NFL could soon pull plug on DirecTV deal

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Most of the NFL’s TV deals run through 2022. The NFL has the ability to exit one of those deals prematurely.

The league has the power to pull the plug on the Sunday Ticket arrangement with DirecTV. If exercised, the contract would expire after the 2019 regular season.

Despite some speculation and scuttlebutt of a looming announcement that the league will exit the DirecTV deal early, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the decision isn’t final, and that the league ultimately may decide to stick with the current deal.

The question for the league to address, as it relates to the Sunday Ticket package, is whether streaming has overtaken satellite. Of course, the league could do both, selling the global streaming and satellite rights for Sunday Ticket to, for example, one of the major tech companies, which could then carve out the satellite rights and sell them, maybe back to DirecTV.

Regardless, there’s plenty of money to be made by the NFL when it comes to Sunday Ticket, and it would be a surprise if the NFL chooses not to exercise its prerogative to give up the bird in the hand for a couple of big fat ones in the bunch.

53 responses to “NFL could soon pull plug on DirecTV deal

  1. If the refs continue to directly affect the outcome of games with horribly bad calls such as they did in the Browns-Raiders game today, it won’t matter to me what the NFL does with Sunday Ticket because I’ll cancel my subscription.

  2. The NFL will do whatever makes them the most money. Too bad since this is my first year with the Ticket. It’s a good product. All I know is this will cost me and many others more money.

  3. Why don’t they then have the ability to pull the plug on Nike? Which they certainly should be able to

  4. With the numbers decline primarily being due to the general television numbers decline, they better offer streaming to SOMEBODY. It cost too much for most people to watch their team and a bunch of games they don’t care about. Get with the program, NFL.

  5. If I can just buy the Sunday ticket and stream it, I’ll be dropping my satellite real quick.

  6. this might be ultimately better for the fans. i watch limited tv, and while i love NFL football, never been worth the direct tv contract and charges. now if its available through amazon, hulu, youtube or one of the other streaming services as a ala carte product.. much better deal. most of these streaming company’s are willing to take a loss just to get a larger subscriber base.. same as direct tv was willing to do with sunday ticket.

  7. Only idiots pay for DirectTV and Sunday Ticket. I can’t keep up with the games on regular TV! And reruns all week on NFL Network!

  8. After 24 years of NFL ticket, I had enough – I just cancelled my subscription last week and I feel great about it! It’s not the same product that it used to be. Too much SJW, bad rules and bad officiating.

  9. peytonwantsaflag says:
    Why don’t they then have the ability to pull the plug on Nike? Which they certainly should be able to
    Because the league is focused on making money for the owners, and pulling the plug on a huge sponsor makes no sense. And for Nike, the Kaepernick ad has been great – sales are up and opinion of their brand is up. When it comes to Nike – everyone’s a winner except Trump and his minions.

  10. The Sunday Ticket isn’t worth what it costs anymore. With Thursday, Sunday nigh and Monday night games along with bye’s have diluted the available package of games to usually just two 4:00 games on most Sundays. Then, if your team is playing a “local” team, which for some reason is 300 miles, you don’t get to watch it no matter what the OTA reception is where you live. Plus, you can’t just subscribe to the Sunday Ticket package, you have to subscribe to a bloated, overpriced DirecTV package on a two year contract just to maybe watch your team play. It’s ridiculous. I first got the package back when it first came out when DirecTV was Pegasus for $150 and stopped when it was $350 and had enough of all the restrictions and exclusions. Now, if my team isn’t on, I’ll just watch the RedZone Channel on Sling for $10 extra per month. It’s fast paced, fun and well presented. Stop hoarding your games, NFL and make them more available. Exclusivity is so last century.

  11. I have had DirecTv for 11 years, and the only reason I have it is for Sunday ticket. If they lose Sunday ticket I’m out, no reason to keep them. I imagine they know that too

  12. Just cancelled my DirecTV this week after 18 years for streaming service. Just not worth it anymore. Allowing competition for Sunday Ticket would be the way to go.

