Ravens’ defense has feasted on rookie quarterbacks, with Baker Mayfield next

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Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale is publicly singing the praises of Browns rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield. But privately, the Ravens have to be feeling pretty confident about their meeting with Mayfield on Sunday.

That’s because the John Harbaugh-led Ravens have been the best team in football at stopping rookie quarterbacks.

According to ESPN, since Harbaugh became Baltimore’s coach, the Ravens’ defense has allowed rookie quarterbacks to combine for a 59.6 passer rating. That’s the lowest passer rating that any NFL defense has allowed against rookie quarterbacks. The Ravens have also recorded 27 interceptions against rookie quarterbacks, which is the most that any defense has totaled against rookies.

Overall the Ravens are 15-5 when facing a rookie quarterback since Harbaugh became the coach.

Maybe Mayfield is different, as Martindale says. But if history is any guide, Mayfield is in for a rough day on Sunday.

31 responses to “Ravens’ defense has feasted on rookie quarterbacks, with Baker Mayfield next

  1. Ravens have the deepest defense they have ever had – can rotate solid players at all positions – and the offense is not the liability it usually is. Still, Cleveland always plays us tough so expect a close game with turnovers being the deciding factor.

  2. Packers fan here. Baker is different than most rookie’s I’ve seen. He processes information and reads VERY fast, and gets the ball out quick and accurately. If the Ravens gets lazy and say “he’s just a rookie”, Baker will kill them. Baker has his hands full, but so do the Ravens I believe. Looking forward to this one…

  3. im willing to bet the browns and baker mayfield buck the losing trend. baltimore is ripe for an ass kicking.

  4. I hope the Ravens and Bengals meet in the playoffs. Without a doubt the Bengals playoff drought will END!

  5. History in this case, is irrelevant. This is no ordinary ‘rookie’ quarterback.
    Not only will the Ravens streak of not allowing a touchdown this year in the second half end, the browns will win the game… and all under the direction of their ‘rookie’ quarterback. This will be his second start. Last week, in his first, they put up 42, which they haven’t done for 11 years. Dude is special.

  6. I still expect a one score game. The Ravens may be the ones usually coming out on top between these two but it never comes easy. The Browns bring it every matchup and I expect nothing less now that they have a better core of players.

  7. Mitch Trubisky won last year when they were supposed to dominate last year, but their offense is MUCH improved with a sick defense to match. Can’t wait to play NE in the playoffs 😂 they don’t want NONE!!!!

  8. Baker will be fine it is Hue Jackson’s coaching and injuries the Browns need to worry about.

  9. Trubisky as a rookie beat the ravens in Baltimore last year. I remembered this vividly because I kept telling everyone that there was no way the Ravens would lose.

  10. I am a Ravens fan so Im gonna pick the Ravens but heres why thats not just a homer pick. Flacco is playing lights out. The Ravens offense up to this year has had a tendency to blow hot and cold in a 60 minute game. The offense this year is different. It has played consistently every quarter of every game with the exception of one quarter in Cincy. The defense is better this year not just average to good defenses of the past few years but a Defense that stymied the offensively packed Pittsburgh Steelers. Teams are putting up record numbers and again except for that flukey first quarter in Cincy when CJ Mosely was injured for the remainder of the game, the defense has played lights out. Mosely came back last week, Jimmy Smith comes back this week. The Ravens should by no means look past the Browns but I dont see it going easy and I predict a Ravens win by a 7 – 10 points.

  11. Mayfield is just the next QB in a long line of CLE failures! Sorry, your Sooners got their butts whipped today like you will tomorrow!

  12. 20-5 ?
    Yeaaaaaaaa !!!
    Dak Prescott in his rookie year defeated John Harbaugh’s Ravens

    So he’s one of the 5 rookie QB’s they didn’t fair well against
    Now I gotta Google Dak’s stats to see if he exceeded the 56-59% rating average 🤣

  13. Every year you hear Ravens fans boast about how great their def is…It is like when you’re a kid playing basketball and you can’t score points, so adults call you a defensive specialist so you don’t get discouraged…Bal also feels like they have won the Super Bowl every time they beat Pitt. The problem is they can’t beat Dalton who has won 8 out of last 10 meetings. Last year a HORRIBLE Bengals team knocked them out of the playoffs. Browns have nothing to fear tomorrow but themselves!

  14. Ravens are the most balanced team in the league other than the Rams. They have probably the best defense and a top 10 offense for the first time. The Ravens are scary this year and I hope we don’t have to play them in the playoffs because they are Brady’s kryptonite.

  15. pftcancer says:
    October 6, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Can’t wait to come read the hate tomorrow when the Ravens make Baker look like a rookie.


    That rookie just threw for 325 yards against your rat birds and finished with a higher QB rating than Flacco, all while overcoming some very poor and clearly slanted officiating, and his own OC’s poor play selection. I’d say he earned this one.

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