Adrian Peterson “disappointed” in not getting chance to finish with Vikings

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Adrian Peterson hoped to retire with the Vikings. He vows still to do just that, but it’s not quite the same as if he had played his entire career in Minnesota.

The star running back went to New Orleans last season after the Vikings declined to pick up his option and didn’t offer him a new deal. The Saints traded him to Arizona, where he finished the season. Now, he’s with Washington, proving he still has something left.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed [the Vikings didn’t offer him a new deal],” Peterson told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “After spending 10 years with a team, you would think you would get some type of offer. I talked to [General Manager Rick Spielman] at the exit interviews and he said, ‘How do you feel about coming back?’ I said, ‘I’m open to it.’

“The next time I heard from him was he was calling me to say that they signed [Latavius] Murray. . . . They weren’t going to pay me $18 million, but from what I’d done over 10 years, maybe something more reasonable. But those conversations never started.”

The Vikings, who have played two of the last three games without starting running back Dalvin Cook, rank 31st in the league in rushing. They are averaging 65.8 yards per game. Peterson has 236 yards and three touchdowns on 56 carries in four games.

“I could be beneficial to them right now,” Peterson said.

Instead, he’s with Washington, shutting up “millions” of people who thought he was done, including the opponent tonight, the Saints. Washington ranks third in rushing.

“They’ve been watching and I guess saying, ‘I was wrong,’ with the way they viewed me,” Peterson said.

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  1. Damn good RB when he was healthy. It would have been awesome to see him productive and retire with the Vikes.

  2. ? Who is he kidding? Peterson was great – once upon a time, but not in recent memory. His “me” complex got to be more than his production on the field justified. I’m not even sure the fan base would welcome him back for a 1-day contract to retire as a Viking.

  3. You had some amazing years but for now, I’m sure your current team would love for you to focus on helping them succeed instead of pining away for your old one

  4. You sucked last year so I think the Vikings were correct in their decision. Also, the no gains and tackles for loss that I’m seeing this year look a lot like what I saw in Adrian’s last years with the Vikings. The problem is the offensive line, not the running backs. This is a high-flying passing offense now and couldn’t be with Peterson on the team.

  5. Dude needs to put together more than one month’s worth of games before claiming to be back. He showed streaks of former ability last season, too, but they didn’t last. Then again, he’s always talked too much, even when he was great.

  6. The Saints dumped him because he didn’t fit with their offense as well as Mark Ingram and then-rookie Alvin Kamara. I think the results from last year show that was clearly the right choice.

  7. AP you are a great runner but fair at pass catching & POOR at pass blocking. AP, you would not have accepted less than $5m a year from the Vikings. AP, you needed to get released to gain perspective.

  8. Oh so the Dude needs to put in more than a months worth of games? Except of course when a small sampling like NOLA or the 2016 Vikes aborted season show stats that you can point to to suggest Peterson is finished. You’re not paying much attention, Gruden loves the guy “He’s everything he was advertised to be and more”.

  9. Peterson needs to concentrate on his current situation. Succeed on the field for a season, then that will speak for itself. Be thankful for what you’ve got and don’t dwell on the past.

  10. There was no way the Vikings would have paid him $18 mil on the last year of his contract. He just didn’t fit anymore with the direction of the offense. Concentrate on your team AP because the Vikings fans are cheering for you but you ain’t coming back until you want to sign that 1 day contract. Sorry bud.

  11. You know I miss AD. The one thing though is AD would of not helped the O Line get better. Sadly he never really could block for the pass and as far as his catching skill was concerned. It just was not good. I admit though he is one heck of a Power back. He was impossible to stop when he was on a role.

  12. The Vikings did everything they could for him. Paid him outrageous money to ride the pine for 2 years not playing. How did he repay them by saying he was their slave and then his Dad bad mouthing the team and the O-line then tweeting how he would like to be a Cowboy, Giant etc. He did this all to himself. Can’t catch, can’t block, can’t speak a coherent sentence. Can’t understand how to use a condom. Can’t parent.

  13. From what they paid Peterson over the years for being a boat anchor, the Vikings could’ve had three elite tier QB’s come and go by now. Dollar short and a day late.

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