Matt Patricia not planning change to running back workload

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Lions running back Kerryon Johnson snapped a long streak by running for more than 100 yards in Detroit’s Week Three win over the Patriots, but that breakthrough didn’t result in a change to his role in the running back committee in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.

Johnson played 20 of the team’s 55 offensive snaps, which placed him squarely between Theo Riddick and LeGarrette Blount in the team’s rotation. He was the most productive of the three backs on the ground with nine carries, 55 yards and a touchdown, which led to a question for head coach Matt Patricia about how Johnson will be used in the future.

Patricia did not sound like he was planning any big change to how things stack up in the backfield.

“I think we have a lot of really good running backs and I think we try to use them appropriately,” Patricia said, via the Detroit Free Press. “I think Kerryon played a significant amount of the game. He played 20 snaps of 55, that’s a good amount. Plus, we have two other running backs, plus we have two-minute drives and other two-minute personnel packages and things like that. There was quite a bit of reps in there for Kerryon.”

Johnson said that he’s fine with any work that comes his way and needs to “make them count” for more than they did in Dallas.

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  1. If you can’t learn to play to your players strengths, your career will suffer, like many who have attempted to fix the Lions by using their system. You have to use the players and they have a lot of great players. Blount isn’t one of them.

  2. While employing 2-3 good backs in your offense is generally a good idea, it seems like Johnson should be getting the lion’s share of the touches in Detroit at this point.

  3. Kerryon… Theo… with WR jet sweeps. Quick, high percentage stuff early to back off LBs. That’s the recipe.

    Can’t figure out what’s up with Blount… running w cement feet right now.

    Like to see them use TE as FB to help plow the road.

  4. Patricia is in way over his head, he will be lucky to be coaching the Lions by Thanksgiving.

  5. Most RBs need 15 or so touches to maximize their potential. I’m sick of coaches that don’t seem to get that. Run with the kid. Stop pretending to be Belichick.

  6. I’m sorry but unless your denfwnsove minded head coach has a helluva offensive coordinator lined up really what’s the point? Every e knows this is an offensive league now and if you want to have any chance at wi Ming it’s with an offensive minded head coach.

  7. How Patricia is not giving KJ more snaps isn’t mind boggling.
    Expecting just too much out of Stafford.
    And they just won’t get away with that against Green Bay.
    The best way to beat the Packers is to limit the amount of attempts they, and Rodgers, have on offense.
    And getting Kerryon more involved in the Lions offense would go a long way to solving that.

  8. Love all this advice from the comfort of your couch. Running backs have a very short shelf life for a reason, they tend to get hit a lot and their bodies break down. Nothing wrong with using a rotation among your available backs, they will last longer that way.

  9. This season is over. Run the youth out there and see what you got.

    Tracy Walker, Desean Hand, Michael Roberts, hell, play them all. Treat the rest of the season as more pre-season games for next year.

    Patricia needs to get better at clock management. He needs to get better at installing his system and getting players on board.

    The offensive play calling needs an overhaul. It’s great that they’ve figured out that they are a zone blocking team, but now it’s time to bring in a OC that knows how to make a zone blocking offense run.

    Until then, they are wasting our time.

  10. folks, let’s not forget Kerryon is a ROOKIE;

    that means he is still learning the offence first and foremost;

    second, he does have an injury history from college that would make anyone prudent with his touches—after all, Kerryon is literally a boy playing his first season with fully grown men;

    eventually he is going to hit the rookie wall late in November it must easier foe him to adjust to in a rotation where he has 15-20 touches a game;

    or would you rather see him worn down ane eventually hurt so that Detroit is forced to bring up (gulp) Fumble-dulla?

    tell me that a step forward?

    Blount is gone after this season, along with Fumble-dulla, Tate, Ansah, Davis, Hyder, Lawson, most of the useless TEs, maybe Lang, too;

    Kerryon will be 5-10 pounds heavier and stronger, and he’ll know the offence enough to stay on the field for 20-30 touches a game while Patricia retools the front of the defence;

  11. So Crates says:
    October 2, 2018 at 11:43 am
    This season is over. Run the youth out there and see what you got.


    It’s not over yet. If we would have been able to stop Zeke, we could have won quite easily in Dallas. Our division doesn’t look all that great right now, even with the Bears’s hot start. The Lions have a good chance of getting back into this thing despite the 1-3 record.

    ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ONEPRIDE

  12. Right now Patricia’s planning ahead for a 16 game season. With the media he makes no excuses for his players or himself. He needs to stop doing that and put the blame squarely on others.

    Both the Lions offense and defense are average to good statistically. Each week the team has shown improvement, but that’s not good enough. We should be 4-0. Look at our history.

    For a first time head coach, Mattie P has shown maturity, game awareness and calmness under fire. But he’s a rocket scientist. This is the Motor City, not Cape Canaveral. We want a coach yelling in players’ faces, shaking his fist at refs and tripping wide receivers from other teams.

    Every sports analyst was predicting the loss in Dallas, yet the team never quit. What do we put on the coach? That the team outscored Dallas 14-6 in the last quarter in a road game with 70,000 screaming fans? That doesn’t mean squat. Now how about finding us a good coach, like Rex Ryan, or Marty Mornhinweg?

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