D.J. Fluker disagrees with holding penalty that “cost us the game”

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One of the themes of the day is frustration with the officiating. Landon Collins and Mike Tomlin were among those upset about calls in their games and said so afterward.

The Seahawks did the same about a holding call on D.J. Fluker.

“I was pretty frustrated about this because we put ourselves in position to win,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said, via Brady Henderson of ESPN. “We hit the big play to Tyler [Lockett], and we’re in field-goal range and we’re going to run the clock down. They have no timeouts. We’re going to run the clock down, kick a field goal and win the football game and go home. So it was right there. We ran the ball 32 times on the day and they ran it 30, I think, so there was 60-something runs and it comes down to, ‘Let’s throw that flag right there.’ Unfortunately it happened. They got a great break out of that. It was a great break for them. I haven’t seen the play, but there was a lot of plays in that game that probably could have warranted a penalty thrown, and it happened on that play right then. Really, it just pissed me off knowing that was how this thing ended. It was unfortunate.”

On a second-and-13 play from the Los Angeles 35 with 3:53 remaining, Mike Davis ran for 5 yards. But Fluker, the right guard, was called for holding Ndamukong Suh. Russell Wilson threw two incompletions and the Seahawks were forced to punt. They never got closer.

“They called a penalty. It cost us the game,” Fluker said, via Curtis Crabtree of Sports Radio 950 KJR and PFT. “I don’t think it was a penalty.”

Both teams had seven penalties, but that was the biggest of the day. It was Fluker’s first holding penalty since 2016, though Sunday was only his ninth start over the past two seasons. Suh finished the day with seven tackles and a sack.

“I’d been taking him to the water all game,” Fluker said. “Me and 93 going at it all game. He got frustrated. I got frustrated. At the end of the day, we’re both competitors. I got respect for him, I’ve got a whole lot of respect for him. At the end of the day, I’ve got to do my job. I got to go block him. I got to take him. . . . Wherever he needs to go, I’m going to take him there. I ain’t scared of no one. I don’t back down for no one. At the end of the day, they got lucky.”

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  1. So cheat Carroll is actually complaining about a penalty that changed the outcome of a game? I remember his interview after the fail Mary where he thought that was a good call. Priceless.

  2. Is Carroll kidding — his team was the beneficiary of countless atrocious calls in that game. Donald was held all game long with no holding calls made. Brandon Cooks’ hit should’ve been flagged and wasn’t, Seahawk WR clearly stepped out of the endzone on TD catch, Gurley easily made first down on last drive and clueless ref spots it a full two yards back, ensuing run by Gurley was first down on second effort, but marked poorly, and some others.

    Take a hike, Pete — you were bailed out repeatedly by the refs all game long.

  3. ROTFL. Petey complains about officiating when he “won” his only Super Bowl because the officials refused to call defensive holding all season long in 2013 and in the Super Bowl game against the Broncos. As some wise men have said, it is possible to call an offensive holding penalty on every play of a football game. The chance of a phantom holding penalty being called is therefore not much higher than zero. Besides, Seattle regularly tops the league in the number of penalties they commit. So there is even less justification for complaint about officiating.

    Let’s face it. Your team gave up over 300 yards passing and over 30 points. Your defense is weak. Face it. Your team is nowhere near the top in either offense or defense. Your team is ranked 25th in the league in passing yards per game, 17th in rushing yards, and 27th in total yards per game. With numbers like that, you are not supposed to win if your defense is weak.

  4. It cost us the game? Call me crazy but taking a lead by kicking a FG (if you make it) with about 2 minutes to go doesn’t sound like a sure thing to me.

    Also, the Seahawks CHOSE to punt, they weren’t forced to. In this league, these days, just keep the ball and score.

  5. The league is fake. It’s fiction, manipulated weekly. And it’s still harder for you sheep to quit this terrible product than it was for you to believe the Easter bunny wasn’t real.

  6. Ummm … 2nd and 23 after the penalty. That didn’t cost you the game. Two straight incompletions did. Regardless if the call was right or wrong. It may not have helped but it didn’t cost the game.

  7. Surprising that he hasn’t been called for holding in that long. Impressive, really. It;s not surprising that he gets a flag on him in a big game and it magnifies the significance after not being flagged for so long, especially if the coach doesn’t like the call either.

  8. It was clear holding which the Seahawks have been getting away with a lot in that game. Hell on one instant late in the game where the Seahawks produce a big play, a guy had Aaron Donald basically in a sleeper hold but wasn’t called for holding.

  9. it was a light call – within the bounds of what O-lineman are normally allowed to do – and it came at the most crucial point of a 2-point game, and it took them out of FG range, so it was a big deal.

    the poster above is right though that had they kicked a FG, they’re up 1 with 2 mins left, and hadn’t stopped the Rams all day – so it’s far from a sure win.

  10. They had been letting everything go all game and decide to call that garbage… and then at THAT juncture.

    Clearly the NCAA and NFL protects certain teams that it needs to win in order for favorable end of season outcomes. See it every week in college (this week, Miami vs. FSU) and saw it with Rams, Carolina and a couple others.

  11. nflgm says:
    October 8, 2018 at 5:21 am
    So what about all the holding penalties that were not called. what a doof.

    That’s what he is saying, DOOF. They had let more egregious holding go all game and decide to not only call it there, but it was BOGUS on top of it.

    You commenters here are something else…

  12. All I know is if Hawks run the ball like that the rest of the year they’ll be a wildcard team.

  13. Fluker was putting Suh ON HIS BACK all game long. The silver lining is that the supposed “team to beat” got punched in the mouth for 190 yards on the ground. I’m extremely optimistic about the Seahawks moving forward. The NFC wildcard is up for grabs and Seattle is definitely in the mix.

  14. Fluker looked really good . . .surprised his career has been a disappointment to date, he’s a difference maker when out there for us so far. Maybe it’s been all about injury issues?

  15. It’s been mostly about pass pro with him. He’s always been a road grader. He looked better with the Giants.

    Still don’t know why they (temporarily) kept Jerry and let Fluker walk as a free agent, but who even knows what the Giants are doing nowadays.

  16. No way should Seattle have made that a game. It’s LA, with how many all pro’s? Seattle played above themselves and LA played way below themselves. No way should Seattle’s poor OL been able to dominate Donald, Suh and company. And Seattle has no defense, compared to LA’s. So the question is, what’s wrong with LA that lowly Seattle could play them to a near loss?

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