Eagles won’t change Jalen Mills’ role in secondary

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The prospect of making personnel changes came up during Eagles head coach Doug Pederson’s press conference on Monday and Pederson confirmed that the team has had conversations on that front.

Pederson said the team wants to avoid making “a knee-jerk reaction” with any tweaks to the lineup. It appears the team’s view is that benching Jalen Mills or moving him from an outside cornerback spot after some rough play in the first four weeks would qualify as such a reaction.

Pederson said Mills “is working through it, he’ll get better” on Monday and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz backed him on Tuesday.

“One of the reasons we had a parade on Broad Street was Jalen Mills,” Schwartz said, via Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “He’s played a lot like a 2-2 corner. We’ve played a lot like a 2-2 team. Our job is to help him through that. I’m firmly behind Jalen Mills. He’s played a lot of good football for us.”

The next two weeks bring games against the Vikings and Giants in a five-day span, so a rebound for Mills would help as the Eagles try to keep Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs and Odell Beckham from making them a 2-4 team.

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  1. Seems like a great guy , but at some point the team has to acknowledge the fact that Mills is simply not talented enough to start at CB. . The injury to McLeod was the perfect time to make the switch of Mills to safety

  2. Is this the first post Super Bowl move that shows Pederson has some Andy Reid, “can’t make the right adjustments because it’s not part of my plan” in him? You have to limit your weaknesses or be prepared to see them exploited.

  3. I am really getting tired of the “What’s wrong with the Eagles?” and “How the Eagles blew it” hot takes.

    A couple of concessions:

    1. Eagles won the super bowl last year.
    2. Titans have not won anything of note in 20 years (or perhaps ever if we are being honest)
    3. Super Bowl “hangover” is real and probably happening to some degree in Philly.
    4. Again, the Titans have not won anything of note in a long long long time.

    With those obvious concessions to the future retarded retorts to the following out of the way: the Titans won that game more than the Eagles lost it. Titans were down 17-3, the defense schemed up several sacks and big time plays against Philly, Philly had several gaffes in overtime, and Mariota and the rest led the team down the field for the win. Refs had bad calls and no-calls on both teams throughout the game, so please spare the Titans fanbase that excuse.

    Eagles are a great team and will be just fine. They will win the NFC East and go to the playoffs. Titans may or may not make the playoffs, but last Sunday the Titans beat the Eagles. Period.

  4. It’s not a knee-jerk reaction though, this is who Mills has been since he’s been here. Very good in the red zone but has no long speed and has a reputation for being aggressive so draws more flags than the average corner.

    We drafted Sidney Jones with a 2nd round pick and Douglas with a 3rd, Mills with a 7th, it’d be nice to see one of them get a chance outside free investing that capital in them

  5. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    October 2, 2018 at 2:46 pm
    Iggles 1 x Super Bowl Champion


    Current Super Bowl Champions. That is all that matters until February 2019.

  6. He will either be on Diggs or Thielen this weekend and if his recent play is any indication, it’s gonna be a long day for him.

  7. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    October 2, 2018 at 3:14 pm
    I got news for you current champions means nothing ,that was last year it’s over


    The amount of real estate the eagles own in your head is astonishing

  8. Anybody that complains about good or bad calls by the officials should shut up a put on the stripped shirts and try it one game! You can’t so shut up and try to enjoy the games!

  9. Bitter much? Get over it. You could say the same about the Pats beating Atlanta and Seattle. You apparently never played a competitive sport in your life otherwise you would acknowledge that luck sometimes happens for good teams to win. There, solved it for you.

  10. Lucky SB win? Did you see the injury report? Lucky would be cruising in with your starters healthy. Philly got hot and some of you ppl can’t stand it.. sure you can gloat about this year but again Carson’s first game back he had 1 WR to throw to and 3 TEs, he had 2 RBs from the practice squad, one of which was an undrafted rookie. Ajayi now is playing with a fractured back, starting safety was sorely missed against Tenn and that 4th and 5 flag was atrocious! Elmerbrown loves to talk like his giants don’t have the same amount of Ws as what appears in the alphabet. How is that record against Philly anyway? Philly is like 15-2 the last 8 years lmao.. that’s why you’re so mad. Giants are the new Browns… elmerBrownselmerBrowns

  11. i’m a die hard eagle fan, but you guys on here are playing it cool, Jalen Mills has never been good, unless you count good for a least one major burn and one major pass interference call a game. hes only good a tackling and even all of last year i was always cursing his name. He has to go, way to big of a liability. defense aside even more concerning to me is our offensive line, last game wentz didn’t stand a chance it seemed like he had pressure every down, alshon was a big lift our offense needed but its still been sluggish these first 4 games, alot of football to be played but not very reassuring so far we’ll see

  12. I’m as hardcore an Eagles fan as there is. And, Jalen Mills is a liability in coverage because he constantly trails his receiver and falls for the double move every time! If the Eagles would’ve lost the Super Bowl it would’ve been squarely on Jalen Mills. Tom Brady set a Super Bowl record for passing yards by picking on Jalen Mills. Something, anything needs to be done because he is not an outside NFL cornerback. Move him to safety. He played safety in college.

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