Report: Rodney McLeod expected to miss rest of season

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The Eagles have reportedly lost one of their starting safeties for the rest of the 2018 season.

Rodney McLeod hurt his knee in last Sunday’s win over the Colts and head coach Doug Pederson said this week that the team was waiting for more test results before determining his status. The latest word on that status is not a good one for McLeod.

Derrick Gunn of NBC Sports Philadelphia reports that McLeod had surgery to repair a torn MCL on Thursday and that he is expected to miss the rest of the season as a result.

McLeod is in his third season with the Eagles and had 10 tackles over the first three weeks of the season. He started every game he’s played with the team since joining them as a free agent before the 2016 season.

Corey Graham is in line for more playing time alongside Malcolm Jenkins with McLeod out of the lineup. The team does not have any other players listed as safeties on the active roster, so they’ll almost certainly be making a roster move in the near future.

17 responses to “Report: Rodney McLeod expected to miss rest of season

  1. Oof.

    This was likely his last season here. Sad to see him go out like this. He wasn’t playing well, but there’s no depth behind him.

    Too bad Reid got snatched up.

  2. That really stinks, he’s an important part of our defense. We did overcome a ton of injuries last year as well, but this is one of the reasons why it’s almost impossible to go back to back in today’s NFL. So much can happen.

  3. laxman1944 says:

    September 27, 2018 at 1:16 pm
    Jalen Mills to the safety and Sidney Jones moves to the outside CB……..

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    And then have 3 new players at positions? Like it’s just that easy? Jones has been solid so far in slot. Mills is used to the outside. So who’s going in slot? Maddox? So 3 position swaps because of 1 player. Glad your not in charge of the defense because it would be caotic. Graham will have to fill in with Hall backing him up. Then they will probably bring someone in off the street or bring up The Sullivan again. But I really don’t see Shwartz dismantling secondary because of one injured player. That Mills injured by the way by diving at the receivers knees and hitting McLeod instead.

  4. The Eagles have the worst luck with injuries! Guess those Smoothie recipes Chip left behind are worthless, pseudo medicine.

  5. Do you people not read any other Eagles news? Swartz already said that Sheldon Gibson would likely move to Safety if there was some other issue with McLeod. The Eagles entire secondary is very young, but they have lots of talent there. Just add Safety to the list of key needs for the next draft along with LT, OLB, WR, and possibly RB.

  6. Jones should of been an outside CB from the beginning to begin with. Putting him in the slot was just STUPID. Move skills to safety and replace Mills with Sidney

  7. Mills and Douglas both have experience at Safety. I prefer Douglas there actually because he is bigger and he can handle most TE’s in the league and instead of being buried on the depth chart, he can come in and play and make a great defence even better.

    Moving Jones to the outside is coming sooner or later it just depends on when Maddox can man the slot. Mills is just too Shakey on the outside on gets burned more then a McDonalds muffin. He is going to have to make a move to safety soon or get buried on the depth chart as well.

  8. laxman1944 says:
    “Jalen Mills to the safety and Sidney Jones moves to the outside CB…….”

    not a bad idea laxman, OR try Rasul Douglas at safety?

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