Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears dominate the Buccaneers

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Mitchell Trubisky had by far the best game of his young NFL career today in Chicago, as the Bears obliterated the Buccaneers in one of this season’s biggest blowouts.

The game was never close, as Trubisky threw two touchdown passes in the first quarter and three in the second quarter on the way to a 38-3 halftime lead. The entire second half was basically garbage time, and the Bears cruised to a 48-10 win.

Khalil Mack had another good game for the Bears, sacking Fitzpatrick and forcing him to fumble, and later pressuring Winston into an interception.

In the second half, the Bucs benched Ryan Fitzpatrick for Jameis Winston, but that didn’t make much of a difference: The Bears’ defense was better than the Buccaneers’ offense with either quarterback, and Winston’s better numbers were a product of the way the Bears’ defense playing it safe with a big lead.

The Bears improve to 3-1 and remain on top of the NFC North. The Buccaneers fall to 2-2, and their great start behind Fitzpatrick now feels like a distant memory.

36 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears dominate the Buccaneers

  1. “…great start behind Fitzpatrick now feels like a distant memory.”

    Similar words have been spoken many times before.

  2. Where is that stupid Lions kid that says Trubisky is horrible and can’t throw touchdowns and all that non-sense? Oh right that was me!

    Lions 1-3 Trash squad!

  3. Defense stayed home in Tampa! This is what I don’t like about pro football. You never know whether a team is going to show up and play!

  4. Bears defense, especially pass rush, is nasty. Fitzpatrick is a gunslinger. Of course he was going th throw a pick or two, and get sacked, everybody expected it.

    And so did the Bucs. They were waiting for the struggle against a dominant defense just to put Winston back in. And he threw a pick…when the Bears weren’t even playing competitively any more

  5. The NFL is so unpredictable. The North was between the Vikings and Packers with the lions being the wildcard that could possibly put a fly in ointment. The Bears look like the most complete team in the North through the first quarter of the season. Kudos to Da Bears, their fans deserve it.

  6. So much for the narrative that Trubisky is a bust and was a collosal mistake. He certainly hasn’t arrived yet. He’s still a young QB in a brand new, complex offense. He will be inconsistent. But he’s shown you what his upside is, and shown he’s capable of growing and learning which is the most important trait for an NFL QB.

  7. See Khalil.
    See Khalil run at the quarterback.
    See Khalil go for the ball and not the kill shot.
    See Khalil take the ball from the quarterback.
    See the yellow flags stay in their owners’ pockets.

    Be like Khalil.

  8. Congratulations, Chicago. This was a huge win for you guys and Dallas barely edged out the Lions. I’ve been saying since the off season, we’re in for an exciting time here in the NFCN.

  9. Trubisky breaks out, albeit against a pass defense that has given up the most yards in the league (12th in TD’s).

    Hopefully this gives him some confidence that he can go forward with when he goes up against much tougher pass defenses. Today was a step in the right direction.

    He’s still going to have rough times in some games as they get down this new offense. He’s still a work in progress after only starting for one season in college.

    No one think’s he’s great yet, joetoronto. How’s Derek Carr looking in in his 5th NFL season. Raiders get to the Super Bowl yet?

  10. What was with that weird ejection of Hicks? Not that it mattered in the final outcome but in a tighter game that could have been huge.

  11. I ain’t gonna lie. The Bears kinda scare me a little. I still don’t think they’re winning the NFC North this year, but next year when they’ve gelled as a team? Top 5 team for realz.

    And this from a Pack fan…..

  12. therealraider says:
    September 30, 2018 at 4:06 pm
    Didn’t Reggie McKenzie say they chose the Bears as trading partners cause he figured they’d be drafting high. Reggie is a joke.

    41 4 Rate This


    I don’t think Reggie had anything to do with this.

  13. joetoronto says:
    September 30, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Now we’re going to hear how great Trubisky is because he didn’t suck today.

    Like raider fans do with carr?

  14. joetoronto says:
    September 30, 2018 at 4:01 pm
    Now we’re going to hear how great Trubisky is because he didn’t suck today.

    Second year, new system and coaches, and only played one season of college. Somehow I think he deserves more time before he’s labeled a bust.

  15. bassplucker says:
    September 30, 2018 at 4:54 pm
    What was with that weird ejection of Hicks? Not that it mattered in the final outcome but in a tighter game that could have been huge.


    wasn’t weird. He clearly belly pushed a ref. You can’t do that. It wasn’t an accident or anything.

  16. Too bad for Bears fans that Trubisky doesn’t play against a Mike Smith defense every week. Btw, that Bears defense is legit. Gruden just looks dumber and dumberer (intended) every week after that trade.

  17. Say what you want if Trubisky plays half as well as he did today, da Bears will be doing the Superbowl Shuffle.

  18. I’m glad to see Chicago playing better. I’m sad to see that Jordan Howard seems to be getting phased out of the offense. Tarik Cohen can’t be expected to run this well even most of the time, and Howard can’t be expected to run well with carries few and far between. I figured he would be used late in the game with a large lead, but then the defense knows he’s coming and he’s rendered ineffective.

    It will be interesting to see if this patterns continues. Hopefully, Nagy will find a way to keep him well-involved as he implements his offense. Or perhaps Jordan will be traded come the deadline.

  19. Nagy learned by running the best offense in the league. Once it got it’s real QB I should say. You’ve got some good coaching Bears fans. It makes all the difference in the world.

  20. Jordan Howard isn’t getting phased out at all. In the first 3 games, he had 53 rushes and 10 catches. Cohen had 14 runs and 8 catches.

    Obviously, the Bears saw some things in the Bucs defense that they could take advantage of with Cohen, so they featured him today. It doesn’t mean Howard is being phased out. In fact, he’s even been used more in the passing game this year.

    I don’t know where people come up with some of their stuff.

  21. One of those trubiski touchdowns was literally a flip to a jet sweep. Brilliant call, but far from a real touchdown pass. I mean let’s be real, the only one who would’ve dropped that is Kyle Fuller.

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