Dwayne Harris nabs AFC special teamer of the week

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Raiders punt returner Dwayne Harris didn’t break loose for a touchdown in last Sunday’s win over the Browns, but he helped put points on the board over the course of the afternoon.

Harris had a 49-yard return to set up a field goal that extended the Raiders’ lead in the second half of the game. The Raiders lost that lead, but Harris’ 14-yard return gave them good field position that they used for the game-tying score at the end of regulation.

Harris would get one more shot and took a punt 12 yards to get the Raiders out of the shadow of their end zone for a drive that would end with a game-winning field goal by Matt McCrane.

In addition to his 98 yards on five returns, Harris also made two tackles and drew a holding penalty while covering another punt. That added up to enough to make him the AFC special teams player of the week.

8 responses to “Dwayne Harris nabs AFC special teamer of the week

  1. Harris was an under-the-radar signing.
    And he was the reason Switzer was traded to Pittsburgh. The Raiders netted a Fifth round draft pick out of that trade. Which is pretty amazing (they traded that, of course, for a back up quarterback named AJ McCarron).
    But this just goes to show you that there are some positive things happening in Oakland. He doesn’t cost $135 million and still helped the team to win. Some people complained about the refereeing in the Cleveland game but that doesn’t take away from the pure talent Harris possesses. For the league to recognize the Raiders player and actually name him AFC Special Teams player of the week will go a long way to restoring the dignity of this franchise. No, it does’t make up for the Khalil Mack trade, but it’s a damn good start. It’s important to find the positives when the world is against you. Let’s hope for good things from this team going forward. Dwayne Harris may just be the player that changes the course of the Raiders’ season.

  2. Well, must have been a terrible weekend for Special Teams performance then. Didn’t even score. This dude has the greatest job in the NFL. Get paid to sit back and wave your arm 90% of the time. Never have to be on the field for Offense, and get awards for taking 75% of your returns just a tad over 10 yards.


    Drink Gatorade.

    Wave arm.

    Catch ball.


    Keep job.

  3. mortyglickstein says:
    October 3, 2018 at 10:58 am
    Makes sense. Desperate Shurmur uses our $18 million dollar receiver as a kick returner. Giants could have saved $17 million.

    Harris was one of my favorite Giants over the past few years. Great special teamer and solid #4 WR. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. I think that had much to do with his being released (that and his $4 million salary).

  4. They should just call this award the Weekly Michael Dickson Punting award. He deserves this award every week!

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