LeSean McCoy: I don’t know why I only had eight touches

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The Bills had running back LeSean McCoy back in the lineup for Sunday’s game against the Packers, but he didn’t do much more than he did while sitting out against the Vikings in a Week Three win.

McCoy, who has been dealing with a rib injury, caught a pass on Buffalo’s first offensive play and ran the ball on their second snap before accruing just six more touches before the 22-0 loss to the Packers was over. The Bills opted to go with Chris Ivory on third-and-1 after McCoy’s opening touches netted nine yards and gave the ball to McCoy once more over their next two possessions.

It was 13-0 when the Bills got the ball back again and the deficit would grow to 19 points by the first Buffalo possession of the second half, which would explain a shift away from running the ball. That was the best guess that McCoy could muster when he spoke to reporters after the game.

“I don’t know,” McCoy said, via the Buffalo News. “We were down, I guess, so trying to throw the ball. I’m not sure. I don’t know. I know the plan was to get me the ball. We’ll figure it out. We’ll get it together.”

The one game McCoy missed was the only one that saw the Bills put up a competitive effort and he has just 29 touches for the season as a result of playing only in blowout losses. If that doesn’t change, his production against past seasons is going to fall off a cliff in 2018.

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  1. 8 touches is 2 more than 6. Remembering that you and your pose stiffed a waiter in philly with a 6 cent tip…

  2. His big contract will be the deterrent to any trades but if anyone can pull it off it’s Beane. I hope he does soon while Shady has some value.

  3. JT get new lines—so boring how often you repeat yourself. Drives me nuts when people can’t form more than one thought and so just repeat the same thing over and over!

    Time to move on from Shady. While the line doesn’t help him, it’s 2-5 yards only every run. Great for a needed first down no doubt but not when losing and need to be running the ball and getting real yardage.

  4. ecarlso8 says:
    September 30, 2018 at 9:08 pm
    Trade him for a 2nd

    If I’m buffalo I’d trade him for a second round pick in a second. Problem is, who the hell would give them a second??? The rumored trade of Gronk to the Lions that was scuttled by Gronk was for a second. If Gronk is worth a 2, McCoy is worth a 6 and 20 gallons of Gatorade.

  5. Loser and a quitter. Cares more about his stats and touches than winning. Loser. Nobody wants this cancer on their team

  6. bills blow. if the browns played that garbage excuse for a team, they’d shred them mercilessly. good grief. buffalolololololololololololololololololol

  7. Dude better look in the mirror 1st when he talks like this. I bleed Green & Gold & I love #12; I’m also not a total homer & I’m not blind. After a hot start (7-10), Rodgers was AVERAGE at best. He easily could have had 2 or 3 more picks on top of the one he threw, & the one he did have was on him as he air mailed Graham, plus he missed a TON of open guys today.

    Not to mention, it looked like he missed seeing the blitz twice, & then got hammered by DB’s who came in untouched.

    Yes we had drops, Graham especially had a pretty rough game; that being said, if even half of the throws that Rodgers missed today were completed we could have had the 45 points & 600 yards he felt we should have.

  8. This dude doesn’t have his head screwed on right. He’s out there running around holding the ball with one hand. He’s not a team guy. The Eagles got rid of him and won the super bowl. Gotta get rid of guys like McCoy. They’re not winners.

  9. McCoy didnt look good but a lot of that was on Josh Allen as he couldnt complete a simple pass and because of his struggles the Bills never could get the passing game going to open up the running game to keep defenses guessing and off-balance. Allen was atrocious out there today, the Bills HC needs to sit him before they ruin him and his confidence, they aren’t going anywhere this season anyway let Peterman take the beating while Allen develops and play for a top 3 draft pick then they can load up on offensive talent to surround Josh Allen with in the draft and in free agency. Allen isnt seeing the field or going thru his progressions at all, you have to wonder if GM Brandon Beane has buyers remorse w/ Allen & wish’s he would of taken Josh Rosen7th overall with how good/poised he looks or maybe traded up for Sam Darnold.

  10. Hold up. Charlie charges comment is a straight lie, the Eagles didn’t get rid of Shady McCoy and when the Super Bowl, the Eagles got rid of Shady McCoy and went 7-9 twice in a row, first and foremost. Secondly, after Chip Kelly traded away McCoy he had a worse record and got fired before the season ended.

    They didn’t win the Super Bowl until 2 years later under a completely different regime.

  11. Sorry Bills fans but have never been a Shady fan. Have never thought he was the top RB he and many others felt he was and would be better off without him. Not hard for me to see why he only got 8 touches and this was 8 too much. Go Bills.

  12. “Trade him for a 2nd” NOT HAPPENING! Only an idiot would try and get him for this. He may get traded for a 4th or 5th….

  13. “Trade him for a 2nd”

    Like 5 years ago, maybe. Now? Good luck getting a 5th. You’d need a desperate team in contention that lost its starting RB to get even that. He probably has something left in the tank, but the Bills certainly aren’t showing it. A 30 year old RB with a high cap number and an outside chance of legal troubles just isn’t going to command much on the open market…

  14. ….because he is old and need to be traded for a 4th rounder. The Bills suck and he is useless on this team. Yes, they suck. They suck really bad.

  15. When he was stretching during the national anthem last year I lost any respect I may have had for him.

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