Mahomes remains on pace to break single-season touchdown record

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw only one touchdown pass on Monday night, but he remains on pace to break the single-season record for passing touchdowns.

Mahomes now has an NFL-high 14 touchdown passes through four games. That puts him on pace to throw 56 touchdown passes this season. Peyton Manning’s NFL record is 55 touchdown passes in a season, set in 2013.

The Chiefs relied more on running back Kareem Hunt on Monday night against the Broncos, giving him a season-high 19 carries. Hunt gained 121 yards and a touchdown, and Mahomes himself scored his first career rushing touchdown. So the Chiefs were scoring more on the ground than through the air on Monday night.

But they know they have a special quarterback, one who might be in store for a record-breaking season.

6 responses to “Mahomes remains on pace to break single-season touchdown record

  1. Not that I want the Chiefs to win but I’d be more than happy to see the kid push Pay-a-ton out of the top spot. Just think, we’d get to see that teeth-gritted, forced smile one more time, priceless.

  2. And still no interceptions, which is incredible as well. This kid made some unbelievable backyard football plays last night, yet doesn’t seem to make the big mistakes either. He’s incredibly entertaining to watch, and he’s not a clown, either. Officially on the Mahomes bandwagon.

  3. I feel the games changed to the point the record will fall repeatedly over the next few years until it gets to the point of ridiculous. Like Bonds hitting 73 Home Runs.

    Ridiculous unbelievable numbers can only sustain themselves for so long. Then maybe the NFL will have some backlash and the defense will be allowed to play again? So maybe by 2030 football will look more like NFL again and less like the Arena league?

  4. @factschecker: You hit the nail on the head, imagine Montana, Marino etc. playing within these “touch football” type rules that protect the QB today…

  5. So it took four games for defenses to figure him out and he only got one TD! Sandlot football is easy to defend once you see it on tape. Hit and miss won’t get him the record!

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