With Josh Rosen now the starter, Cardinals have incentive to deactivate Sam Bradford

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Sam Bradford is healthy after three games. But he’s no longer the starter after three games. And if Josh Rosen manages to hold the job for the next 13 games, the Cardinals could end up saving a nice little chunk of money.

Bradford’s contract pays him a hard $15 million for 2018, with another $5 million available in per-game roster bonuses. When he signed, most assumed that his primary risk for not earning the money came from injury. But now that he’s not playing, the Cardinals have a clear cash incentive to omit him from the 46-man active roster on game days.

It’s a potential savings of $312,500 per week, which translates to a total of $4.06 million over the balance of the year. Which is nearly $1 million more than Rosen’s $3.199 million cap charge for the full season.

Perhaps that’s why coach Steve Wilks, as of Friday, was not ready to say whether Bradford or Mike Glennon would serve as the understudy to Rosen on Sunday. Via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic, Wilks won’t inform Glennon or Bradford of the decision until Saturday night.

That could explain why Bradford brushed off reporters on Friday when an effort was made to get his thoughts on the benching and the potential evaporation of that $4.06 million.

Not that he’ll miss it. Bradford, the first pick in the 2010 draft, has earned $129 million in his career, despite playing in only 83 games.

48 responses to “With Josh Rosen now the starter, Cardinals have incentive to deactivate Sam Bradford

  1. It’s absolutely sick that one player can make that amount of money. What is even worse Is the fact that there are guys in the NFL that do quadruple the work, With the same risk, That are making league minimum.

  2. Don’t ever blame or hate on Bradford for taking the money that he was offered. It’s the dumb GMs and idiot billionaire owners who gave him those contracts, and he sacrificed his body for it – in a few years he’ll probably need knee replacements and who knows what else as he ages. It’s a shame that other players don’t make as much while making the same sacrifice, and that so many have to threaten and hold out to get what they deserve, but don’t begrudge those who do. Save your anger for those who are responsible for dumb decisions, bad contracts, and incompetent management/ownership.

  3. I’m not surprised Bradford got a job with Arizona. I’m surprised how much those geniuses gave him. Again: no one wants to coach that team or play for it. That’s why they reached for a subpar coach and overpaid a subpar quarterback.

  4. eagles1960 says:
    September 29, 2018 at 9:40 am
    Bradford is the biggest thief in the NFL. How much has this guy made? 💰


    Don’t blame Bradford, blame the teams that paid him.

  5. Amazing to me how a mediocre QB can hang around the league for a few years and pocket 100 mil. They’re are many just like Bradford….

  6. Over 1 million per game. All his agent has to say to prospective clients is “I represented Sam Bradford. Sign on the X”.

    Bradford is the reason the new pay scale is in place for rookies, the veterans got tired of guys who had never played a snap in the nil getting 10s of millions od dollars just because they were drafted first.

  7. They’d be even smarter to trade him to the 49ers. It would make them good enough to not get a top 10 draft pick, but not good enough to make the playoffs and have fans complain about helping the enemy.

  8. Ron Jull says:
    September 29, 2018 at 9:37 am
    Outside of Andrew Suck has any quarterback ever been paid so much for so little? How No Knees Sammy Sleeves keeps breaking the bank is baffling.
    Bradford has not lived up to his paycheck, he is much better than another Number 1 Pick
    Jamarcus Russel $60 + million played 31 games 18 ads 23 int.

  9. Injuries are hard to predict, but there’s no guarantee Rosen can stay healthy either. He didn’t at UCLA. I think Glennon is capable of doing what Nick Foles did, if called upon. But Bradford is an elite talent when healthy. If Rosen goes down with an injury, Bradford gives you the best chance to win. The good news is the Cards have 3 good options at QB. I wouldn’t mess around with Bradford’s money if I wanted to compete for good free agents in the future. There’s no need to. The goal is to win the super bowl, not save a couple bucks and lose. But we’re talking about Michael Bidwell. Not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  10. He was hurt at Oklahoma and has been ever since. He’s not that good in the games he’s healthy which is few and far between. The GM’s on the teams he’s been on are just stupid.

  11. sam bradford has collected more money as a bad NFL quarterback than any human in history. hes been brittle since year 1 basically and teams have foolishly paid him year after year to be something he cant be, a good quarterback in the NFL.

  12. Teams need to quit wasting money on this “bridge QB” idea. If you don’t see the guy as your QB of the future, don’t pay him.

