Doug Marrone wishes someone had told him not to go for two

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Jaguars coach Doug Marrone has been accused of poor sportsmanship after his team went for two after scoring a touchdown to take a 31-12 lead over the Jets with 25 seconds remaining in Sunday’s game. He now says he wishes someone had told him just to kick the extra point.

“If I had to do it all over and I knew this was going to happen, yeah, I wish someone would have said something,” Marrone said. “Because the one thing I don’t want to do is get my character attacked, which has happened in the past and happens again.”

There’s been talk that Marrone is still salty over not getting the Jets’ head coaching job in 2015, and that made him want to stick it to the Jets on Sunday. Marrone says it was simply relying on a chart that says to go for two if the touchdown gives you a 19-point lead.

“People who know me know how much I respect the game. I have a ton of respect for [Jets Head] Coach [Todd] Bowles, and [Jets General Manager] Mike Maccagnan is one of my good friends,” Marrone said. “Whatever happened in the past is the past; it had nothing to do with the people or the game itself that’s on the field. So, for me that’s exactly what happened – right, wrong or indifferent. I would never do anything like that. I just wouldn’t because I respect the game too much. It has nothing to do with any of the other crap.”

What it has to do with, Marrone says, was simply relying on the two-point conversion chart, and not having an assistant coach tell him to throw out the chart when there’s only 25 seconds left in the game.

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  1. He not only didn’t need the point at that point … he showed the rest of the league one of his two point plays unnecessarily.

  2. If you are relying on people to tell you something that is really common sense, maybe you need to re-evaluate your coaching choices. But lets he honest, he knew what he was doing. The whole “getting my character attacked” thing is just non sense, victim card baloney. You’re the coach, own your decision.

  3. He didn’t know there was only 25 seconds left or what the score was? No, I call BS on that. Nobody is that bad at clock management. Well, maybe Andy Reid.

  4. So what he’s saying is, he’s not an unsportmanlike jerk, he is an idiot who needs to be managed by his subordinates to notice self evident details like the impossibility of 3 scores and 2 onside kicks in 25 seconds.

  5. Agree or not, this is about providing game study of a two-point play that will be tweaked next time to anything but what they showed this time.

  6. A two point conversion in that scenario is meaningless…… for both teams. Why get upset over the other team “running up the score”. A loss is a loss, don’t be more of a loser by complaining about meaningless nonesense

  7. I think teams should always do this in these situations. It’s a free practice of a play that could be a difference-maker in another game later on.

    This isn’t like the cliched “passing right to the end with a huge lead”. This is just one play, one point. Any coach with half a brain would want their team to get more live reps with it.

  8. BuckyBadger says:
    October 1, 2018 at 5:14 pm
    Talk about a mountain out of a molehill.

    I agree somewhat. It’s not that big of a deal. But it’s also one of Marrone’s own making. Show better judgment and there’s nothing to have to defend later. He comes out of this looking like a petty jerk or an incompetent moron depending on whether or not you believe the chart excuse. Kick the extra point and it’s a non-issue.

  9. I wish the jets got physical towards the end of the game with the jaguars. You want too line Bortles up in the wildcat the jets should have hit him. We are way too soft under Bowles and I’m a Bowles fan. Same thing with Brady a couple years ago when they had chances too hit him they did not. Time for a change at the end of the year

  10. I’m tired of the same mistakes constantly. I can live with the offense struggling but the def game after game same mental and physical errors is rediciulous.

  11. 2 point conversions are more likely to fail and to also afford the defense a chance to run it back, and the Jags in fact didn’t get the 2 points. In a way an extra point at that stage is more insulting.

  12. So let me get this straight; you’re the head coach of a team in the NFL, and you didn’t know that there was only 25 seconds left in the game? And you didn’t know that the touch down you just scored put you up by 19 points? I absolutely question your character.

  13. Gimme a break. There’s no such thing as running up the score. When you have the ball, you’re trying to score, that’s what every NFL offense is trying to do: control the ball, control the clock, score points.

    But to worry about something as trivial as a 2-pt conversion. Check yourself, you’re worrying about trivialities.

  14. 2 pts is the right call…if disaster struck everyone would wonder what he was thinking…its football…get over it…you don’t like it? Don’t roll over.

