It’s been a rough week for Anthony Barr

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As Vikings coach Mike Zimmer tries to fix a suddenly broken defense, here’s a good starting point: Don’t put a linebacker on a receiver. Multiple times.

Linebacker Anthony Barr drew the short straw on a 70-yard touchdown pass to Rams receiver Cooper Kupp and a 31-yard touchdown pass to Rams receiver Robert Woods. Earlier in the game, Barr tried to cover Rams running back Todd Gurley on what became an eight-yard touchdown pass.

The night capped a rough five days for Barr, a fifth-year player who is trying to get a new contract. The first glitch came on Sunday, when Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen hurdled Barr in a highlight that will be part of the NFL long after Barr is gone from it.

Got to be concerned,” Barr said on Thursday night regarding the subpar defensive performance generally. “We have to figure something out and get this thing turned around soon.”

Yes they do. Since taking a 14-3 record to Philadelphia in January for a chance to earn a spot on the Super Bowl, the Vikings are 1-3-1. They’re now 1-2-1 on the season, and whether the season can be salvaged may hinge on whether they can exorcise a demon or two in the City of Brotherly Love.

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  1. I don’t think Zimmer calls the D with the intent of that matchup of Barr on a WR, its a mismatch created by an opposing coach who is one step ahead of Zimmer and knows the look he’s about to get from him. Zimmer has no answer to this type of offense, LA, Buffalo with Daboll from Alabama, and SF with Shanahan. He used to be able to just line up his guys and they would beat your guys, but now he’s being out-schemed. For Barr, trade him to Oakland, he’s a Cali guy and they need a pass rusher, that might be his only strength at this point. he does not fill holes in the run game and is slow to react and read in coverage. Oak could send the Vikes a much needed LG in Osemele.

  2. Overrated cheap-shot artist whose lone claim to fame was taking out Aaron Rodgers. He instantly became a hero in the eyes of viking fans for doing that, but now even they are starting to turn on him.

  3. Barr is a walking touchdown. Rhodes is a walking penalty. Harrison Smith seems non-existent. Cooks (and that OLine) look atrocious. Treadwell is…..well Treadwell. Kirk is a good QB when his team is down but when it really matters most he’ll throw a pick or fumble the ball away – it’s what he does. 1-4* after next week. Terrible season is Barneyland.

  4. Would love a repeat of the NFCCG next weekend in Philly, but I think Vikings will get it together and it will be a good game with Eagles having slight advantage since they’re at home. Cousins was always hard to stop for the Eagles before he had the weapons he had now

  5. McVay did a masterful job of creating mismatches. I don’t think a lot of other teams are going to be able to do that. At least Zim now has 10 days to get things figured out with this defense. The players are there but they don’t seem to be communicating well. The offense had a complete turnaround in just four days so it shouldn’t be impossible for the defense to make a massive improvement in 10.

  6. They will right the ship. That was the Rams 3rd straight home game and they took advantage of the travel team. Vikings offense out pacing the 98’ squad. I have faith that Zim will correct the D issues Vikings will be just fine so Relax. SKOl

  7. I hate the Vikings and despise their fans. I’m giddy to see them with a losing record and to hear crickets from across the river. But anyone who’s shoveling dirt on them is delusional. Losing by 7 to the Rams in LA does not make you a bad team. They may not be among the elite at the moment, but they are a very good team as long as Zimmer is coaching and Cousins, Diggs, Thielen and Cook are healthy. Still most likely the favorites to win the NFC North. Everyone else has problems too.

  8. Look, Barr isn’t exactly lighting it up this year, but every one of those TDs was schemed to isolate him against a faster, more nimble receiver. Credit should be given to the Rams and more blame should be assessed against the defensive coaching for addressing those mismatches, as well as the safeties for failing to provide over the top help. The same thing has happened in every game this year but the Packer game.

    Think about it — how many times did you hear Sendejo’s or Smith’s names last night? If you want to lay blame against the LBs, do so for all the 6 and 7 yard runs, including lack of discipline on back side cuts, that they allowed.

    The season isn’t over and the offense looks good. Folks yap about the lack of a running game, but why in the hell would anyone expect them to run last night when they were always trying to come from behind and reeling off massive chunks via the air? The run game is the last thing to worry about.

