Pat Shurmur thinks Giants have “a lot of heart”


Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham weighed in on what’s wrong with the 1-3 team during an interview with ESPN.

Beckham told Josina Anderson that heart and energy are two spots where the Giants are falling short a quarter of the way through the season. Head coach Pat Shurmur was asked about the wideout’s assessment later on Friday and took a different view of what’s behind the team’s poor start to the year.

Shurmur said reporters should talk to Beckham, who didn’t talk to reporters Friday, about the full context of what he meant, but added his opinion that there was plenty of heart and energy on the team.

“I do know this: Our team has a heck of a lot of heart; our team plays with a lot of energy,” Shurmur said, via Newsday. “What we haven’t done is we haven’t really executed quite as well as we need to yet Instead of energy, it’s execution. … These guys have a ton of heart, including Odell, and a lot of want-to.”

Beckham also mused about the team’s inability to make big plays down the field — Eli Manning is 3-of-12 on passes over 20 yards this season — although he placed that issue behind heart and energy as one holding the team back. Shurmur’s already called that a “false narrative,” but neither that narrative nor the other put forth by Beckham is likely to go away if the Giants offense spends this Sunday sputtering in another loss.

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  1. Shurmur should instead speak directly to Beckham instead of giving a response through the media. This is how locker room problems start…when divas start complaining to the press and the HC doesn’t have the spine to put a stop to it, much like Tomlin.

  2. I think Beckham confuses his uncontrolled hot headed meltdowns with “heart”. It’s not so much that OBJ has “heart”, it’s more that he has no brains and no impulse control. It’s important to differentiate between the two before calling out a team that you were completely ready to hold out on if they didn’t give you what you wanted. Oh but yeah, “heart”…..*rolling eyes emoji*

    And maybe they could throw the ball downfield more if the o-line could hold a single block. How do you take 7 step drops and heave it down field when Manning has a rusher in his face 2 seconds after taking a snap? And hey, maybe they could afford more line help and complimentary players to take heat off Beckham if they didn’t have $20 mil of cap dedicated to a receiver when they still can barely manage 20 points a game WITH him on the field.

  3. Im getting extra hot buttered popcorn for this one. WR that just signed huge contract and coach sending subliminals to each other through the media in week 4.

    This is gonna end well.

  4. Pat Shurmur thinks Giants have “a lot of heart”

    Sure didn’t look like it time and time again this past Sunday and it starts at the top. How many times did the TV crew have an ISO shot of Shurmur standing on the sidelines with ZERO emotion? Half a dozen at least and it isn’t just the lack of emotion, he’s just standing there, headset on, not saying a word. Looked like he was in a trance.

    Going to be a long season for Big Blue this year and probably in years to come and I don’t mean calendar long with playoff games.

  5. I dont like the whole speaking out of school thing…I never have, but somebody needs to light a fire under this team. They lose the next two and the season is definitely over, assuming its not already over.

  6. The entire OL has “NO “ heart combined! If they did, they’d block someone and give Eli a couple of seconds to set up and survey the field!

  7. Lmao. Seen this act before. And I’m a cleveland fan. 2nd worst coach in football. Ahem. I mean AHUE

  8. jackedupboonie says:
    October 5, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    They also have a paper weight at QB who has been anointed king and no matter how bad he plays, gets to keep his throne.


    Well, winning two Super Bowls will tend to do that. Funny how they’ve nose-dived ever since Beckham joined the team, though…

  9. phillycheez says:
    October 5, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    If this year is anything like last year, they’ll get right on Thursday vs the Eagles. I hate that that is probably true.


    I would be surprised if that’s the case. Philly’s starting slow this year but is still more solid in every phase of the game than NY.

  10. To quote their former coach, you are what your record says you are, and they are 4-16 over the last thirteen months.

    Teams that have a lot of heart don’t have to talk about how much heart they have. It’s obvious from their performance.

  11. I think the Giants have plenty of heart but the HC and the organization keep babying Eli. Imagine a Nascar driver with all of this horsepower under the hood and scared to go fast because he might have a accident. Its part of the sport. Ricky Bobby needs to go fast and everyone knows it. Eli needs the heart check. But if they admit it the NY media will really trash them for not drafting his successor. They went all in and now they gotta ride it out. Its unfair to kee blaming the o line. Theyre not that great but no where near as bad as people make them seem in order to protect Eli from well deserved scrutiny. I thought when youre losing you supposed to take chances. He doesnt have the stones anymore. Stop taking away the offensive advantage by running the play clock down all the time. Stop throwing short of the first every 3rd down. And when is the last time you saw Eli pump fake or look the defense off? Dont blame it on having no time either because i saw alot of clean pockets the last 3 games. Notice i said 3 games and not 2 because he had alot of clean pockets in the Dallas game too. It only got craazy when they blitzed. But what do you expect when the LBs get a running start because you keep running the play clock under 3secs. Even got away with 1 or 2 delay of games. And how do you take a no huddle down to 6secs in the 4th? Where they do that at?

  12. Heart is overrated. Heart can get you that extra second on a block or that extra yard for the 1st down, but you gotta make the basics of the play to begin with…and heart doesn’t do that. That comes from practice, talent and hard work. The Giants need a new QB, a new oline, a new coach, and a new GM who didn’t just crawl out of a time capsule from the 1960s.

  13. It can’t be eLI . He won 2 Super Bowls all by himself. No help from his terrible defense that held the best offense of all time to 17 points…It was all about that lazer he threw to Tyree. What other QB has that kind of arm strength? Gomer…He did make that 1 good throw down the left sideline though.

  14. Let Beckham tell the team to their face they have no heart at the next team meeting.
    Say Oodell has a problem with you guys and says you have no heart. Tell the team what you mean Odell.

  15. This team has been a mess since they pushed Coughlin out the back door. I know Gettleman is in his first year, but I think problem starts with Mara thinking he is smarter than he is.

  16. Browns fan and longtime sufferer here.

    I’m afraid Pat isn’t your answer, Giants gents. He’s a great coordinator and a nice guy, but if you need an inspiring motivator, Your asking Schirmer to do something he can’t, He cannot jumpstart a flat team, He will be able to manage a team that has inspired talent and built-in leaders, but don’t look for him to captain a ship that needs turning. The players have spoken, and they will speak louder as the season goes on. Gettleman did not get this one right. He’s way better than MacAdoo, but not your answer.

  17. Shurmur was horrible in Cleveland, listen to his old press conferences, it will tell you all you need to know about his leadership skills.. he was a very good o.c. In Minnesota but not a good head coach

  18. Put another QB behind that line and they’ll shred a defense. Gotta love Baldinger, he reviewed a handful of plays and receivers are running open all over the field while Eli checks down. Will Hernandez as of today graded out as the best rookie guard in the NFL. Eli was not under much pressure last week and played horrible. Check the game tape…… Ben McAdoo had it correct last year when he tried to trade up for Patrick Mahomes and was shut down by the Brass. He knew what was up. God forbid we say anything bad about a “Manning” Cant wait until there’s another QB under the helm for the Gmen. Hopefully he doesnt cry like Eli did when the Chargers drafted him. #privilegedeli

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