Cowboys and Texans headed to overtime


Clearly, these two teams need more time to kick more field goals.

The Cowboys and Texans are tied 16-16 at the end of regulation, so they’re going to play some more football.

Between the Cowboys’ turnovers and the Texans red zone struggles, this one has less to do with great defense than incredible offense. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own particular charm, or that it’s not setting up for a dramatic finish.

The Texans were driving late, but when quarterback Deshaun Watson was hit and offered up an interception, the Cowboys had a desperate final 10 seconds. Texans defensive back Kareem Jackson dropped what could have been a pick six, setting up a final Hail Mary.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott‘s heave was batted away, however, giving these in-state rivals more of a chance to pound each other’s quarterbacks.