Other Giants not saying much, so far, about OBJ

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Giants receiver Odell Beckham doubled down on his controversial comments from an ESPN interview after Sunday’s last-second loss to the Panthers, saying he regrets nothing, explaining that he was simply displaying leadership, and claiming credit for the team’s display of effort, heart, and grit. So what does his teammates think?

I haven’t heard anything,” quarterback Eli Manning told reporters. “Odell and I have a great relationship. Our mindset will be everybody stay focused on beating Philadelphia.” 

Safety Landon Collins also pleaded ignorance.

“I don’t know what comments you guys are talking about,” Collins told reporters. “I didn’t hear about them, but when Odell came to talk to us, he spoke from the heart, he talked gratefully, and we knew where he was coming from. We knew he was coming from the heart, so you know he’s a great teammate, a great guy, a great person and a leader. This offense, this team, we have to look up to him, so we knew where he was coming from.”

Defensive lineman Damon Harrison was the most circumspect of the bunch.

“I don’t really want to comment on that,” Harrison said. “It was handled in house.”

The comments from coach Pat Shurmur created the distinct impression that he wants it to continue to be handled in house. With the Giants traveling back from Carolina tonight — and with some possibly not fully aware of his performance from the ESPN interview — there’s a chance that one or more of them will have something to say, on or off the record, over the next day or so.

The fact that the Giants have to quickly refocus on a short-week game against the Eagles could make it easer for the Giants to avoid a rash of reports regarding players who think that Beckham went too far. Regardless, it’s quite possible that many of them didn’t quite know what Beckham was apologizing for when he apologized on Saturday night.

9 responses to “Other Giants not saying much, so far, about OBJ

  1. There is no way Odelphia Beckham is worth a quarter of what he is paid. He is a cancer and should be working for Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.

  2. I love the responses from people who’ve either never played organized sports and if they did, they didn’t have the balls to speak their minds. This guy wears his heart on his sleeve and the majority of of the people here are internet tough guys who want to shred a guy who is overpaid, yes, but bust his ass and does his job with a passion that most of you keyboard tough guys who wound rather use this forum to shred a guy you know nothing about. Take your anger and use it to be productive.

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion most commenters on this site have never played a down of football and/or have zero passion that motivates them to pursue something to excel at. A lot of miserable people who would rather be negative and use the freedom of internet speech to post negative comments. OBJ where’s his heart on his sleeve and does everything in his power for the success of his team. He got paid. His motivation is to win. And whatever tactics he needs to utilize to get his teammates to get on the same page he should be applauded, not crucified by Monday morning quarterbacks. Back his passion. Back his effort. Don’t tear down the mans efforts. Support him if you’re a fan of the Giants. If not, get lost. Take you’re freedom of speech and and scribble down in your note backs at home on how you can improve the team. This franchise deserves better from its fans. If all you want to do is b*tch and complain, support the other team that shares MetLife Stadium.

  4. they spent so much of their cap on a cancer in the locker room. Bad decision move. For everything he brings to the game, the negative aspect far outweighs the benefit.

  5. Played it. Coached it. Guys who think teams rally around self centered divas just don’t get how “teams” can transcend talent. Seen it, been there, done it.

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