Chiefs are 5-0 again, but Travis Kelce says “it’s a different feeling” this time

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The Chiefs remained the only unbeaten team in the AFC when they beat the Jaguars to move to 5-0 on Sunday afternoon and they don’t have to look too far back in the archives to remember the last time they had that record.

They got off to the same start last year, but things quickly went the other direction. The Chiefs lost six of their next seven games before recovering in time to win the AFC West. They lost their first playoff game, however, and that was also the case when they opened with a 7-2 record in 2016, so there are likely some people wondering when the other shoe is going to drop for this year’s team.

Tight end Travis Kelce was asked a question in that vein after Sunday’s win and he explained why he feels that things will play out in a different way.

“I believe so,” Kelce said, via “I think everyone can say it’s a different feeling, a lot more confidence, a lot more accountability amongst the guys to keep coming in and going through their routines of getting ready for each week. It has a lot to do with years past, guys feeling sick of the kind of up-and-down roller coaster, [wanting] to take what happened last year and fix it. Finishing the games … overall, the finishing mindset has been huge in terms of what coach [Andy] Reid has emphasized on this football team. In the fourth quarter, we try to amp it up one more notch.”

One obvious difference from the past is that Patrick Mahomes is now the quarterback in Kansas City. The weeks and months to come will let us know whether that’s enough to put the Chiefs on an entirely different path.

21 responses to “Chiefs are 5-0 again, but Travis Kelce says “it’s a different feeling” this time

  1. They could go 16-0 and lose in the first round of the playoffs again….. Andy Reid is a great regular season coach, when it comes to the playoffs- he’s a choke artist

  2. That’s funny what Kelce stated about finishing games, the Chiefs defense once again almost let the Jaguars back in the game with all the stupid personal foul penalties they had in the 4th quarter.

  3. I hate the Pats, but Billy B has a way of coming up with game plans reducing opposing high flying QBs to scrubs.

    Once that book gets written, Mahomes will quickly come back to earth.

  4. Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships. The Chefs don’t have a defense. Andy Reid special, start the year with a bang, end the year with a thud!

  5. I would suggest that your team get past the first round of the playoffs, Travis. Then you can say how there is a different a feeling this time.

  6. It is different. They have a much different QB in style and approach. Smith is a very good QB and he limits turnovers, which can go a long way to winning games. The drawback is that Smith isn’t going to put up a lot of points, so the defense had better be exceptional.

    Mahomes is a very different kind of QB. He’s always looking for the deepest possible route and doesn’t quickly check down unless he sees an open blitzer. That makes the Chiefs offense much more dynamic and much more dangerous. It also adds more risk of turnovers. So far, Mahomes has been fantastic at avoiding picks but I doubt he can continue at that unsustainable level.

    The Chiefs, if they make the playoffs, are in a much better position to win there with Mahomes than with Smith.

  7. When Gronkowski retires, someone else will be the best TE in football, but not until then.

  8. That’s great and all, but win when it actually matters. Not sold on KC just yet. We’ve seen this story before. The game on Sunday should be a good one.

  9. I suggest that Andy Reid take a course in clock managing 101. He’s coaches just fine till the clock management part of the game stumps him.

  10. ikeclanton…you’re be the best you gotta be on the field to prove it.when is the last time Gronk played a full season?dude is always hurt.Kelce is the best TE right now.

    jimbo75025….we already went into Gillette and spanked the Pats in their yard with with the Pats team in disarray and a team that is not as good as then,there’s no reason we can’t go into Foxborough and do the same again with a better qb and more weapons.

  11. With all the build up to this upcoming game, watch it turn out to be a snooze fest instead. That’s how the NFL works.

  12. News flash gronk fan, gronk is not even the top 5 this year, he is behind Eric Ebron, Jared Cook, George Kittle, and Far Behind Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce

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