Bill O’Brien: Deshaun Watson taking so many hits “not a sustainable way to play”


After Sunday night’s overtime win over the Cowboys, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson faced questions about the number of hits he’s taking this season.

Watson needed to be evaluated for a head injury late in the fourth quarter after one of the hits, but said that he feels he is “built to take” the hits that come when he’s trying to get the team into the end zone. Texans head coach Bill O’Brien has a different take on what’s best for the quarterback.

“He’s a great competitor,” O’Brien said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “He’s trying to help his team win. Obviously, those are plays we want to cut down on. That’s not a sustainable way to play.”

As the offensive playcaller, O’Brien has quite a bit of say over which kinds of plays the Texans are running. There are other factors at play, including the offensive line’s ability to protect Watson and Watson’s own decisions, and all will likely need some tweaking if Watson’s going to start taking fewer hits.

14 responses to “Bill O’Brien: Deshaun Watson taking so many hits “not a sustainable way to play”

  1. I couldn’t believe the hits he was taking. I don’t know why O’Brien,who I assume called those plays,kept trying to have Watson run the ball in so many times. He’s fast but he wasn’t going to outrun Jaylon Smith,who is a beast, or that Cowboys defense last night. He got his QB beaten up pretty bad. “You can’t help the club if you’re in the tub”,as they say.

  2. Getting an O-line, adjusting your playcalling to the fact your currently poor o-line is getting manhandled, those two things are very sustainable ways to play!

  3. It’s hard for a quarterback to try to make up for POOR play calling by the coach. It’s going to get Watson hurt, Bill! Get an OC!

  4. He’s a tough qb. I respect that. I think he’ll be more durable. His body looks like it can withstand the hits as long as he can avoid the big knockout hit. He’ll be fine. I don’t like qbs sliding before the first down marker when they can dive for the first down. This is football. You have to be tough and not be afraid of little contact. That’s how you win games in the clutch. Just don’t get knocked out. Lol.😵

  5. Teach him to CHECK DOWN Bill. He obviously is not the kind of QB who can progress through his reads, his option 1, option 2, run for your life fire drill.

  6. “Obviously, those are plays we want to cut down on.”


    Look in the mirror dude. You – and ONLY you – are calling the plays that are getting him killed.

  7. Bill Obrien cost the Pats a super bowl. He sucks at play calling.

    Who in their right mind calls for a QB run on first down. From the 2 yard line.

    A Head Coach with no Imagination

  8. Watson took a serious hit to the head when two cowboys hit him in the head with their hands. 10 times worse than the hit brady took to the head on Thursday night against the colts, when a defenders hand grazed his helmet, and of course Brady got the roughing the passer call, yet Watson did not get the call.

  9. Watson try’s to be the hero every play! It won’t last in the long term. Where’s Foreman? Is he still hurt?

  10. I don’t know why BOB carries around that play sheet, he only calls 2 different plays . He could write those on a piece of paper and keep it hidden in his chin hole!

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