  15. Way to throw your staff under the bus. I’d think more of him if he’d just admit to wanting to rub it in. There’s just no way a head coach wouldn’t know there was 25 seconds left in the game or that his staff would blindly recommend a 2-point conversion with that amount of time left.

  16. After watching his terrible clock management “skills” in the AFC CG last January, it doesn’t surprise me that he “didn’t know” how much time was left.

    I’m a Jags fan but going for 2 then? C’mon man.

  17. If he needs a chart to tell him what to do when he’s up by that much with seconds left he probably won’t be a head coach much longer

  18. Sportsmanship be damned!
    I’ll never forget the Pats beating my Redskins 45-7 with like 7:00 left, and Brady still throwing the ball all over the place. I ain’t mad, it illustrates the fact that this is professional ball, the defense is getting paid, make a stop! Feelings are for little league, these are men getting paid.

  19. The biggest knock on him as a head coach in Buffalo? He has no interpersonal skills.
    He still does not.

    He was sure to be hired as the new Jets coach back in the day. And he totally blew his interview, and the Jets opted for Bowles.

    It is hard to judge Bowles vs Marrone–there is a vast gap in talent between these two teams. But certainly, the Jets looked pretty out of it yesterday.

    While the Jags are the vastly better team, Marrone did kind of coach not to lose vs the Patriots in the AFC title game last year. And lost. At least it got the Eagles coach to go nuts in the superbowl–and it worked.

    Sadly, Bowles coached to lose yesterday, which isn’t a good sign either. At least Darnold didn’t tear and ACL or get badly hurt. But–kicking a field goal way down is waving the white flag–not good either.

    Marrone–yes you tried to rub it in, either don’t answer the question or just admit it. But if you make up a dumb excuse, expect MORE follow up questions.

    It is somewhat sad that the best reason to avoid running up the score is that any coach in the NFL is going to have to answer questions about it for possibly the rest of the season.

  20. stillabengalsfan
    Oct 1, 2018, 4:13 PM CDT
    Should have quoted Woody Hayes and told them you went for two, because they wouldn’t let you go for three.


    As a Michigan fan I greatly respected Coach Hayes and laugh every time I see or hear that. It was after the 1968 Ohio State vs Michigan game. Classic.

  21. .
    Belichick has the same problem. He never knows the score, the time remaining, or down and distance. He depends exclusively on a random chart provided by unknown individuals.

  22. You have to practice 2pt plays, plus the added advantage of a game setting. 2 pts ain’t nothing it should have been a pride factor to stop them.

  23. stillabengalsfan
    Oct 1, 2018, 4:13 PM CDT
    Should have quoted Woody Hayes and told them you went for two, because they wouldn’t let you go for three.


    As a Michigan fan I greatly respected Coach Hayes and laugh every time I see or hear that. It was after the 1968 Ohio State vs Michigan game. Classic.


    Cheers buddy… Long live the rivalry! Go Big Ten, and Go Bucks!

  24. “now we’re worried about people’s feelings getting hurt?”
    “Feelings are for Little League, these people are getting paid”.

    For all you armchair warriors, this has nothing with “feelings” or “participation trophies”. Not running up the score has everything to do with good sportsmanship, a concept you losers do not understand.

  25. footballace says:
    October 1, 2018 at 7:25 pm
    This is the NFL! Not Pop Warner football!


    What league have you been watching?

    NFL died years ago.

  26. Hahahaha. I know people who don’t take any responsibility for their actions. These people blame everyone else and are so narcissistic they always play the victim. The oh poor me I don’t deserve this. But they are incredible liars and losers. THIS is outstanding!!! It’s such a pathetic excuse and attempt to not be wrong it is hilarious. Did he even hear himself when he spoke? 😂

  27. Why in the world would a head coach need and assistant coach to tell him not to do something like that? Ridiculous excuse.

  28. Well to be honest it’s also unsportsmanlike to go for 1. You just shouldn’t be scoring at all, apparently. Why do you need an “extra” point? That’s just rubbing it in. Just kneel on the ball, ammiright?

  29. So not only did he need a chart to tell him to go for 2 with 25 seconds left in a blowout, he also needed someone else to tell him not to do it because there’s only 25 seconds left in a blowout. Makes sense

  30. No problem with him securing the win (even if there was 25 secs left), but be a man and admit you were sticking it to the Jets. Now you sound like guy who did something but goes overboard in denials.

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