NFL fines Kareem Hunt for lowering helmet

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NFL officials have largely forgotten about the controversial “lowering the helmet” rule this season, calling it only four times through the first four games of the season. But just because a player isn’t flagged doesn’t mean he won’t be fined.

Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt committed a textbook violation of the rule on Monday night against the Broncos, and he’s been fined for it.

The NFL fined Hunt $26,739 for unnecessary roughness, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports.

The penalty was so obvious that the officials’ failure to call it was one of the more blatant missed calls of this NFL season. Even V.P. of Officiating Al Riveron, who rarely publicly calls out his own officials, acknowledged the mistake. And now the league office has cracked down as well.

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  1. Just watched Willie McGinest and Rodney Harrison’s A Football Life shows. Pretty much every highlight hit would be a penalty today.

  2. Pretty bad when you got a head on collision like that and can’t lower your hat to protect yourself.
    And whoever said the MNF crew was bad was absolutely right.

  3. This guy doesn’t even make that much money, he was a 3rd round pick I believe. That’s a significant penalty for him. Why can’t they just leave it between the field and actually enforce the rule in real time.

  4. 1996: Chiefs started 4-0
    2003: Chiefs started 9-0
    2010: Chiefs started 3-0
    2013: Chiefs started 9-0
    2017: Chiefs started 9-0
    2018: Chiefs have started 4-0

    not a single playoff game was won in any of those seasons. Sit down Chief fans.

  5. This is was one of the more blatant missed calls of this NFL season but Tyron Smith can mug , hook and hold a Lions DE on a crucial 3rd and 10 that changed the outcome of a game ?? Player saftey agenda we spotlight it , blatant steering of outcomes and it’s ignored .

  6. This is out of control. RBS, fullbacks- sure looked like he dipped his shoulder for impact. Pretty sure that was football 101.. Now if we can get our defense to take a cue from KH!

  7. I’m almost 100% on board with all the new safety rules. We, the fans and public, are the ones asking for the rules. However, this particular play was textbook safe. Nobody got injured. If Hunt wouldn’t have gathered himself and braced himself like he did, he would have exposed his organs to a possible devastating injury. I once heard a guy say “the road to hell was paved with good intentions”. Lol. That applies in this ruling. This rule will be reviewed in the off-season and likely discarded. It will cause more injuries than it prevents. Like I said, they’re trying to appease us, and a lot of us are not Rhodes scholars.

  8. JayZee says:
    October 6, 2018 at 6:50 pm
    Sony Michel will be next with a fine?
    If so it’ll be a typical baseless Fraudger act – I’ve just rewatched highlights of that game (and that incident in slo-mo) and although the announcer says “and Michel lowers the helmet..” in a tackle with Colts’ Geathers, if you watch both angles it’s clear that Geathers lowers his too and both guys hit helmet to shoulder. Neither guy should be fined but beacuse Geathers came off worse some salty haters are calling for it against Michel. Ridiculous, but then Park Ave hates NE…

  9. I love how every Patriots fan think they have it so rough. Sound like a bunch of spoiled rotten babies. Holy crap you were gifted your first Super Bowl of the dynasty off a BS call. Give it up nobody is going to pity New England especially with how many times you have been caught cheating.

  10. B.S rule.

    Ohh, & yeah, MNF crew is horrible! I long for the days of Dennis Miller’s obscure litterary references, and/or Tony Kornheiser pointing out the poor logic in Joe Theisman’s comments.

  11. So instead an RB should run through hole and contact without lowering anything and get blown up or a sternum injury. Goodell and competition committee you idiots you can not lower your sholders without your head following. I am not a chiefs fan just someone whoe understands simple high school health.

  12. tylawspick6 says:
    October 6, 2018 at 6:14 pm
    fire goodell

    Typical moronic comment. You just want him fired before he can do the same to Sony Michel.

    These rules exist for a reason. The protection they give to QBs, then to offensive people, make defenses almost irrelevant. As Sherman said (and I am no fan of Sherman), 92 used to be HOF numbers. Now it is Blake Bortles numbers. They’ve changed the game, and for the worse. And that isn’t Goodell’s fault. One man doesn’t run this league. Grow up and figure that out.

  13. Broncos fan here. This fine is ridiculous. Hunt is a clean player and the Chiefs are a classy organization. Enough is enough!

  14. Using your head as battering ram is a direct contravention of the rule of using your helmet as a weapon. The amazing thing is seeing an offensive player getting dinged for once.

  15. So does Goodell want him to run into someone standing straight up so they can blow up his kidney or spleen? WTF? I thought this was football

  16. So a guy that makes millions flips off paying customers/whoever and pays less than $14K but a guy that wasn’t even flagged and make rookie money pays almost $27K?

  17. vaphinfan says:
    October 6, 2018 at 7:28 pm
    What about Sony Michel? His was a lot worse than Hunts.


    Hunt played on Monday and was fined on Saturday. Michel played Thursday. Maybe wait a few more days, champ.

  18. SnarkTastic says:
    October 6, 2018 at 6:29 pm
    I couldn’t care less about Kareem Hunt, but the NFL should fine ESPN for assembling such a gawdawful Monday Night Football crew.


    Wow! You nailed it! I could not agree more. I actually turn the sound down on my tv. Those of us old enough to remember guys like Curt Gowdy, Keith Jackson, Ray Scott, and Pat Summerall understand that you don’t have to yak non-stop to tell the audience everything you are thinking. Most NFL fans understand the game enough to see for themselves what is happening. But most of the so-called color analysts today just babble on and don’t know enough when to just shut up.
    Jason Witten was a great TE and Tony Romo was an excellent QB, but neither of them is a good listen doing NFL games in my opinion. They actually sound as if they are out of breath sometimes because they try to get in so many words between plays.
    Ian Eagle is another guy I don’t care for. He has a habit of yelling on every play, whether it’s significant or not.
    I still enjoy Dick Stockton doing games. He’s been at it a long time and understands that less is more.

  19. ariani1985 says:
    October 6, 2018 at 8:46 pm
    McGinist had highlights? Harrison had a few at least.

    Willie had a couple in that game vs the Greatest Show on Turf. Remember that?

    Then there’s this bit of logic,
    riverhorsey says:
    October 6, 2018 at 7:03 pm
    Pretty bad when you got a head on collision like that and can’t lower your hat to protect yourself.
    And whoever said the MNF crew was bad was absolutely right.
    I think the lowering comes before the collision. Don’t lower the head, no head on collision. Why all the confusion?

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