  13. Dropped the Ticket a couple years ago– then one Sunday that next season I happened to look at one of the 700s, and guess what? Still there. Then they tried to make me pay for the games that I hadn’t watched up to that point.

  14. Almost 20 yrs with NFL Ticket and I canceled it yesterday. It’s not football anymore and I’m tired of it becoming a political platform. Quickly learning to enjoy NCAA.

  15. Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please break the exclusive Direct TV deal. NBA has the straight to consumer streaming model figured out. Hey NFL, do that!!

  16. I doubt this will happen, unless the league has another suitor lined up for a nice 10 figure deal. NFL will not make a move unless it means more money view their already massive TV contracts.

  17. philipdebin says:
    September 30, 2018 at 9:45 pm
    Death of DirecTV. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has it only for Direct Ticket. I would love to drop the service ASAP.

    I had directv entirely because of sunday ticket, once I decided the ticket wasn’t worth the money I got rid of directv. I even had it a year longer than I planned because they gave be a pretty sweet deal when I called to cancel my service

  18. I was shocked at the price of NFL Season Ticket when I inquired. I was shocked 3 years ago when I inquired back then too. I’m not bragging about my income b/c Lord knows I’m not rich but we get along just fine……and so DTV has a problem when even someone with disposable income looks at their product and says “Nah, too expensive”.

    We canceled our DTV and went to streaming as well. Vue and Sling both have Redzone as an add-on for $10. Like someone else said, to even get Red Zone on DTV, you have to subscribe to a bloated outdated “package” full of channels you don’t watch.

    DTV, Comcast, Spectrum, etc better get with the times. Vue, Sling, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, etc are leaving traditional TV in the dust.

  19. Rbell2123, I couldn’t agree with you more. Service has definitely gone downhill since AT&T took over. I called in July to cancel Sunday Ticket this year and it took a little over two months for them to stop charging me the monthly installment fee, despite MULTIPLE PHONE CALLS on my part to complain. It’s just ridiculous!!!

  20. So if NFL ratings are down supposedly because overall tv viewing is down, why are NBA ratings up on all four networks that broadcast games?

  21. I got rid of Directv because they carry Fox News I use an antenna and get enough games. I refuse to subsidize their propaganda. The NFL needs to demand that Fox News be removed because that station is the number one reason people are unplugging cable according to evey I talk to.

  22. I canceled my Sunday Ticket for this year. Not watching nearly as much football. I check the scores online, maybe watch a bit on local tv until I see a Nike ad, then I turn it off for the day. Don’t really miss it.

  23. If people were able to buy team subscriptions, piecemeal, I’m sure they’d flock to it. For out of market fans, imagine a $6-10/month plan. I’m pretty sure those fans would be willing to pay 100 bucks or so for a season.

  24. Please don’t cancel my Sunday Ticket. It’s the greatest thing in the world! Football, football, and more football. I’m not smart enough to figure out all that other stuff. Snapface and all that stuff.

  25. Really hope this happens and that they move to a model like the NBA! Let me watch *my* team! I’d gladly pay $5/game to watch my team, which is out of market in my area. I’ve actually had Sunday Ticket U (streaming only for students, $80 w/coupon) the last couple years because I’m a “student.” 😀 Qualified again this year, but when I try to actually subscribe and pay it takes me in circles. Chatted with the rep the week before Week 1 explaining the situation, they said they’d email me a resolution within 5 days(!), but never did (I knew they wouldn’t). I even tried again the last two weeks until I finally decided today that instead of giving them my money (apparently they don’t want it!) I’d rather find streams and watch that way. Not as convenient as the Sunday Ticket app, but much cheaper. Has anyone at the NFL done the math and realized how many people don’t pay for Sunday Ticket due to all of the reasons above?

