Bills beat Titans 13-12 on last-second field goal

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Running back LeSean McCoy said this week that he thinks the Bills can win with the talent on hand and he was proven right on Sunday.

Steven Hauschka hit a 46-yard field goal as time expired and the Bills improved to 2-3 on the season with a 13-12 win over the Titans. The loss drops Tennessee to 3-2 and ends their three-game winning streak.

Hauschka’s kick was set up by an 11-play, 47-yard drive that followed Ryan Succop‘s fourth field goal of the day. That gave the Titans their first lead, but it was short-lived as McCoy and Chris Ivory combined to eat clock and yardage against a Titans defense that couldn’t stop what they knew was coming.

McCoy ran 24 times for 85 yards and caught two passes for 23 yards in his busiest and most productive day of the year. Josh Allen scored the only Bills touchdown on a 14-yard run in the first quarter and completed 10-of-19 passes for 82 yards and an interception.

That interception came when Adoree Jackson knocked a pass away from Andre Holmes and plucked it out of the air on its way down. Succop’s fourth field goal came a short time later when the drive stalled on a Jerry Hughes sack. Hughes had a chance for a second sack before an earlier field goal, but let Marcus Mariota go after wrapping him up in what may have been an attempt to avoid a roughing the passer penalty.

That was the second sack Mariota took on a third down in Sunday’s game and those miscues will go alongside three turnovers and five penalties as issues that contributed to the losing effort. Those errors would have been relegated unhappy footnotes had Mariota been able to pilot one touchdown drive, but the Bills defense didn’t yield much even while their own offense was scuffling for much of the afternoon.

The one time they did, wide receiver Nick Williams dropped a pass that would have been worth six points. That pretty well sums up what kind of day it was for the Titans, who will try to bounce back against the Ravens. The Bills will try to even their record in Houston.

18 responses to “Bills beat Titans 13-12 on last-second field goal

  1. Congrats Buffalo on a gutsy win. I don’t think you’re as bad as people think and you’ll only get better. It’s was a very good effort and may define a season being turned around.

    My Titans came in and overlooked the Bills. The gameplanning was very vanilla, like they didn’t take them serious. On defense it looked like we wanted to play it safe and were willing to give up small plays; well those small plays added up to being the difference. Plus Nick Williams sucks. And we obviously have no linebackers, especially with Woodyard our. Still have all the confidence in this staff and I think this will be a good, humbling loss.

  2. Bills showing fight. Andre Holmes leading to JA’s only turnover for the day. Wasn’t pretty at all, but who expected it to be for the Bills this season. Let’s get this kid some weapons in 2019.

  3. Wow! They one more than one game this year! They better be careful or they won’t get the first pick in April!

  4. When this Bills defense is on like today and against the Vikings a couple weeks ago, they are a formidable force…..

  5. sikoix says:
    October 7, 2018 at 4:20 pm
    That “respect Nashville” quote from last week didn’t age well.
    I’m a Titans fan and I cringed every time I saw titans fans talking about lack of respect. I knew this was coming.

  6. Yep. I was talking about respect. I was wrong. We suck. Don’t deserve any respect if you can’t beat the Bills. Thought the offense had figured some things out after last week but clearly not. When will I learn? This is what the titans do. Look great for stretches & then just suuuuccckkkkk

  7. savethebs says:

    if you can’t beat the Bills.


    Have you paid any attention at all to your own team since its inception?

  8. jakebren says:
    October 7, 2018 at 7:41 pm
    savethebs says:

    if you can’t beat the Bills.


    Have you paid any attention at all to your own team since its inception?


    What does that have to do with this season? Or the past few seasons? What happened 19 years ago has no bearing on this team.

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