Jon Gruden loves playing on the dirt infield

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The Raiders likely play their final home game with the infield dirt Sunday. It all depends on the Oakland A’s, who have clinched a postseason berth.

With the Raiders not playing at home again until Oct. 28, the A’s would have to to reach the World Series for the infield dirt to affect another Raiders’ game at the Coliseum.

The dirt doesn’t bother Raiders coach Jon Gruden, though.

I’m rootin’ for the A’s, man; I’m rootin’ for the A’s. I love the A’s. I love Oakland,” Gruden said, via Matt Schneidman of the Bay Area News Group. “Coach [Bob] Melvin’s a friend of mine, done a heck of a job. Hell of a job. I plan on getting out there and rooting for the A’s. Hope everybody does.

“I would make the dirt permanent if I had anything to do with it. I would make permanent dirt and grass in every NFL field. I’m happy with the dirt. . . . I like old-school football.”

54 responses to “Jon Gruden loves playing on the dirt infield

  1. Oh Gee…just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. The problem with Jon is he still answers questions and handles the media like hes an announcer. He thinks he’s still performing with his words. He just can’t turn it off. He loves to hear himself talk.

    News flash to you Jon: you’re 0-3. More coaching, less acting.

  2. Easy Jon. Go grab a prune juice and a butterscotch and have a seat. You are getting a little worked up.

  3. They’ve played enough baseball games this year. Cancel the rest of the season including the World Series. Baseball, the National Waste of Time. Scratch and spit, lose 75 games and still make the playoffs for another 30 meaningless games.

  4. Raiders love this guy ??? Ok yeah because winning, well that’s not really important. This is an epic fail and you’ll never win with him

  5. John, I’m sorry to say this but you’re stealing money… 💰
    You’re not cool anymore you’re old…

  6. I like the old school look of it. When may of us were growing up watching the sport we loved it involved infield dirt for the first quarter of the year at many stadiums around the league.

  7. Your head coach is a cartoon character. How can you take them seriously until they take themselves seriously?

  8. The dirt infield reminds me of watching football at my grandpa’s house. You could really hit each other back then. The game didn’t revolve around speed, but rather toughness and grit. Those days are gone, and the NFL will find itself struggling to stay at the top.

  9. I remember in the early 60’s when the NY Giants played their home games at Yankee Stadium. It would get so dusty some times that it looked like a cattle stampede. Then, when it rained or snowed, it would be an absolute mess.

  10. I really love Chucky for one thing, and that’s my Super Bowl win but this guy is a thing of the past, go back to the booth my friend

  11. No one who plays prefers dirt. Gruden is a dope playing to the crowd. It seems to a lot of us he would have less time with the media and more time and focus on coaching. Mark Davis, you got fooled by this guy. The Raiders should have given Del Rio more time.

  12. I wonder if he also likes it when the sewers overflow and the AC goes out in the locker rooms of that wonderful Oakland Alameda County Coliseum?

  13. That’s not true. If the A’s beat the Yankees Wednesday, they will host the Red Sox on Monday Oct 8.

  14. $100m to this guy… Ha! How long before he walks away out of embarrassment? Can’t wait to see how he blunders those draft picks. He might just draft Martavis Bryant!

  15. I love the infield dirt myself. It looks cool on TV and reminds me of being a kid playing football on uneven surfaces made of various materials.

    I’m a dude sitting on the couch watching TV though with absolutely no time or money invested in the game. I’m not sure how anyone who has a financial interest in those players, be it the NFL, the teams, the coaches, or the players likes that dirt. When the potential for injuries goes up, no matter how marginally, because you aren’t playing on a quality field then that field is not acceptable.

    Oh wait this is the NFL we’re talking about. The only sport in the world who doesn’t understand the importance of the playing surface in protecting investments.

  16. I think we can all agree it will either be a dumpster fire or back to glory with the Raiders and Gruden. I don’t think there is anything in between.

  17. You can only imagine the resentment that Hollywood Jack Del Rio feels toward this clown. Hollywood Jack was all set up to be the Toast of Vegas- He had the hair, the rugged good looks, the shades and the swashbuckling Raiders all under his command.

    Then along comes this charismatic broadcaster and blows it all up for Gamblin’ Jack. Then the guy wrecks the team- a bad draft, signs 30 year old guys in FA and then trades the best defensive player in the NFL for a jar of cookies.

    Bring back Hollywood Jack.

  18. Gruden is turning the Raiders into winners, but in the mean time, he’s not going to be miserable. He’s having fun. He’s giving us something to write and talk about. Don’t make yourself miserable by taking him too seriously. Lighten up. Have fun. Gruden is just having fun with us. Real Raiders fan love it.

  19. Gruden is a pitchman, a flimflam artist. Brought in by a cynical owner who cares much more about bamboozling the gullible with publicity stunts than he ever did about putting a winning product on the field.

  20. Oakland is 6th in offense, 6th in passing and 16th in rushing with a play caller that hasn’t been in the league in 10 years.

    The wins will follow.

  21. war27 says:
    September 29, 2018 at 12:43 pm
    Oakland is 6th in offense, 6th in passing and 16th in rushing with a play caller that hasn’t been in the league in 10 years.


    Meaningless garbage time stats for the worst team in the league.

  22. They’ve lead 2 of their 3 games at the start of the 4th quarter. They’ve score 3 points in the 4th quarter this year and have the league’s worse 4th quarter yardage gained.

    Tell me again it’s “garbage time” for the yardage they have put up.

  23. slick50kc says:
    September 29, 2018 at 1:23 pm
    war27 says:
    September 29, 2018 at 12:43 pm
    Oakland is 6th in offense, 6th in passing and 16th in rushing with a play caller that hasn’t been in the league in 10 years.


    Meaningless garbage time stats for the worst team in the league.
    – – – – – – — — — —

    i could only dream they would have stats in the 4th qtr. We would be undefeated

  24. Carr averages 312 yards per game (6th in the league) but only averages 61 yards in the 4th quarter over 3 games.

    How are they 6th in the league because of garbage time?

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