Cardinals get their first win by stifling the 49ers’ offense

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The Cardinals are finally on the board.

After losing their first four games, the Cardinals went to San Francisco and shut down the 49ers’ offense, winning 28-18.

49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard threw two interceptions, lost two fumbles and was sacked four times. He was not good, and the Cardinals made his life miserable all day. Arizona’s Josh Bynes scooped up a fumble and ran 23 yards for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter to seal the win, although there was some garbage time action after that, with the 49ers scoring a touchdown to make the final score closer.

Cardinals rookie quarterback Josh Rosen wasn’t particularly good, completing 10 of 25 passes for 170 yards, but he didn’t have any turnovers and was only sacked once. By avoiding mistakes while the Cardinals forced Beathard into plenty of mistakes, Rosen did enough.

Today’s result makes both the Cardinals and 49ers 1-4. Neither one of these teams is very good, but the 49ers are a major disappointment for the league, which has slated the 49ers to play in prime time several times the rest of the way. Their Sunday night game in two weeks against the Rams now looks like it should be flexed into the afternoon. This isn’t the kind of football the NFL wants on a big stage.

21 responses to “Cardinals get their first win by stifling the 49ers’ offense

  1. Football is becoming a sport designed by lawyers, managed by marketing executives, and played by people who hate the country where it’s played. So exciting.

  2. hitit49, My Cardinals are as well… Plenty of pieces there but Mike McCoy is awful and holds them back. The defense is ALWAYS on the field. Worst playcalling that I have ever seen on a consistent basis. Can’t fire him now because no way to learn a new system as you go, so they are stuck with him till the end of the season… Going to be a long long season…

  3. The Cardinals are so bad Bruce Arians may win Coach of the Year again in retirement

  4. jvonblohnjvb0013 says:
    Mr. X, so stop watching.

    Mr X leaves that exact same comment on a half-dozen PFT stories every single weekend. He’s trolling, and guys like you keep feeding him by responding.

  5. 9ers have a good chance of winning next week.
    The packers are really good at kicking…themselves.

  6. McCoy is not a well liked OC in fantasy. It’s hard to believe this clown was a HC at one time

  7. The question is why did the league put them in so many prime time games. Based off of some garbage wins at the end of last year and Garoppolo? Seriously. That roster is still really bad from the end of the Baalke era, and Lynch isn’t fixing it.

  8. I got big money that says Beathard lights up the pack d. HA. Seriously, a high school team could light up that d. Any coach watching their game film should be drooling. Pass early pass often go long.
    9ers have more than a chance.

  9. This season is probably a blessing in disguise. The 9ERS could use a high draft pick. This team needs talent. Pass rush and WR that can beat man to man coverage top the lists.

  10. The Niners deserved to lose that game. Beathard doesn’t inspire and can’t elevate the offense. Our secondary (aside from Sherman) is devoid of talent.

    It’s going to be a merciless season.

    Go Niners

  11. Niners without QB, RB1, RB2, WR1. Cardinals would smash on the chiefs if Mahomes, Hunt, Ware and Tyreek Hill were out with injuries.

  12. Paging Mr. Cutler Mr. Jay Cutler you have a call from San Francisco on line one. Seriously do it now

  13. FAKE NEWS!!!!

    The 49’ers went 10-17 on 3rd down, compared to the Cardinals 2-12.
    The 49’ers piled up 447 total yards, compared to the Cardinals 220.
    The 49’ers gashed for 147 rushing yards, compared to the Cardinals 56.
    The 49’ers threw for 300 yards, compared to the Cardinals 164.

    This game was entirely decided by the 5 turnovers by the 49’ers, one returned for a score. I’m not sure I’d call this a “stifling” defensive effort. I believe “opportunistic” would be more appropriate.

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