Frank Reich is concerned that Andrew Luck’s passing numbers can’t be sustained

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, after throwing 121 passes from Sunday to Monday, has 245 throws through five games. He’s on pace to shatter the single-season attempts and completions records.

His head coach doesn’t want that pace to continue.

“It’s killing me to have to throw this much,” Reich told reporters on Friday. “I know you can’t sustain this.”

Through five games, it has been sustained. It remains to be seen what happens over the next 11.

“The story doesn’t end well when you have to sustain this level of throwing,” Reich said. “Maybe there’s exceptions to that.”

The story already isn’t going well for the Colts, who are 1-4. But they’ve been competitive in every game they’ve played, and maybe the key to ultimately winning is letting Luck let it rip.

17 responses to “Frank Reich is concerned that Andrew Luck’s passing numbers can’t be sustained

  1. I’m waiting for him to throw it deep and his arm fly halfway down the field still gripping the ball. J/s

  2. I mean, the man had his shoulder repaired (Remade? Who knows really) and it took him a long time to come back. Maybe overworking that shoulder is a bad idea. Then again, maybe he has a bionic shoulder now. What is certain is that the Colts continue to waste his career with no end in sight.

  3. More than the ball will “rip” if Reich continues to overuse (his)
    Luck. Perhaps Reich plans on taking over throwing 50 times a game after Luck runs out …

  4. Well, he better work on doing more than “sustaining” the numbers that count, because 6 yards per attempt is not good. I imagine it might be the worst in the league. Even Tyrod Taylor has a 7 yard career average.

  5. Who would let their Quarterback return from an injury to his shoulder, throw his way back into another shoulder injury? Only the Dolts of course. Just who runs this team anyways? Poor Andrew Luck.

  6. No better way to regain his throwing abilities and make sure his arm is gonna be good in the future than to throw often. Kind of like aggressively test driving a car after a brake job to make sure they are perfectly operational.

  7. EXACTLY what I posted yesterday (Luck threw 121 passes article), my point of which being that in just putting it ALL right back on his shoulders (like a Manning 2.0) again, its gonna wear out the repaired shoulder or get him more of the various injuries he’s already suffered – in short they’d just break him again. At least Reich’s aware of it, and Grigson’s gone…

  8. When you’re down every game, you have to throw. The D obviously knows this and it’s only a matter of time that Luck gets zapped. Unless his arm gives out.

    PS: I watched the Thursday night game and he missed some wide open throws and didn’t look like the same player from a few years ago. He threw harder and was more aggressive. He seems beat up. Probably more than he will admit…

  9. Reich actually told the media after the last game that they had scored another TD to pull within 1 they were going to go for 2 “to go for the win” (presumably even if there were 5 minutes left in the game).

    The idiocy of that aside, I’m guessing it would have been a pass play.

  10. We’ll hear later in the season that he’s hurt. The reason will be this mismanagement of his situation.

  11. Geez, they’re going burn Luck out by mid-season. It’s like taking a Corvette with a rebuilt engine and running it flat out on the dyno all week. Something is going to give and it won’t be pretty.

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