Mike Groh: Carson Wentz “looks great to me”

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Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has played two games since returning from a torn ACL in Week Three, winning one and losing one. He definitely hasn’t lost a fan in offensive coordinator Mike Groh.

“He looks great to me,” Groh told reporters on Tuesday regarding Wentz. “I mean, he’s got to wear the brace, which I imagine if we all walked around with a brace on it wouldn’t quite feel the same as it would without the brace. But I don’t see any real limitations in his mobility or pocket mobility to be able to scramble for a first down.”

Asked whether Wentz has the same elusiveness as he did before the injury, Groh said, “I think he’s a pretty mobile quarterback for the size that he is. And in this league, he does a good job of standing there, sliding the pocket, getting out of the pocket, and looking to run or throw once he breaks outside the pocket.”

So how does 2018 post-injury Wentz compare to 2017 pre-injury Wentz?

“I think he’s played well. I mean, for a guy that’s just played in two games, had really no preseason games to prepare at all, Carson’s played really well for us. And we all have to raise the level of our game. That’s certainly not on Carson’s shoulders, it’s on all of us. And whether we won or lost on Sunday, we’d be sitting here saying the same things. There’s a lot of things we need to get better at to have the kind of season we want to have.”

Wentz has three turnovers in two games, and he has been sacked nine times. The latter is more of a concern, given the propensity for injury.

15 responses to “Mike Groh: Carson Wentz “looks great to me”

  1. And those two games were against the joker Colts and Tampa’s league-worst defense. Compared to 2017 his TD% has halved, passer rating dropped 9 points, YPA is down, sacks/game more than doubled, and fumbles/game nearly double. Oh, and his rushing ypg is way down. And 1-1 in results. – And again, that was against two poor Ds.

    I kept warning Eagles fans about this all year. He will get better but might never get back to his previous level and certainly not this year. And opponents now know him better. And yes, they’ve brought him back a bit too soon – once cleared for contact they should have had him fully practicing for more than just a few days.

  2. “I kept warning Eagles fans about this all year. He will get better but might never get back to his previous level and certainly not this year.”

    Interesting, PFF just ranked his last game as the second best grade he has ever gotten. But I am sure you know it all.

  3. I think he misses DeFillipo and the head coach of the Colts (what’s his name?) more than the Eagles care to admit! Peterson seems lost without them.

  4. It’s not the cheese whiz, it’s the long hots on our delicious pork sandwiches. That being said enjoy the year and remember who the SUPERBOWL champs are!!!

    E A G L E S!!!!

  5. Hmmm…I’m not seeing the constant chest-beating and 38-7 reminders on every post even mentioning the Vikings or Eagles all spring and summer. Not sure why you’d stop now, the Viking are reeling and you’ve got them at home. Come on! Let’s hear it! 45-0? 72-0? 8-passing TDs before halftime? Sure.

    Vikes are on the hard downward spin so the pressure is on Philly to DOMINATE like world champs.

  6. I’m a DiehardDallasFaithful54yrsStrong
    So it goes without saying
    I do t care for the Shegals at AC lol BUT
    I did want to see them dethrone the NE Patriots & thwart their surpassing us by winning 6 SB’s

    My comment is for Carson Wentz to fully recover as did our beloved Jaylon Smith

    I wanna beat Philly with their best at their best
    So blessings young Carson
    I’d want the same for Dak Prescott if he were to suffer an injury of any kind

    I never take hate literally unless it’s of an evil nature

    But I’d expected for his recovery TI be meticulous
    AND YES,
    Defenses key in on the dominant players
    AND NO,
    He no longer has his old OC Reich

  7. Josh Allen and the Bills feasted on that Viking D two weeks ago.

    Jared Goff had a career game against those same bums last week.

    I can’t even imagine what Wentz will do to them.

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