    Instead, just sink or swim with the rookie and invest the extra money in your team.

    You’d be a fool to think these guys like Bradford, Tyrod, etc will be starting nearly all season.

  13. Can’t get mad at Bradford for making all that coin and not matching it with production.

    Something about, “don’t hate the player, hate the game”.

    The kid cashed in when the getting was good and has played his hand well since he’s been in the league.

    “Straight cash, homey.”


    Love it.

  14. Sam Bradford will definitely sit on Sunday and for the rest of the season baring an injury. Bradford’s NFL career is likely done & is definitely done as a starting QB1.
    All season long Sam Bradford was horrible and looked much like he did last season w/MN when he tried to come back from the injury and was horrible in that 2nd game. The reason for that is Bradford is now basically crippled, he cannot move in the pocket or avoid pressure at all, anything of script that requires him to move within the pocket and the play is dead. This is why Arizona is going with QB Josh Rosen.

    The offense will look much different with Josh Rosen at the helm as Rosen is much more mobile and able to move within the pocket, we will see Arizona use a lot of bootlegs & roll outs utilizing Rosen’s athleticism to get him on the move avoiding pressure and likely will use him in the shotgun a lot. A much more successful passing game will allow them to utilize David Johnson far far more including as a WR as well as RB Chase Edmonds, Fitz is healthy and Christian Kirk is starting to break out coming off a 7 rec/90YD game last weekend. The players are starting to play without thinking & are comfortable in this scheme and Josh Rosen will really open it up as he is a significant upgrade over the 2018 crippled version of Sam Bradford.
    With Josh Rosen starting and the game in Arizona with SEA really struggling to rush the QB ( they will struggle even more with Rasheem Greene, Dion Jordan & KJ Wright all injured and not playing in this game) I think Josh Rosen and the Cardinals offense as a whole comes together tomorrow after starting to last week against a far superior CHI defense & Arizona wins this game 24-17 w/ Josh Rosen not throwing more than 25 times putting up 2TDs-1INT w/ David Johnson having a big day against the NFL’s 30th ranked SEA rushing offense putting up around 175-200YDs from scrimmage (125 rushing/50-75 receiving) w/ 1TD rushing n 1TD receiving.

  15. Chris Adams says:
    September 29, 2018 at 9:08 am
    Still a shame they had to cut Mathieu in order to make space for all of this wasted QB money

    After two knee surgeries Tyrann Mathieu just isnt worth the money anymore going from an Elite player to an AVG playerm, which is why they asked him to take a pay-cut & they were still going to pay him 2M more than what he signed for in HOU, his agent gave him bad advice as he didnt have much of a market once released. Arizona also has a far better player than Mathieu in young up n coming All-Pro SS/SCB Budda Baker who is a beast and a lot more durable as well as bigger than TM is.

  16. BuffaloBragging says:
    September 29, 2018 at 11:10 am
    Idk why but I have a gut feeling Rosen will end up being a bust in due time

    You’re mixing up your Josh’s mistaking Josh Rosen for Josh Allen. Allen will be by far the biggest bust of all the top 4 QB’s, Rosen does literally everything better than him when it comes to playing the QB position and was regarded as the best most polished pure passer to come out since Andrew Luck . The Bills being the Bills doing what they do best badly misfired and messed up taking Josh Allen. In a years time Josh Rosen will be on his way to being a top QB in the NFL while Josh Allen will be on his way to being Blaine Gabbert 2.0 .

  17. Bradford has been paid $1.5 MILLION per game he’s played. Talk about overpaid. QB is a privileged position that receives the most money. Pay attention kids. If you’re going to play football, become a QB. You can’t get hit, and you can be set for life after your very first contract. You don’t even have to be that good – See Sam Bradford!

  18. It is amazing. Nobody has ever made more money while doing less than Sam Bradford in the history of football. Yet team after team keep signing him for tens of millions of dollars.

  19. I thought Sam was actually hurt on last hit by Mack. He just rolled him by his knees and I’ve seen that body language before. Rosen may not have lasted in that game either.

  20. Arizona has a handful of NFL players on defense but that’s it. When you look at their offense it’s putrid. David Johnson is good but he can’t run behind the league’s 32nd ranked offensive line. Quarterback is a joke. Coaching is a joke. Front office is a joke. Fanbase is a joke…there are more visiting fans at home games than Fraudinal fans…nothing to see here but a landfill folks.

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