Andrew Luck threw 121 passes in five days


Andrew Luck went months without throwing a regulation football. From Sunday to Thursday, he did it 121 times during an NFL game.

He threw 62 times in an overtime loss to the Texans five days ago, before adding another 59 last night in New England.

“It’s a lot,” Luck said after the game.

It’s a lot in part because the Colts played a full 70 minutes on Sunday, with 34 extra snaps in overtime against the Texans. Four days later, Luck had to try to throw his team’s way out of a 21-point deficit.

“We know we need balance,” Luck told reporters regarding the team’s offense. “We know we need balance. Football’s not rocket science. You need to be able to run the ball well to help protect your passing game. We’ll keep working at it and we have no excuses for it. We’ve got to get better. Everybody, including me in it.”

All that said, the Colts seem to be moving in the right direction, four losses in five games notwithstanding. They could have won each of the four games they lost, and they showed impressive fight on Thursday night, despite dressing only 44 players after Sunday’s marathon against Houston.

Luck already has 245 passing attempts this year, putting him on pace for 784 this year. Which would shatter Matthew Stafford‘s single-season record of 727 from 2012. With 163 completions, Luck is on pace for 521, which would shatter Drew Brees‘ record of 471 from 2016.

Given his desire for balance, Luck surely isn’t hoping to do that. But at least, after not having the benefit of his services for a full season in 2017, the Colts would be getting their money’s worth.

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  1. There’s absolutely no interest in the Patriots or Colts. Everybody’s sick of the Patriots except for Pat fans and the Colts really don’t have any WOW type players that piques the interest of the average NFL fan.

  2. I must say that I was wrong about Luck’s recovery. I thought he was throwing the ball with both good velocity and accuracy. I will also say that his receivers are as bad as I have seen in terms of holding onto a catch. Not sure if this was an anomaly in last night’s game but yikes….

  3. If Luck’s had to airmail so much for a 1-4 record it isn’t a good sign – it means they’ve no run game or having to abandon it because they’re chasing too deep a hole. It also means once again they’re just expecting him to carry the team like a Manning 2.0. And it risks wearing out that repaired shoulder or getting it or his ribs or head further injured again from a sack on one of the many drop backs/scrambles while he’s making all those lobs. All of which means it’s only a matter of time before Colts break him again.

  4. “…four losses in five games notwithstanding. They could have won each of the four games they lost…”

    And if my aunt had a mustache, she’d be my uncle. “You are what your record says you are.”

  5. “Football’s not rocket science. You need to be able to run the ball well to help protect your passing game.”

    This has been the case with the Colts for at least 6 years. They brought Grigson in to fix the problem, but he was too focused on other teams.

  6. .
    Luck was outstanding last night. His receivers looked like a group of locals at a tryout camp. They’re certainly in the running for the “Worst Performance by a Receiving Corp” award.

  7. plum54 says:
    October 5, 2018 at 10:46 am
    And they LOST both games.

    13 4 Rate This


    not his fault, he’s played well. Defense has gotten shredded and his receivers can’t catch.

  8. Luck looked a little off early in the game but once he was warmed up threw the ball well. Apparently the same the game before. It may be that while his injury has healed well at last that its still a bit still till he’s been throwing for awhile.

  9. Luck played great last night. No issues with his shoulder. He had receives who might do better at playing guard. Brady looked terrific last night. Both ints should have been caught and Edelman dropped a ball when he was wide open that might have gone for 6. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Colts/Patriots rivalry could someday match the intensity it used to have?

  10. I believe his shoulder is just fine. Comeback Player of the year even if they continue to lose!

  11. I do like Andrew Luck, seems like a quality individual….. I just also happen to despise the team he plays for……
    Wish him an ongoing & full healing process…… wish the Colts an ongoing & fully DEFLATED SEASON….

  12. TheCakeIsALie says:
    October 5, 2018 at 11:14 am

    “…four losses in five games notwithstanding. They could have won each of the four games they lost…”
    How much of Colts homer do you have to be to conclude that they “could have won” the Patriots game? It took 2 gift interceptions deep in the red zone for them to even get within 7; there was never indication their defense could sop NE at any point in that game.

  13. This will be the 2nd time the Colts completely mismanage Luck’s career and it will end with an ugly injury.

    History will show that McDaniels was a wise man even though it didn’t look good at the time.

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