/ the offensive line woes its still Dakota…ive watched every game and every snap and even when he has time and a clean pocket his passes are erratic and errant, either sail over wr’s heads or worm burners. he’s not even looking for the deep ball and wont even audible to the deep shot when its clearly man to man press coverage…

  2. Long time Cowboys fan here. The problem is Dak. Romo regularly threw for 300+ yards, 2 to 3 TD’s were not uncommon, and to the likes of Laurent Robinson and Miles Austin. Not to downplay Witten, but he wasn’t balling out for 100+ yard games week in and week out. My point is that Dak is simply not a good passing quarterback. He does have some option type skills that are under-utilized, which could help him become a game manager, but please never expect him to light up a defense with his arm. By nature of statistics, it will happen once in a blue moon, but it’s the exception and not the rule.
    Dak REGULARLY over-throws receivers in short, intermediate, and long passes. People talk about how he protects the ball so well, but it’s partly due to never throwing for more than 150 yards per game. The Cowboys have a legitimate problem on their hands, especially with a contract year for Dak on the horizon. You don’t want to mortgage the team future on this guy, not with him playing at this level. He’s become the reason they’re not winning. No more excuses for poor defense, or lack of a running game. Zeke had 130 yards on merely 16 attempts last week. It couldn’t be more clear that the problem is Dak. And opposing defenses are onto the dink-and-dunk efforts trying to disguise that he can’t throw the ball. Please never try the bootleg, hit TE in the flat play. It’s dead and gone, and everyone see’s it a mile away, and it’s a 5 yard play anyhow. Also cut it out with the Zeke fake reverse screen. Yes it worked on the Steelers and maybe another team, but come on. The head coach and coordinators aren’t helping out any.
    Dak’s upside would be a comp to Cam Newton. But right now he’s not half the QB of Cam, and I think Cam is a middle-of-the-pack QB right now. Time to start evaluating that 2019, 2020 draft class.

  3. Hurns & Robinson couldn’t wait to get away from Bortles. Their body language on his errant passes proved it.

    And yet the grass hasn’t been greener for either. Life is funny sometimes.

  4. Dak’s upside is nowhere close to comparative to Cam Newton. Let’s try Alex Smith, that’s much more accurate and doesn’t sound so far fetched. Cam has elite arm talent and is an elite runner. Dak isn’t elite in either category. With that being said, Dak is the sole problem of the Cowboys’ offense. He’s been sacked 11 times this year and only two of them are attributed to the offensive line.

  5. youngnoizecom – I think you misinterpret the meaning of upside. He could be *like* Cam. Newton is NOT an elite passer either.
    He averages 229 passing yds/game. Dak averages 216 YPG. There’s not a meaningful difference there, and Dak’s game sample is much smaller than Newton’s.
    Cam has just a 58% completion percentage for his career. Dak is 64.9%.
    Cam, avg 0.85 int/game. Dak, 0.54 int/game.
    Cam, 0.576 win pct. Dak, 0.657.
    As bad as Dak is playing right now, his passing stats are superior to Cam so far on many levels. One could argue, Dak could improve since he has just 2 seasons under his belt. Tiger not gonna change his stripes in Carolina.
    So I stand by my analogy, and it can be interpreted as offensive to Dak, or Cam. But the comparison is there.

  6. Hurns & Robinson couldn’t wait to get away from Bortles.

    100% true of Robinson. 100% untrue of Hurns. That guys is the ultimate fighter and team player. He just couldn’t stay healthy enough to warrant his contract in Jax.

  7. Hurns had a great first two years in Jacksonville. But he could not stay healthy after that, and I think the injuries have taken their toll on him.

    He’s nowhere near the player he was in 2015.

  8. Even if he was being targeted more, with Dak throwing they’re just gonna be hitting him in the feet and sailing behind his back anyways.

    I wonder what all those “Wentz sucks, Dak is better” fans are up to these days……..

  9. allsyntax – to be fair, he didn’t say Cam was an “elite passer”. He said he has an “elite arm”, which is absolutely true. His arm strength and velocity are elite.

    Also, comp % is easily misinterpreted. Majority of Cam’s career, he hasn’t just been asked to complete short throws to his playmakers and let them take the ball and run with it. He IS the playmaker. He’s either tucking the ball, lowering his shoulder and diving over piles, or slinging it deep downfield and across the middle, unlike guys with high %’s who are just asked to get rid of the ball quickly and play it safe. Cam accounts for more total percentage of his teams yardage and more first downs than anyone else in the game, and YES his arm is elite even if his comp % isn’t.

