Week Four Monday night ratings up eight percent over 2017

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The NFL continues to rebound, when it comes to the generation of a sizable TV audience.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, Monday night’s Chiefs-Broncos game on ESPN generated a 9.1 rating. It was the best Monday night number since Week Three of the 2017 season (Cowboys-Cardinals) and an eight-percent increase over last year’s 8.4 rating for a Week Four Monday night game between Washington and the Chiefs.

The rating for Monday night’s game matches the 9.1 rating generated by the Week Four game in Week Four of the 2016 season. Which essentially gets the NFL back to where it was in the year that the ratings slide began to become noticeable.

The Monday night measurement continues a 2018 trend (for the most part) of ratings going up. And that’s a good thing for the NFL and the networks, especially at a time when the TV viewership continues to decline.

10 responses to “Week Four Monday night ratings up eight percent over 2017

  1. Divisional match-up between 2 team with a winning record, a young QB putting up historic numbers through the first 3 games and lastly a close game coming down to the wire. It doesn’t have anything to do with the NFL, it is logical to have Monday night games between divisional rivals or teams with young and exciting QB’s.

  2. Does that rating include all the people that had the game on mute because of the worst announcers in the history of football?

  3. This was an entertaining game. It was like watching to prize fighters go at it – one punch was met with another, and just when one was staggered, it came back. One of the best games this year – much like watching the Rams and Vikings go at it.

  4. Get used to seeing those red helmets a lot in primetime. Wonder how many Chiefs games the NFL will flex the schedule for to move them to a Sunday night game.

  5. Wait a min that cant be true, along with Nike sales its all fake news lol… I guess the demise of the NFL was a fools dream right anti Kapernickers.

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