  26. Sunday Ticket sounds awesome. And then you realize what the hell it costs. How can the NFL, the most successful monopoly in American business history (argue with me on that one if you care to) with plenty of market researchers on hand, not somehow figure out that LIMITING your product whose profits are based on EXPOSURE also limits your money? People buy jerseys, hats, tickets, etc for teams that they WATCH. Yes, your entire business is built on WATCHING the product. How hard is it then to recognize then that limiting how many people can watch your product limits the potential customers for your merchandise? Unbelievable.

  27. I streamed the Packers/Bills game today and didn’t feel bad about it at all. The league refuses to give their customers what they want, so I guess I’ll go out and find it myself. Meanwhile, I can stream around 160 of my baseball team’s games a season (6 full months worth) and pay 1/3 of what DirecTV charges for a fraction of the games as part of their exclusive agreement with the NFL. Put together with the officiating debacle this season and you have to wonder… Is the NFL trying to kill demand for their product?

  28. Also dropped The Ticket in August this year after roughly 20 yrs.
    As soon as I said ‘cancel my service’ I was offered ‘loyalty credits’ to have this season FREE.
    Too little too late, forget about it. Should have offered those credits before you sent out the invoices. Idiots.

    As many have said, you carry the service all year, paying monthly charges on whatever Pkg you agreed to. Then the idiots at DTV slap 6 payments of almost $70 each for the NFL Season.
    Enough was enough.

    Opted for NFL Gamepass for $99.99.
    No live broadcasts was the trade-off.
    Every game available for replay, on-demand, with (Coaches film) after they conclude.
    I’m getting used to it.
    Comforted by the money I’m saving to wait for the replays.

    Cuban said it…..Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered.
    Ratings are likely down for many reasons. Overkill is one of them.

  29. ME TOO!

    ochostinko says:
    September 30, 2018 at 9:23 pm
    If the refs continue to directly affect the outcome of games with horribly bad calls such as they did in the Browns-Raiders game today, it won’t matter to me what the NFL does with Sunday Ticket because I’ll cancel my subscription.

  30. I dropped DirecTV this year. Had been a customer since 2001. It became just too expensive, even without the Sunday Ticket gouge.

  31. Y’all are doing it wrong. Someone in your family is a college student, college students are eligible for a streaming only, $100 Sunday ticket subscription. Payable in 4 – 24$ increments. Just need that EDU email address to setup the account.. My wife went back to school and I have been enjoying Sunday ticket streaming since. Got the app on my phone, my tablet and my tv, I watch wherever I am.

    Do I think the local blackout is BS, YES. Do I think Monday, Thursday and Sunday night games should be there too? YES. Would I rather pay for a season pass for all my teams games? YES. Am I optimistic the NFL figures it out when the deal ends with Dtv, NO, Goodall is a clown and will F it up, no doubt. I expect it to get worse actually.

  32. TV doesn’t even try. Look at how many crappy channels there are? Literally every channel is a crappy channel. With all that competition nobody tries.

    I’m not paying premium prices for garbage. Worst era of television.

  33. I’d gladly pay for a streaming option for my team. I refuse to use directv’s dish service. like other companies they are greedy. they want all the money or none of the money. I cant pay for just streaming because I live in an area that gets satellite. I’m trying to give them $. but they want sign ups for their full service instead of just football season. I get why, but why not take some of the money instead of none. Give us more options to watch!

  34. Can’t trust Directv to record games. In the best game ever, Pats-Falcons, had to reboot. Had to watch it after over on NFL network. Didn’t record Stanford-Notre Dame, for no good reason. Policy now is no rooftop dishes. So as soon as I watch all my dvr saved shows, Comcast here I come!

  35. Reddit has streaming of every game in HD. But the buffering is bad some sundays.

  36. Amazon all the way. They are consumer oriented and won’t shove some gigantic package of every game played down your throat, probably just let you get your team. Which is how it should be. I’m all in. I’ve had sunday ticket since 2001, and it’s just too much money considering I only watch my team.

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