Chargers blow out Raiders to improve to 3-2

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The Chargers appears to have answered some questions. Then again, maybe it’s just the Raiders.

Philip Rivers and company cruised to an easy 26-10 win over the Raiders, excelling on both sides of the ball and at least not self-destructing on special teams.

Rivers completed 22-of-27 passes for 339 yards and two touchdowns.

You’d call it efficient because of the completion percentage (81.5), but he was gaining yards in chunks as he did it (12.6 yards per attempt).

It’s honestly hard to tell what the Raiders (1-4) are good enough at to consider a strength.

They didn’t run it very well (without left guard Kelechi Osemele), finishing with 41 ground yards with Marshawn Lynch gaining just 31 on nine carries.

They also threw it at odd times, including Derek Carr‘s late-third quarter interception from the Chargers 1-yard line. (I thought when you had Lynch in the backfield you were supposed to run it from there). Carr was 24-of-33 for 268 yards with a touchdown and a pick on the day.

The Raiders also continued to make untimely mistakes, including Bruce Irvin‘s needless roughing the passer penalty just before the half. He took two steps before giving Rivers a two-handed chuck, giving the Chargers a chance at a field goal (which they missed, because some things should just be consistent).

The Raiders were also remarkably casual late when they were trailing, calling plays as if they were expecting to be go to overtime again. But they weren’t playing the Browns this week, so that wasn’t happening.

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  1. Another bad performance by the the Raiders under the tutelage of the “coaching genius”. And this time, there wasn’t even a facade of being competitive during the first half of the game. Last week’s win against the Browns was a mirage because the Browns are also a very poorly-coached team. I have no doubt that the “coaching legend” again won’t take personal accountability for today’s disgrace but will instead throw Carr and others under the bus as is his M.O.

    Unfortunately, as I predicted it looks like this season is turning out to be a replay of Art Shell’s 2nd Raider stint in 2006.

    Only I find this much worse because at least with Shell he was brought back by Al Davis (who by that time had totally lost it) based on his regret for firing Shell the first time. And the team was very bad for 3 years before Shell was brought back. Also, I have always admired to this day Shell for his contributions to the Raiders during his HOF playing career.

    On the other hand, Gruden the flimflam artist was brought back by Son-of-Al purely as a publicity stunt to bamboozle the gullible segment of Oakland fanbase from the move to Vegas. Son-of-Al has demonstrated no interest in putting a winning product on the field. If he did, he would’ve retained Del Rio and given him an ultimatum to bring in a good DC and upgrade from Downing (who should never have replaced Musgrave – that was Carr’s idea) at OC. Or he could’ve brought in a no-nonsense HC with relatively recent experience who wouldn’t completely take over personnel decisions. As it stands, Gruden is not only a less-than-mediocre HC but he wantonly destroyed what was just a few years ago a promising young roster -and he did it much faster with the Raiders than he did with the Bucs.

  2. Al Davis, Lance Kiffin, Tom Cable, Hue Jackson, Jamarcus Russell, Bruce Gradkowski, Jason Campbell, Charlie Frye

    have a better record than

    Reggie McKenzie, Dennis Allen, JDR, Jon Gruden, Carson Palmer, Matt Flynn, Matt McGloin, Derek Carr.

    Get rid of McKenzie.

  3. Thought they might have turned the corner,Carr is just too inconsistent and gruden called a horrible game, defense is slow to react and no pass rush..Long time before Raiders are a winning team

  4. why does Gruden refuse time and time again to give the ball to lynch at the goal line. The only time he has , Lynch scored……Raiders are playing for the draft pick….sucky for chucky!

  5. Man I could have sworn that was Blake Bortles wearing Carr’s uniform …..nope it was Carr they play so similarly sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

  6. Wow ; playing for draft picks in week six.The only thing worse was playing must win games in weeks four and five.
    So pathetic; no excuses either ; Just poor coaching and untalented players .

  7. Carr is a bust – Paid him too soon – brought in Gruden who destroyed the team – got rid of a young core of good players starting too jell, not too mention this idiot getting rid of the best pass rusher of this decade. Gruden brings in all these has been – Doug Martin – look at his stats should I say more -Mark Davis is paying this clown $10 million a year to lose toile this – what an idiot! There are better coaches for a lot less than paying this loser – Jon Gruden! Cut your loses and start over – this clown has destroyed your team…

  8. The Raiders should move to Toronto and play in the CFL so that they can compete with teams of their caliber….

  9. The only hope is that Gruden learns from his mistakes. Which is looking less and less likely. Very bad offensive playcalling in the red zone especially, all year.

    Martavius Bryant is no Tim Brown. Looks like Carr is no Rich Gannon. Reggie McKenzie is no Bruce Allen/Al Davis.

    Team is a disaster.

  10. NHPats says:
    October 7, 2018 at 6:56 pm
    Carr sucks
    Best post on here, spot on. He stinks, period. BUST.

  11. Congrats Raiders! After almost 40 years of putting up with this nonsense, I am now officially done. I officially don’t care anymore. You get exactly what you deserve Super Cuts. I’ll be watching competitive football while you are paying the remaining $950M to your boy Great Clips.

  12. Hey kids, it’s the Chucky Gruden show. Settle down and have a good laugh. Would you like some milk and cookies? It’s ok. I make $10M a year for doing nothing! How good is that?

  13. Watson, Mahomes, Wents, etc, etc. But we get stuck with one of the franchise fleecing brothers Carr. Cut him, trade him, throw him out out of the plane just get rid of him.

  14. I see a lot of negative talk about Carr but Carr is neither a bust nor a great QB. He is a system QB plain and simple. He’s as good or as bad as the coaching he receives. Carr excelled (Pro Bowl level) under Musgrave and has sucked under Downing & Gruden.

    Among various other reasons I was against the Gruden hire was that I knew that his offensive system and aggressive nonsense were terrible fits for Carr.

    Carr’s career can be salvaged with competent coaching so the Raiders would be wise to jettison Gruden and keep Carr at a significantly reduced salary (incentive-laden contract). Although Gruden has already destroyed the Raiders roster to such an extent that it’ll take several years before the team can even begin to approach respectability on the field.

  15. @araidersfan

    They are in a full rebuild.

    And Carr hasn’t been the same since he broke his leg in 2016. He’s not mobile, has terrible feet in the pocket and panics at the sight of a little pressure.. Raiders may be looking for a QB next year. You don’t pay $25 million/year for this crap. lol

  16. silvernblacksabbath says:
    October 8, 2018 at 9:59 am


    They are in a full rebuild.

    And Carr hasn’t been the same since he broke his leg in 2016. He’s not mobile, has terrible feet in the pocket and panics at the sight of a little pressure.. Raiders may be looking for a QB next year. You don’t pay $25 million/year for this crap. lol


    They were a playoff team 2 years ago and didn’t need a full rebuild before Gruden arrived but since he decimated the roster they’re back to where they were in 2012/2013.

    I agree that Carr isn’t worth 25 mil. per year but he is worth keeping if he is willing to re-do his contract for a much-reduced salary with lots of incentive clauses. If he has good coaching like he received from Musgrave then his career can be salvaged.

    Either Gruden or Carr will be gone next year. My wish is that Gruden is the one who leaves.

  17. Didn’t expect that much of a drop off for the Raiders this season. Weird, I honestly thought the Chargers were going to drop this game. The real victory is special teams weren’t awful though.

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