Eric Grubman denies that he’s working to take a team back to San Diego

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Former NFL executive Eric Grubman had a role in the actual and threatened relocation of multiple franchises. He denies that he’s currently trying, while no longer employed by the league, to move a team back to one of the markets the NFL vacated.

Appearing on the Mighty 1090 in San Diego, Grubman denied a report from Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report that Grubman is trying to move a team back to the former home of the Chargers. That echoes Grubman’s quote to Vincent Bonsignore of the L.A. Daily News, saying it’s “completely and utterly bogus information” having “[z]ero merit.”

Freeman didn’t back off despite the denial: “I feel very confident that what I was told was accurate.
I also feel very strongly about something else I was told,” Freeman said, adding that Grubman has told people he’s involved in trying to take a team to San Diego. “San Diego is NOT off the market for an NFL team.”

San Diego shouldn’t be off the market. It’s a major-league city that simply wasn’t able or willing to finance a new stadium for the Chargers. If the stadium can be privately financed or if the powers-that-be will come up with the funding, San Diego could attract a team from a city where a new stadium is needed and the public money isn’t available.

So which teams would be in play? Basically, any that currently need or that soon will need a new stadium, and that don’t believe public money will be available. If, in the end, ownership will have to pay for its own stadium, building it San Diego may be regarded as preferable to paying for a stadium in the team’s current market.

37 responses to “Eric Grubman denies that he’s working to take a team back to San Diego

  1. The chargers back to san diego and the RAIDERS to Los Angeles.

    Oakland and Vegas will be fine and we’ll all pretend that this whole debacle never happened.

  2. It amuses when the author of these reports, in this case Freeman, get soooo defensive, and then go on the record to “stand by my report”. Take a breath Freeman. Maybe, just maybe, the person who gave you the info was mistaken. Therefore, your report is accurate based on your info, but also wrong based on your info.

  3. The Fumbled ‘re-location’ policy has to change. The LA Chargers are clearly a failed relocation. TV viewership is down when the NFL has a franchise with no fan base and no fan interest. The Rams drove the last nail in the LA Chargers coffin last night with their dominant win and the Coliseum jam packed with Rams fans. They rule LA. Spanos was wrongly convinced he could get more money for the team if it re-located to LA. It has failed and no owner would purchase it as he/she would have to kick-in another $650,000 ‘re-location fee on top of the purchase price. No new owner would remain in LA. The owners and NFL have a major relocation failure with the Chargers Raiders up next. Total mismanagement by the NFL and it’s owners.

  4. Not many teams left who are either able or need to move.

    Half the teams have gotten new stadiums in the last decade. Another five or so have undertaken renovations of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Others are never moving in this lifetime-Pack, Pats, etc

    Everyone would be better off if Spanos was forced to sale to someone in SD who would move the team back there and let people slowly forget about this LA experiment.

  5. Oh please, Dean Spanos would never let another franchise take that market away from him. He would move the Chargers back himself before another team moves there.

  6. the policy of “build us a stadium or we will move to “_______” CA. no longer has the value it once has.

  7. The Bill’s are going no where (location-wise, anyway) under this ownership. NY state, as cheap as they are, are behind keeping them right where they are. New stadium or re-furnished stadium, Western NY is safe.

  8. The consolation prize for getting boat-raced by the Rams last Sunday was that it firmly cemented to everybody not named Spanos that the Rams are Kings and the Chargers are the town jesters.

    Send them home where they belong. Put Spanos to the curb where he belongs. How the NFL let this happen is beyond me!!

  9. It’s the San Diego Chargers. I don’t care where they play or anything about it. You’re in Southern California? Okay, then you’re the San Diego Chargers. The rest of the country doesn’t care about the difference, we just view Southern California as all the exact same thing, a traffic nightmare.

  10. Well the league needs to come up with another city now that La and lV are gone to use to blackmail other other cities into getting public money to build billion dollar stadiums. I am just disappointed that they couldn’t have come up with a better city than the one they just pulled that trick on.

  11. As to the comment ‘The Rams won LA last night,’ that may be true, but the stadium wasn’t jam packed with Rams fans. There was too much cheering when the Vikings did well.
    I don’t agree with the notion LA needs 1 team, never mind 2. But these two are there for the decade before anyone admits failure.

  12. Just stop the B.S. on relocating a team to San Diego. It is the Chargers with new ownership or nothing.

    The Chargers used to fill a 70,000 seat stadium with an average of 66,000 fans for 5 of the last 6 years while the team was in San Diego. The last year before the move it was obvious to the fans that the move was coming, and the San Diego fans stopped attending.

    Move the team back to San Diego with a new solid owner then the fans would commit to season tickets.

  13. The Chargers need to be in San Diego… Houston needs the Oilers…L.A. Rams….Raiders I just don’t care. But the Jaguars need to move. Their fanbase is horrible.

  14. Im a bills fan in western ny. the stadium in orchard park is excellent and almost 50 years old. great sight lines and lots of space to tailgate. I couldn’t in good concisenes vote for public money going to a new stadium to make already wealthy people more wealthy. so yes, i could see the bills moving to SD.

  15. I’m sorry San Diego is a nice place but a bad market for a team. Even if you build the stadium yourself there aren’t hard core local fans. It’s a transplant military city where most people like other teams. Not to. Mention the expense in building in San Diego. I would choos San Antonio or Oklahoma City first.

  16. Nobody wants the Chargers in LA…nobody but their owner. That the NFL allowed this to happen is a joke. They could have moved to Tijuana and it wouldn’t be the folly of believing LA will support two NFL teams.

  17. thefiesty1 says:
    September 28, 2018 at 8:07 pm
    They are still the San Diego Chargers no matter where they play.


    And they are still the visiting team, no matter where they play.

  18. “Everyone would be better off if Spanos was forced to sale to someone in SD who would move the team back there and let people slowly forget about this LA experiment.”


    EXACTLY! The Panthers sale set the bar, figure an extra $500MM or so for the Chargers, waive the relocation fee, and put them back in their rightful place with an owner with actual sense.

  19. Not going to happen..Kroenke and Spanos would never allow that to happen..Besides, San Diego chose Comic-Con over the NFL

  20. There are a lot of cities that deserve NFL teams. San Antonio, San Diego, St. Louis come to mind first, and potentially Oklahoma City, Portland, Memphis, Salt Lake City, and a return to Oakland. I have never been a fan of a city having two teams, regardless of market size. It creates divided loyalty within that city.

    To me it make sense to move the Chargers back to San Diego. The problem has been an out dated stadium by NFL standards. Nobody wants to foot the bill for a new stadium, not the NFL, not the city, and not the Chargers owner. In order for a stadium to be built, it will take a combination of the NFL, the surrounding cities, the owner, and businesses. That has been a successful formula in other cities. I highly doubt you would see Spanos foot the bill for any stadium. It will have to be a combination to get an NFL team back to San Diego. Then, of course, you need fan support to keep the idea alive and moving forward. Without the fans, a return to San Diego is dead!

  21. Honolulu, Hawaii….. like Las Vegas, a tourist hot spot offering the best beaches & paradise amenities available nowhere else in the country.

    Team Name change ideas to:

    Hawaiian Surfers
    Pearl City Battleships or Flying Tigers

    Recognition of Pearl Harbor history would be a huge bridge for the NFL & our Vets.

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