  10. allsyntax – also, if you’re watching the nuances of Dak’s play the last couple years and seeing IMPROVEMENT then no offense, but i don’t trust any of your judgment or analysis on anything to do with quarterbacking. That’s just laughable to even suggest. If anything, he’s stagnated and regressed and it’s not hard to see.

    Seems like you’re just reading stats and not actually watching the game.

  11. I’m a Cowboy fan among other teams I am a fan of. Just about every receiver thinks there are open on every play! Under Lineham, the Cowboys want to be a running team, like they were in 2017. Unfortunately the OL play isn’t the same, both on running and passing plays. The running plays are not opening up Zeke to have longer runs, and the passing plays are not allowing Dak to have much of a chance to survey downfield. Most of the successful passing plays are quick hits, and scramble plays.

    It’s not out of the realm that Hurns is getting open downfield, but Dak doesn’t have time to wait on that play to develop. Offensive line play is always a key factor to be successful, and play calling is another key factor. If you can’t dominate in your play calling, then you need to do the unexpected. Neither of these factors are getting done consistently. Therein lies the problem. It’s not any one players fault. You have to play with the talents you have. That means the OC has to do a better job in bringing these talents together including play calling. That’s his job as the OC. Right now the Cowboys are highly inconsistent of offense. Believe it or not, the defense is keeping the Cowboys in the game!

  12. “The Cowboys are running one of the worst offenses in the NFL at the moment.”

    Hmmm, you don’t think it has anything to do with a High School QB being your starter, does it?

  13. orivar says:
    September 27, 2018 at 11:46 am
    Hurns & Robinson couldn’t wait to get away from Bortles. Their body language on his errant passes proved it.

    And yet the grass hasn’t been greener for either. Life is funny sometimes.

    Hurns was a contract cut. For his health and production we weren’t willing to pay him and keep our guys like Westbrook on the bench.
    ARob was a lil more vocal about his displeasure sometimes. But I’m willing to bet if the Jags were willing to pay him he would have stayed.
    Jags weren’t willing to pay 18 mil guaranteed to a post ACL 50/50 jump ball type receiver (who had his own issues creating any separation)
    Certainly ARob didn’t look at Trubisky’s rookie year and say “Oh yeah, he’s better than who I got tossing me the rock now”

  14. 2016 “The Cowboys got the best QB in the draft!”, “The Rams blew it, they should have drafted Dak”, “Dak’s the best QB in 2016 draft”

    2018 “Time to start evaluating that 2019, 2020 draft class.”

    My, how times have changed.

  15. Allen with all due respect feeling like you can get separation and actually getting that separation are 2 separate things. TBH i haven’t seen a play and gone look at that Hurns was open. So keep grinding and show me more! And Dak too!

  16. You can see on the coach’s film that Hurns has been open (if you have access). Also, having elite arm talent is much different from being an elite passer. You will see much better numbers from Newton in this offense, though.

  17. It doesn’t matter if you have separation at the top of the route, when you’re getting jammed and held up at the line initially–it throws the whole timing of the play off. QB has limited time to go through progressions and if it is visually evident that you’re getting bullied at the line then it makes little sense to come back to you. Of course this is not the case at all times, and Dak has some blame–along with the pass protection–but that should not come into question for Hurns, he has to be ready every play and im happy he admitted to as much at the end of his complaint. BTW, offensive touches are not where they need to be for all skill players (including qb), because of a lack of success on 3rd down. Need to convert and keep drive going to increase touches for everyone, and that falls on the OC who has not established any type of rythem in their playcalling–just appears to be throwing darts at the board.

  18. Ya’ll blame the QB when guys with less talent are able to put up numbers in the league. The coaches are bad at playcalling, and shuffling WR’s every play doesn’t help things at all!

  19. Has Dak regressed since his rookie year or did he hit the wall like a lot of second-year QBs when teams have figured out how to play them. I think losing Witten hurts more than anyone realizes. Whatever is going on, if they don’t fix it they are looking at a 6-10 season or worse. It’s amazing to watch this team now and compare it to the team in 2015 that moved the ball practically at will.

  20. It is partly Dak. But mostly the coach, the OC and the
    GM. Until they get rid of all three Dallas will only be the Cowbabies. Until then, I can’t and won’t be a fan anymore.

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