Dan Quinn: We’re a good team and record doesn’t show it

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There’s an old saying in the NFL that you are what your record says you are, but Falcons head coach Dan Quinn doesn’t it applies to his team.

The Falcons fell to 1-3 when Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton hit A.J. Green for a game-winning touchdown with six seconds left to play on Sunday afternoon. It was the second straight week that the Falcons failed to hold onto a late lead and they’ve now lost the three games by a total of 13 points.

“At the end of the day, we have to get these moments right,” Quinn said, via ESPN.com. “Through our first quarter of the season, our record doesn’t show that we have that part down, so we’ve got work to do. We’re a good team and our record doesn’t show it at this point.”

A big reason why the Falcons keep finding themselves in these moments because their defense hasn’t been able to stop opposing offenses with any regularity. Losing three starters to season-ending injuries contributes to such failings and finding a way to replace what they’ve lost will be crucial to getting to a point where the record better reflects Quinn’s view of the team.

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  1. Only about a 28.3% chance you are anything more then your record there Quinn… especially with that over paid, over rated QB of yours.

  2. hmmm….I guess Quinn hasn’t heard what the great Bill Parcells said in regards to this…you are what your record says you are! end of story, case closed

  3. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck.

    Good thing you gave all that money to Matty “Choker” Ryan. You’re stuck with him now. Look forward to losing more close games because he collapses under pressure.

  4. Falcons have NO D ….in the last 2 games you have like a 100 points scored on them. If your gonna get in a shootout you have to score MORE points than the other team Dan. Also, were YOU not the D coordinator in Seattle?..what happened?

  5. Not only players at fault here, there have been many coaching errors and clock management issues…

  6. I’m glad Mohamed Sanu had a good game.

    Sanu was always a smart, hard working, high character guy while in Cincinnati.

  7. The Falcons lose two safeties for the season and do not call Eric Reid about a job. He’s a proven performer that would immediately help a porous secondary.

    What do the Falcons do? Nothing. They let Panther’s snap him up. Dumb, Falcons, dumb.

  8. This Falcons team reminds me of the old Colts team when Peyton Manning was at the helmet. They can put a 50 burger in any team, but if the team receives a 51 burger on them they still lose. Even if they magically make it to the playoffs, defenses are usually stronger in the playoffs. Kind of hard to believe that Dan Quinn is a defensive minded coach.

  9. Only about a 28.3% chance you are anything more then your record there Quinn… especially with that over paid, over rated QB of yours.

    You must not be watching these games; and if you are, I feel for you b/c you have no clue how to evaluate talent at the QB position — Matt Ryan is one of the best in the business and he’s played great this year. The Defense lost THREE KEY STARTERS, and that’s why we are losing games. The next men up need to get better fast.

  10. D.Quinn has to make changes on the defense.He was suppose to be a Defense Gurus.But,he doesn’t make adjust to the defense during the games.Yes,he has a DC.But the HC has the final say.Every top 20 QB in the NFL will beat you with the pass.If you don’t put any Pass rush pressure on them.For some unknown reason, D.Quinn REFUSE to sign,good/great proven PASS RUSHER’S.He also, refuse to call Biltz on the Obvious Passing plays.The Falcons gave away 2 Wins already this year.To teams not as good.Because of the D.Quinn coaching errors,and clock management. These are the Same Major Mistake’s that Cost the Falcons a Super bowl Win. D.Quinn continuous refusal to accept that he,made mistakes in his coaching decisions.And then work to correct those mistakes. He keep making the same errors,mistakes over and over again. And the current Falcons teams W-L record reflect those Bad coaching decisions.Had hope the Falcons could win their division and host the Super Bowl this year. But D.Quinn will be lucky if the Falcons can finish 8-8 this year. Right now they have NO DEFENSE.And as the saying goes.Defense win’s Super bowl’s

  11. Julio Jones has like 3 TD in his last 19 games. What kind of coaching staff can’t get Julio Jones the ball near the goal-line? The guy is a physical freak.

  12. Only 4 teams have scored more points this season then the Falcons. So their offense is a good offense, but their defense isn’t stopping anyone. Keanu Neal and Deon Jones are huge pieces of this defense and they’re on IR. Trufant is not a shutdown corner anymore and Ricardo Allen was playing at a Probowl level last year but now hes regressed.
    I like the falcons even though I’m a Seahawks fan (not just cause I’m a DQ fan) but this team needs some help on the Defensive side of the ball. Probably should’ve signed Eric Reid or traded for Earl Thomas, but now both those options are off the table so good luck stopping teams.

  13. I do think Altanta is a good team – but man oh man the injury losses on the defensive side of the ball are absolutely brutal and a lot to overcome.

  14. At least they weren’t down 28-3 at any point…see, it could always be worse. Look on the bright side of life.


  15. Dan Quinn’s team plays sneaky dirty
    Every week someone on their D targeting players head after the play is over
    Holding receivers all the time and hoping to not get caught just like the Seahawks
    Deserved to lose yesterday

  16. Sans coaching staff, I totally agree with Quinn here. That the record is disconnected from the playing talent should force a weak head coach and his weak staff to look in the mirror when trying to reconcile why this team comes up short in games they should easily win.

  17. This is what happens to teams that pay extraordinary amounts of money to QBs…you inevitably lose starters but your depth has now suffered because you had to overpay for an average QB…Atlanta removed themselves from playoff contention the moment they paid Matt Ryan…#idiots

  18. Maybe they should trade their decoy receiver (Julio) for a defensive guy. Everyone knows Julio can’t score!

  19. Name me one team that could still be elite after losing 3 starters on defense and 2 starters on offense. The Falcons are two last-second losses away from being 3-1 in spite of that. It’s easy to be super-critical when it’s not your team that has lost 5 starters for the season by Week 4.

  20. Why all the ugly comments? They have one of the best offenses in the NFL, and have lost 4 or 5 starters on defense. Underachieving, maybe. But they can beat 90% of the league as I see it.

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