Jon Gruden on Marshawn Lynch’s workload: We’ll keep feeding him Skittles

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Marshawn Lynch is averaging 19.5 touches per game through four games this season. That is his highest average since 2014 when he touched the ball 19.8 times per game.

The Raiders running back averaged 15.1 touches per game last season and has averaged 18.5 touches per game in his 146-game career.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden was asked if, given Lynch’s physical running style, he was worried about the running back’s workload.

“He’s been durable his career,” Gruden said, via Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We’ll just keep feeding him Skittles and keep sending him out there as long as he can.”

Lynch, 32, ranks fourth in rushing this season behind Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley and Matt Breida. He has gained 300 yards and scored three touchdowns on 68 carries.

He missed practice Wednesday with a shoulder injury, but the Raiders removed him from their injury list Friday.

9 responses to “Jon Gruden on Marshawn Lynch’s workload: We’ll keep feeding him Skittles

  1. He’s able to find Skittles…but yet, two weeks ago, he laments not being able to find a pass rusher.

  2. Rams offense 468 yds per game rank #1 in NFL
    Raiders. 440. Yds per game rank #2 in NFL

    Eagles Time of possession 35 min per GM rank#1
    Raiders Tie of possession 34 min per GM rank #2

    I understand the Raiders rank in bottom 3rd of league in Turnover Differential, defensive yds per game and many other stats.

    But surprisingly the offense is very productive.

    Too many BAD turnovers by CARR (red zone int’s)

    Let’s hope he continues to progress and we make good on all these yards with more points.

    Mack situation is a disaster for 2018 and immediate future.

    But the next 6 games (with London exception)are all played
    In very close to home with little travel.

    Chargers (Raiders home game in LA)
    Seahawks (in London)
    Colts In Oakland
    49ers in SF (across the bay)
    Chargers in Oakland
    Cardinals @ Arizona

    All teams with losing records.

    A chance for the RAIDERS to make a season of it.

    Or Bury the season before Thanksgiving.

    Let’s Go RAIDERS!

    Give us some hope.

  3. I had a roommate from college who had a cup of coffee in the League about 10 years or so ago, so through him I got to hang out with a few of the more famous guys on a couple occasions. I won’t go through all the name-drops, because they’re just regular dudes, but my point is, it was a demystifying experience, because…they’re just regular dudes. Some were cool and had big personalities, others were low key and chill, really only a couple struck me as jerks, and a few were just kind of dorky and awkward, like any random guy could be.

    Point is, I’ve thought about certain players and who would be cool to hang out with, because that’s just what our loser, common-folk brains tend to do, haha. I’d love to pick Brady’s brain about living life. Gronk is a no brainer on a Saturday night. I have a very similar sense of humor to Julian Edelman, and I honestly think we’d get along famously. Blah, blah, I could go further down the list, but the REAL moral of the story is Marshawn Lynch. Couldn’t love this guy’s whole act any more. Some people might find it disrespectful or disruptive or whatever negative adjective you want to throw at. But if there’s ANYTHING I respect in life, it’s walking to the beat of your own drum, and your own drum ONLY. Forget what polite society expects you to do. Forget THEIR rules, THEIR standard, THEIR idea of proper decorum. “I’m here, I can play, but i’m going to do things MY WAY, or else I can just not play, so, whatever, just let me know what you want me to do, whether I should show up or not.” Couldn’t respect that attitude any more, love this guy.

  4. Gruden is pushing all the right buttons and molding the Raiders into a powerhouse. Just like all the HOF coaches that took over lousy teams, it doesn’t always happen week 1, year 1. The Raiders are already #1 in the AFC in Total Offense, and they’re still learning the new playbook. Gruden is having fun. I love the way he handles the media. He’s keeping it light. No need to get involved in sophisticated conversations that are way over the media’s head. Just give them a little something they can chew on. Like Skittles.

  5. Gruden already commentary-booth soundbiting to Vegas media, and still thinks refs alone can help him out of every turkey hole like they could, at home, against Browns. Ain’t gonna happen.

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