  9. Still have faith in my Vikings, but the next 2-3 games will be telling. If they don’t get it together quick, we will not be a playoff team and the division will be Green Bay’s or even possibly Chicago’s.

  10. ‘I don’t think a lot of other teams are going to be able to do that.”

    Similar things have happened in 3 of their 4 games so far this year. The Bills put up 27 and the Packers had 29. They’re 22nd in the league in scoring defense and are worse than the Raiders at this point.

  11. He hasn’t been himself this year. Is that related to an injury he’s hiding, Griffen’s issues, playing poorly because of his contract? Who knows but it’s been all season which is now 1/4 done. He’s not making a good case for a huge contract right now but only the pro’s who watch the eye in the sky that never lies to know for sure his issue(s).

  12. The guy is pretty overrated, but it’s hard to bash Barr when a linebacker is forced to cover wide receivers.

  13. If these two teams are supposed to have top defenses what does that say about the rest of the league ? Not that it made any difference why was the block in the back that happened right in front of the official not a penalty?

  14. When the schedule came out, we all went through every game to determine what your team’s record would be. Don’t deny it. When I did it for the Vikings, I had them at 2-3 after five games, losing at Green Bay, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. So if they’re 1-3-1 after five, that’s only half a game back of expected. I came up with a final record of 11-5, so if things go according to plan the rest of the season, they’ll finish 10-5-1. If they can get to that record, that will win the division. They may have to win more with offense than with defense this season, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still win.

  15. Yet looking at the Viking schedule, we still finish 11-5 and win the North. Our offense is top 5 in the league, and when Zimmer gets the defense turned around we will be a favorite in the play offs. LAR are the best in the NFL currently, we took it to the wire on the road in a short week. After Philly (which we will win having 10 days to prepare) the schedule gets a lot easier. Enjoy your false hope Cheesers, it won’t last long. Bears are the only real threat in the NFC North to the Vikings….

  16. Zimmer is in over his head as a head coach. He’s fine as a defensive coordinator when he’s got a defensive minded head coach. On his own he’s just not very good. It seems like the pressure gets to him…5-0 start and falling on his face so badly that players had to talk to him after the season, historic defense with a chance to play in the Super Bowl at home and his defense chokes, prime time against the Rams and his defense chokes again…and he falls apart. That defense has way too much talent to continue to fall on their faces. Of course they may have started to believe their hype, but it’s more likely that Zimmer doesn’t have what it takes to be a head coach.

  17. I don’t hold Barr responsible for everything. In some cased we just got out-coached. Having said that though, AB is not doing himself any favors with his play the last 2 weeks.

  18. Alan Light says:
    September 28, 2018 at 12:19 pm
    Yet looking at the Viking schedule, we still finish 11-5 and win the North.

    It’s impossible to finish 11-5 – as in a 0% probability of that happening. But I’m not surprised to see a Viking fan think this.

  19. “Suddenly” means something just happened. There is nothing sudden about this defense. It started last season and is continuing. They apparently have hit the wall. That’s sudden!

  20. Good riddance Barr, you miss tackles, are slow, out of position 1/2 the time!
    Minnesota has NO intention on extending your contract. You will be expecting more money whie not being worth what you are making now!
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out….
    But Spielman will spend the early picks on Barr’s replacement and receivers, ANYTHING except on the Offensive line where it is in dire need.

  21. tritz32 says:
    September 28, 2018 at 10:55 am

    Terrible season is Barneyland


    Yes the season has started off slow but the funny part of it is that the Vikings will still win the NFCN and the green and yellows will be watching the playoffs from their couches.

  22. Alan Light says:
    September 28, 2018 at 12:19 pm
    Yet looking at the Viking schedule, we still finish 11-5 and win the North


    Great! Can you tell me which of their remaining games they will tie so I can make some money? Thanks….

  23. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that “Flviking” is outta her mind. No way in hell the Vikes are gonna win the division this year. Hahahahaha

  24. Settle down, people. It is Week 5. With the stupid four game pre-season, no one is ready to play when the season starts. Why? Hey, it’s a business. It can take 6-to-8 weeks to get in game shape.
    Take a lesson from the Pack. Play in December and you will play in January. And, maybe in February. Injuries take their toll and help to determine whether a team makes a run or not. Period.
    Once our offense starts to jell (it is still brand new and in flux), we will outscore everybody. That is the new NFL.
    Who cares about defense?

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